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Crestview Press, Ltd. Rolls out Campaign to Fund Groundbreaking Book Authoring and Publishing App

FreeBookWriter App for Authors Launches on Popular Crowdfunding Platform


Las Vegas, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/19/2012 -- FreeBookWriter, a new app that gives authors a powerful tool that greatly simplifies and semi-automates the process of writing and publishing their books, is being launched by Crestview Press, Ltd. of Las Vegas, Nevada on the popular crowdfunding platform,

This unique app prompts authors through the process of writing their books and auto-formats their text into finished, ready to publish books as they're being written.

Typically, when someone has an idea for a book, they begin taking notes, creating an outline and writing in some form of a text editor or word processor. Usually, weeks into their project, they have a mashup of documents on their computer, pages of scribbled notes and a collection of post-its. This array of materials doesn't give someone a feeling that they have a real book taking shape, no matter if it's all well organized or not. Once they do have it completely written and edited, it usually then gets forwarded to someone else who handles the complicated design task of flowing the text into a page layout program for eventual publishing.

FreeBookWriter gives authors a streamlined, well-organized way to write a book completely within the app. The words format into actual pages as they're being written, with no knowledge of page layout or formatting design required. The book's table of contents is automatically connected to each chapter from the start, so the whole thing flows in as the author writes. Authors get continuing motivation from the satisfaction of seeing completed chapters in their actual book as they're writing. Additionally, when they're finished writing and editing their book, they can publish it to an e-Book format on Amazon's Kindle platform right from their tablet or computer with a single click, for free.

The app also provides one click access to additional services, which can make their book available as a printed version as well.

"There is nothing out there in the writing or publishing industry today that's like FreeBookWriter", says Frank Dobrucki, creator of FreeBookWriter. "This is a great app that completely revolutionizes not only the way books are written, it also transforms the way they're published and brought to print. We especially look forward to working with writing groups and teachers to help their students." The first version of FreeBookWriter will debut in English and Spanish, with more languages to follow.

The campaign on to crowd source funding to complete the development of the app will run through December 4th. The funds raised will help Crestview Press, Ltd. bring this visionary app to life. By supporting the campaign on, the app's contributors get to choose from a variety of rewards like personal enshrinement on the app's permanent website Donor Wall, an early release of the app, unique writer's mugs, T-shirts and an author's guide eBook entitled "Your Book Title Here" by Peggy Richardson, along with complete publishing packages. There are also corporate sponsorship opportunities for companies to get their own custom branded version of FreeBookWriter to give away. The link to support FreeBookWriter on Indiegogo is:

About FreeBookWriter
FreeBookWriter, the brainchild of Frank Dobrucki, president of Crestview Press, Ltd., is dedicated to bringing as many authors' dreams and ideas to fruition as possible. Dobrucki utilizes the newest technologies to create software that enables writing, editing, publishing and more. "Most people who write books have to wait until they're finished writing, editing and having their book designed and laid out to get a glimpse of what their finished product will look like. FreeBookWriter lets someone see their book exactly as it will appear from the moment they begin writing. This great app completely revolutionizes not only the way books are written, but the way they're published and brought to print," says Dobrucki.

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