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Course in Futures Trading Bullet Proof Investing Futures Being Given by Trading University Professor Dr. Scott Brown!

Trading University Professor Dr. Scott Brown is a giving a Course in Futures Trading.He is also giving a FREE Course: How I Made $2,000,000 In The Stock Market.


Lahore, Pakistan -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/18/2014 -- Trading University Professor Dr. Scott Brown is a giving a Course in Futures Trading. This Course in Futures Trading is titled, “Bullet-Proof Investing Futures.” Anyone interested in trading futures is highly recommended to take this course. This course is being given online and anyone can take it from home. There are three levels for this course: basic, intermediate and advanced. Enrollment for basic course is $29.97. Enrollment for the intermediate course is $49.97 while enrollment for the advanced course is $99.97.

This is what Rick Weiss from California says about this course: “ON THE RIGHT TRACK. Your program has really helped. For the last month I have limited my trading. I have doubled my money. Your approach has put me on the right track.”

Gabe Camerini from New York, New York, USA says: “THE KIND OF PROGRESS I WAS HOPING FOR. I’m starting to write my trading plan as you teach. No wonder I haven’t made progress. It has now changed. Thanks.”

Greg Galloway from California says: “GREAT JOB ON THE COURSE. At one point I had a big headache digging into the past that has financially crippled me. But thanks to your ingenious and commonsense, I now see the possibility out of the deep dark hole I’ve got myself into.”

Course in Futures Trading Bullet-Proof Investing Futures syllabus is as follows:

Part A. Electronic Futures Trading, Futures Basics

Week 1 The Best Business On Earth!
Week 2 What Markets Should I Trade?
Week 3 How Much Can You Afford To Trade?
Week 4 Forecasting the Markets with Fundamental Analysis!!
Week 5 Beating the Markets with Technical Analysis!
Week 6 The Monte-Carlo Simulation Edge!
Week 7 Mechanical Trading On Autopilot!
Week 8 Futures Options!
Week 9 Healthy Investing Psychology Goes Beyond Greed and Fear!
Week 10 Putting It All Together!

Part B. Futures Options

Week 11 Introduction to Futures Options
Week 12 Differences Between Futures and Stock Options
Week 13 Long Futures Option Strategies I
Week 14 Long Futures Option Strategies II
Week 15 Short Futures Option Strategies
Week 16 Futures Option Credit Spreads I
Week 17 Futures Option Credit Spreads II
Week 18 Bull and Bear Spreads
Week 19 Futures Option (Ratio) Backspreads
Week 20 Limited Risk Range Spreads
Week 21 Implied Volatility Skew Ratio Spreads
Week 22 Synthetic Long Futures Options
Week 23 Understanding Futures Margin
Week 24 The Market Makers Perspective
Week 25 General Futures Market Considerations
Week 26 Futures Trading Myths

Part C. Money Management

Week 27 Introduction to Money Management: Trading Rules
Week 28 The Risk to Reward Ratio
Week 29 System Evaluation
Week 30 Statistical Sampling
Week 31 Deadly Shortcuts and Biases
Week 32 Developing Low Risk Strategies
Week 33 Trade Size
Week 34 Core Money Management Models
Week 35 Additional Money Management Models
Week 36 Money Management Models Compared
Week 37 Setting Money Management Objectives
Week 38 Scaling
Week 39 Fixed Ratio Money Management
Week 40 Avoiding Ruin Through Money Management
Week 41 Bad Money Management
Week 42 Putting It All Together
Week 43 Money Management Software: TnT Autopilot
Week 44 Money Management Q&A
Week 45 Evaluating Yourself Critically

About Dr. Scott Brown
Dr. Scott Brown is a Finance Professor and a Director of Trading University. He is also a successful stocks, futures and forex trader. He is also giving a FREE Course: How I Made $2,000,000 In The Stock Market.

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