Custom Turret Systems

Custom Turret Systems Introduce a New Online Personalized Label Builder for Long Range Turrets

People looking for scope labels can design exactly what they want using the new Label Builder program from Custom Turret Systems.


Pleasant Grove, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/29/2014 -- What is the Custom Turret Systems (CTS) Label Builder? With their new Label Builder program, CTS combines ease of use with maximum user control over building labels for their custom scope turrets. The program’s flexibility allows users to choose from a wide range of scope makes and models and decide what information they will want on their long range turrets. CTS provides in-depth tutorial videos that show how to choose the right label for the right scope, and how to customize colors, fonts, which figures they’ll need to help improve long range accuracy by quickly adjusting for distance and wind conditions, taking into account altitude and temperature for highly accurate ballistics.

CTS custom labels are durable, designed for long-term outdoor heavy use, but are still accurate and allow shooters to adapt easily to different conditions by swapping out labels as needed. Using the label builder program, CTS offers a cost-effective solution to the different conditions faced by everyone from recreational target shooters to hunters to competitive match shooters. Using replaceable labels allows more flexibility than laser engraving and is more cost-effective.

The labels made for custom scope turrets are crisp and made to match a wide range of scope manufacturers, including fitting cupped turrets. These make for great-looking long range turrets that will perform under the harshest conditions. The turret labels are designed for outdoor use, and they are amazingly resistant to scratching, water, heat, cold, UV damage, and can even be frozen without the surface showing wear, the edges curling, or the adhesive failing.

Long range turrets help get the most accuracy from a scoped rifle, and the customized labels made through CTS’s new Label Builder allows the user to confidently zero in on their target to send their rounds exactly where they want them. The ballistics information of each rifle and ammunition is entered into the easy-to-use online application to calculate exactly where the scope turret needs to be adjusted to give the most possible accuracy.

CTS has several videos available on the Label Builder page that show how to get the most from their customization. Features like adjusting the font and sizing of numbers, different color combinations, ballistics calculation, and the ability to choose what information to display all maximize user control to give exactly what they want and need. For more information, visit