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Cuddle Uppets - Need to Know Information

Cuddle Uppets has become a major selling toy across the US and Canada and has even won an award for assisting in speech development. Find out why parents are rushing to buy this toy for their kids.


Toronto, Canada -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/07/2012 -- A popular toy has caught the US and Canada by storm and has been featured on infomercials and many different TV networks called Cuddle Uppets which is a combination of warm blanket and a cute, cuddly puppet that children love to play with. When kids are finished playing with this toy it can be transformed into a blanket for nap time.

This toy was created by a company called Jay Franco and Sons who are also the creators of another hit infomercial toy which was called Happy Nappers which was a pillow which transformed into a plush toy.

In October 2012, Cuddle Uppets won the Play on Words or PAL Award which is an organization established by Sherry Artemenko who is a well known speech expert in the field of child development. Cuddle Uppets won the award for its ability to assist children in speech development. As children use their imagination and role pay with this plush toy they are also practicing their language skills. This toy has shown that not only is it a fun toy that kids love to play with but also serves as a learning tool.

"My daughter absolutely loves her Cuddle Uppet toy and brings it with her everywhere. She isn't afraid of the dark when she has her new cuddly friend by her side and brings her toy with her to preschool and transforms it to a blanket during nap time" -Stacy L

Cuddle Uppets comes in a variety of colorful characters to choose from which include a unicorn, ladybug, blue elephant, pink poodle, green crocodile, purple monkey and yellow puppy . These toys are built with a special fabric that is machine washable and built to last.

Currently this toy is being sold online for $19.99 plus $8.95 shipping and handling. If you buy a second Cuddle Uppet the cost is only $16.99 plus $5.99 shipping and handling. If you buy 3 or more Cuddle Uppets they will each cost $16.99 with FREE SHIPPING.

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