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Cosmetic Surgery: The Latest and Greatest Aesthetic Options for Treating the Décolletage

The June 2014 issue of W Magazine provides a review of non-surgical options for treating the skin of the décolletage. Dr. Simon Ourian of Epione Medical Corporation offers his comments on the article and notes the increasing number of requests for these treatments at his Beverly Hills clinic.


Beverly Hills, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/09/2014 -- According to the June 2014 issue of W Magazine, the anti-aging and anti-wrinkle techniques used by cosmetic dermatologists have, for the most part, been focused on the face. Injections, laser treatments, peels, and creams all seem to target laugh lines, crow's feet, and frown wrinkles. However, many people have long noticed that with age other areas of the body may also wrinkle or spot, particularly in the area from the breast to the collar bone. Recently, as interest in addressing this problem has increased, there has been a corresponding upsurge in the number of techniques available to resolve it (please see: goo.gl/NPtDZh).

“As noted in the article, the skin of the décolletage may reveal more about one’s age than the skin on the face or hands,” says Dr. Simon Ourian, Medical Director of Epione Beverly Hills. “The skin there is much thinner than it is on the face and even more susceptible to sun damage in the form of wrinkles, and spots.”

According to the article, one treatment option is to have injections of a thinner hyaluronic acid filler that is colorless and moldable may be more effective for this area than traditional fillers such as Restylane and Juvéderm. Because the skin in the chest area is thinner, these thicker fillers can cause clumps and leave a visible bluish tint to the skin. Also, cosmetic dermatologists have turned away from aggressive laser treatments to battle sun spots and deep wrinkles appearing in the cleavage area in favor of less invasive techniques. One newer process involves using a fractional laser to reduce wrinkles and discoloration. That is followed by a session of a micro-focused ultrasound treatment to tighten the skin and promote collagen formation.

“The article also discussed a couple of stem cell options for treating the skin on the chest,” says Dr. Ourian. “Of course this is very interesting, but I will wait until there is sufficient evidence available to establish the safety and efficacy of stem cell injections for this purpose before I offer it to my patients.”

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