Announces New Integration With Social Media

The website hopes to attract more visitors through Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and more.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/27/2012 -- The webmaster at officially announced that the website has a social media presence on many of the leading outlets. The hope is to attract more visitors and keep the regulars up to date on everything happening around the website.

When it comes to focus, the company provides a ton of options when it comes to co-operation as well as solidarity. In fact, the website actually bomboniere solidali (favors solidarity) and bomboniere solidali bambini malati (favors solidarity sick children) around the world. The main focus is in Africa, Latin America, Asia the Mediterranean and parts of South Eastern Europe.

To join, people can sign up either online or use the social media features to follow along and keep in touch with all that is currently being offered. All of the links to the official page can be found on the website’s homepage, and updates come regularly during normal business hours throughout the entire year.

To learn more about the social media outlets affiliated with the website, or to just learn more about the program in general, visit

About, which is short for the Cooperazione per lo Sviluppo ei Paesi Emergenti, is a website dedicated to the non-profit organization that aims to help people in underprivileged areas. People are able to donate or follow along with the stories directly from the website in English, French, Spanish or Italian.