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Daily Binary Profits DBPv7 Software with 87% Average Winrate Being Given FREE by the Developers

Daily Binary Profits DBPv7 is the first multi dimensional trading system that can generate 120+ trading signals daily on average.


Lahore, Pakistan -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/12/2014 -- Daily Binary Profits DBPv7 is a new binary options trading software that is being given FREE by the developers. Daily Binary Profits DBPv7 is the first multi dimensional trading system that can generate 120+ trading signals daily on average. The trades can be both short term as well as long term. This software gives signals for short term trades that can be for 30-60 seconds as well as 2-3 minutes. Short term trades are good for quick profit making. The long term trades have a much higher level of accuracy and give a very return on investment. The average winrate of these trading signals is 87%. This software has got built in risk management control module with a real time trade alert system that does not require a browser to be open. This software uses a series of logical steps with a combination of trading indicators to generate the trading signals.

This system is so good, one can risk as little as $5 a trade and walk away with up to $237.31 each day. That's an eye-popping risk to reward ratio! With no previous trading experience ... no special knowledge ... no fancy concepts to understand ... DBPv7 is PROVEN to make any level of trader a lot of money -- fast! In fact, DBPv7's verified, published DAILY performance record is simply outstanding! This software made 587% return in equity in just 49 days! The developers call it the "Average Users Competition" and there's nothing else quite like it. That's because it's helped traders with no previous trading experience make from 138% ... all the way up to 604% net profit in a time-limited competition! It's all because DBPv7 is dead simple and yet totally comprehensive. The software leaves no stone unturned. It's so good, it generates 120 pinpoint accurate trade signals every single day. DBPv7 is incredibly flexible.

The developers took on a few volunteers in a 7 week test in their "Average Users Competition". They funded each volunteer's account with a small initial deposit of $1,000 and let them "trade at will" using DBPv7 every day for 7 weeks. The results? Fantastic! Profits ranged from $378 - $2,497 PER WEEK while spending no more than 30 minutes each day doing it. Yes -- they grew their accounts by up to 587% in just 7 weeks! That's absolutely incredible. Terry Kramer was the best performer. Terry Kramer is a car rental dealer with no experience in binary or trading at all... All results according to daily binary profits: "Mr. Kramer had a return of $7042.55 in just 49 days by trading less than 25min per day!"

- 1st Place: $7,042.55 (704.2% Return)
- 2nd Place: $5,899.17 (589.9% Return)
- 3rd Place: $5,734.15 (573.4% Return)
- 4th Place: $2,386.70 (238.6% Return)

About DBPv7 Team
The developers of this DBPv7 comprise of professional forex and binary options traders and programmers. The team developed this software and is working hard to make it even more accurate. The team has promised to provide all future updates FREE. They are also giving their incredible software FREE.

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