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Cutting Edge Grass Seed as Seen on TV Canada

Cutting Edge Grass Seed is a revolutionary patent-pending grass seed that is scientifically engineered to have properties to grow unlike traditional grass.


Toronto, Ontario -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/12/2013 -- Maintaining a lawn can be a very time consuming and frustrating task with constant mowing, watering and fertilizer especially when dealing with traditional grass especially if a lawn has issues with urine spots, insects, is dried from too much sun or not getting enough sun this can be a very expensive and difficult problem to treat. Cutting Edge Grass Seed is a revolutionary patent-pending grass seed that has been widely featured on infomercials across the Untied States and Canada and is now available at As Seen on TV Canada. This engineered grass seed is a hybrid of Kentucky blue grass and other top grass seeds that can can grow when traditional grasses can't. This product has changed the way turf management and lawn care is managed.

"I was very skeptical about this grass seed since I could hardly find any reviews online for it but I'm glad I did. It really transformed our lawn and minimized the amount of maintenance and watering" -Lee Richards

Traditional grass typically have roots that grow 3 to 4 inches into the ground while Cutting Edge Grass Seeds can grow 48 inches into the ground finding water making them more sustainable in drier conditions without the need of constant watering. It is scientifically engineered to grow at dwarf height so there is less mowing required. Simply apply Cutting Edge Grass Seeds to urine spots for pet owners or spots that do not acquire enough sunlight and stronger and greener grass will grow in just weeks. It's benefits are that it grows quickly, weed resistant, drought tolerant, shade tolerant, disease resistant and insect resistant. It is endophyte enhanced which means that it is more resistant to regular grass against insects and helps overall stress tolerance and is Rhizome enhanced which means that it promotes horizontal root growth which crowds out crabgrass and weeds.

Watering a lawn can be quite expensive especially in summer months as water bills jump and fertilizer can be expensive. However Cutting Edge Grass Seed is an affordable solution that provides thicker and fuller grass starting in just 1 week. It germinates quickly and repairs any damaged grass from salt or insects. It's self-repairing properties and low maintenance blend is why it has become one the most environmentally grass seeds available on the market.

"We have very poor soil underneath our grass and trying to upkeep our lawn was very frustrating last summer since we had to constantly water it while our water bills skyrocketed. After using Cutting Edge Grass Seed I was amazed at the results and how quickly it was able to repair the urine spots from our dog and the yellow grass in our front lawn. We now have one of the greenest lawns on our street thanks to the Cutting Edge Green Grass!" -Chuck Perlman

Cutting Edge Grass Seed has proven to be a high quality and low maintenance lawn care solution. A special web offer is now available at As Seen on TV Canada for a low price of $19.95 for a 2 pound bag which is twice the amount that is normally sold in stores. A two pounds bag is usually enough for 500 square feet of area.

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