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Dad Does Releases Review on UDI U816 R/C Quadcopter

Will Kids Be Doing 360 Flips With RC Quadcopters This Christmas?


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/13/2012 -- Remote controlled flying toys have come a long way. A few years back, it was impressive if you could get a RC helicopter to take off and not immediately crash it. Now, R/C helicopters are “old news” and R/C Quadcopters look to be making a splash for the 2012 holiday season.

Dad Does, a product review blog, has done numerous video reviews of RC toy reviews covering everything from cars to helicopters. Now, for the first time, Dad Does has reviewed an R/C Quadcopter. In the Toy Reviews 2012 section of their YouTube channel, Dad Does features video reviews of the best toys of 2012.

A quadcopter has 4 quad rotors and can go forward, back, left, right and spin clockwise and counterclockwise. In many ways a Quadcopter flies like a RC helicopter with one major twist – some quadcopters can do full 360 flips in the air, with just a push of a button on the remote.

To test our R/C quadcopters, Dad Does reviewed the UDI U816 R/C Quadcopter.

The U816 is a 4 Channel Mini R/C Quadcopter with 6 axis gyro stability. This might not mean much to the average consumer, but these specs make the U816 a compelling toy for kids ages 14 and up.

“We had a great time test flying the UDI U816 Quadcopter. Once we got the UFO trimmed, stability was great and flying was easy. Our favorite feature was the 360 degree spin button on the remote. Simply press the button and the Quadcopter does a full 360 flip, it is pretty incredible to see” states Dan Nessel of DadDoes.Com .

Some of the other features that Dad Does liked were the LCD screen on the remote and the ability to fly the U816 both indoors and outdoors. Dad Does does point out in the review that the manual is not very helpful and the batteries only give about 8 minutes of fly time before they need to be recharged.

Overall, Dad Does gave a favorable review to the first quadcopter they have tested. They also felt the UDI U816 was well priced at about $43. They recommend that parents only buy it for kids ages 14 and older.

Dad Does has also been busy working on some non-toy reviews. Recently they published their full review of the Therapik. The Therapik is a gadget that promises to remove the pain and itchiness of bug bites in 30 seconds, without any drugs.

The Therapike works by applying heat to the bug bite. The heat then kills off the venom from the bug and this stops the itching. The Therapik can be used over and over again and just requires on 9 volt battery.

Nessel concludes, “It has been a busy time at Dad Does. One day we are reviewing the newest RC toys and the next day we are being bit by mosquitoes so we can review the Therapik. If consumers have a a product that they would like to see reviewed on DadDoes.Com, we encourage them to drop us a line.”

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