2020 Foresight on Best Practices in Managing the Credit Risk Cycle Market


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/30/2013 -- The report provides information and insights into best practices in managing credit risks associated with credit cards:
- Provides a global snapshot of card fraud and key fraud hotspots across the world
- Comprehensive analysis of card fraud market size in developed and emerging markets
- Analysis of various types of card frauds and its implication on issuers and acquirers, customers and merchants
- Detailed analysis of macroeconomic, regulatory and operational challenges in managing credit card risks
- Provides emerging trends in credit card risk management by governments, regulatory bodies and market participants
- Provides a detailed framework of best practices in credit card risk management(, segmented by issuers, acquirers, network providers and merchants
- Includes case studies showcasing the best practices with examples and their impact assessment

The convenience offered by credit cards to make payments is exploited for fraudulent activities, resulting in the loss of millions of dollars every year around the world. In order to control and limit these risks and losses, a proper risk management framework is required to be established. Over the last five years, card issuers, acquirers, merchants and network operators have adopted and implemented a host of security measures, regulations and business strategies to lower the chances of fraud and credit losses. However, they are limited by several macroeconomic, regulatory and operational challenges. The management of risk associated with credit cards requires continuous efforts from every participant of the card payment industry. However, to do so, development of a best practice framework is of utmost importance. A well developed framework facilitates a better understanding of risks and areas which require attention from the intended parties, and formulates strategies to address them.
- This report provides a comprehensive analysis of best practices in credit card risk management with emerging trends in market practices by issuers, acquirers, network operators and merchants
- The report also covers regulatory developments across key regions such as Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific
- It provides current fraud statistics in developed and emerging markets
- It outlines key macroeconomic, regulatory and operational challenges in managing credit card risks
- It illustrates adoption and implications of best practices with the help of detailed case studies

Reasons To Buy
- Credit card risks result in the loss of millions of dollars every year impacting every participant of the cards and payments industry
- Gain insight into various risks resulting from macroeconomic developments, customer protection laws and operational difficulties
- Understand the emerging trends in managing risk and limiting exposure to credit loss
- Assess the regulatory landscape in key regions around the globe
- Gain insight into the development of an effective risk management framework

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