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CrossFit Pain Relief Cream Now Available - Designed to Treat Blisters, Sore Muscles and Calluses

First Ever CrossFit Pain Relief Cream Uncovers Unknown Secrets About Aloe's Ability To Treat Blisters, Sore Muscles and Calluses.


Kinnelon, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/03/2014 -- With the recent upward trend in health and fitness programs America has seen, CrossFit has quickly risen in popularity. The type of high intensity exercise that these types of programs require is very effective at producing results, but it sometimes comes at the cost of pain and injury. Many athletes use over the counter products to relieve sore muscles and joints. These products can temporarily relieve the pain and stress that a workout can put on a body. Total Health has been watching carefully as the level of involvement in such intense workout programs has risen, and has tailored one such pain relief cream specifically for those who participate and train in the CrossFit style programs.

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Total Health’s Advantage has now released the first pain relief cream specifically designed for CrossFit. This all natural product made from high concentrations of aloe vera is proven to be unlike any other products. Allowing it to sooth and relax muscles more quickly and longer than others. One aspect of the healing processes that is often overlooked by other products and athletic recovery products is the strain put on joints - specifically on hands and knees. Because CrossFit is particularly likely to cause this type of pressure, Total Health's cream is designed to work as an anti-inflammatory product for joints.

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Other products that are designed for athletic related pain relief are only a temporary cure for the symptoms. The products that existed before Advantage Pain Relief Cream would simply mask the symptoms without actually fixing the problem. Total Health’s product, however, works to not only relieve the pain instantly, but also employs a recipe of six all natural homeopathic products that begin to speed the process of healing the injuries. Because Total Health uses all natural ingredients, Advantage Pain Relief Cream is 100% toxin free, and won’t leave behind the white residue that other chemically enhanced products will.

In a world where many people believe that bigger is better, and that using a chemical laboratory to create new healing products is a go-to way for finding the next medical marvel, we can easily lose sight of the healing powers of products available to us in nature. Just as CrossFit goes back to the basics of exercise (without all the high tech cardio equipment) to get better results, Total Health also goes back to the basics of pain relief products to provide a better result than anything else on the shelves! Combining the physical benefits of a good workout plan with the right recovery products will allow for stronger workouts that will leave fitness experts and beginning alike feeling better than they ever have! Read more about Total Health Advantage Pain Relief Cream for CrossFit on their website or purchase it on Amazon! With Total Health’s unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee you have nothing to lose, and with their 100% natural, toxin-free recipe you have everything to gain!

What makes Advantage Pain Relief Different?

No grease, no slip, no rub-off, just a moisturized, smooth result. There will be virtually no evidence of a cream application besides the amazing cooling effects of the these all natural ingredients.

Many people move from pain reliever product to pain reliever product trying to find that “magic” product. We know, because we have done it ourselves. Athletes always trying new products wondering “What am I putting on my body?” or “What are these chemicals?”, disappointed with the results, which is why we have taken years developing this revolutionary all natural product. Take the guess work out of relieving your body of pain. There are no heating pads, cooling pads, or bandages required. Try Advantage Pain Relief by Total Health today. KNOW your getting an all natural pain reliever cream, KNOW its going to work, and KNOW your going to never need another product again.

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All over the world consumers are glowing about Total Health's all natural approach to pain relief. When individuals choose this formula, they will be amazed by its effectiveness, its smooth application, and individuals may even be inspired to write a five-star review of their own.

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