Press Releases From 10/23/2014 Until 11/22/2014

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CloneDVD Voted the Best and Most Advanced DVD Copy Software by Customers

CloneDVD Studio is a professional provider of various multimedia software solutions which has been on the market ever since 2003. Some of its most successful products include Video Convertor, DVD Copy, DVD Ripper, DVD Creator, Region-free DVD Player and of course the popular CloneDVD.

Amazing Selling Machine Offers Money Making Opportunities to Users

Amazing Selling Machine has offered a way for people to tap into the myriad opportunities of selling online and build a fortune for themselves.

Ex-Medic Makes Handsome Amounts and Cuts Down on Work Hours

Maggie Umlauf, an ex-medic has managed to make $100,000 by working on her own time thanks to the options brought to her by Amazing Selling Machine.

Domain Metrics Tool Provides Valuable Trust Flow and Citation Flow Data

Domain Metrics Tool is a valuable tool that allows webmasters and domain buyers to gather accurate data to analyze when evaluating the value of a particular domain. “We have users that use the tool to seek out high quality link opportunities for their SEO efforts and then we have users that use it to aid them when they are reviewing available expired domains for purchase. The days of relying on Google’s PageRank and Moz’s Domain Authority and Page Authority metrics are long gone,” explained Domain Metric Tool’s Dan Kappenberg.

Women's Online Retailer Announces Cyber Monday Sale

Premier online retailer has announced details regarding their 2014 Cyber Monday Sale. The upcoming sale will follow their 2014 Black Friday Sale and reflect a buy-one-get-one-free gift deal, free shipping on orders over $69, and up to 90% off on all items.

Online Women's Apparel Retailer Announces Biggest Sale of the Year has officially announced their 2014 Black Friday Sale. The retailer, which caters to girl’s and women’s fashion, is offering up to 90% of the price of all items plus free shipping on orders over $59.

Digiarty Kicks off Pre-Halloween Deals 2014 for DVD Ripping and Multi-format Playback on PC and Mac

LogoDigiarty Software, a devoted multimedia entertainment simplifier, kicks off the 2014 pre-Halloween deals to spur the promotion at the dawn of the thrilling yet infusive festival. The activity starring a 50% off ("lowest-priced") WinX DVD Ripper Platinum discount begins from October 17 to 31. The featured DVD ripper has been polished up today with profiles for iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3, and the Mac edition is further compatible with OS Yosemite faultlessly.

Leawo 2014 Halloween Giveaway Activity Kicked off with DVD Copy Gift and Bundles Cut

LogoThe 2014 Halloween holiday is just in the corner. To make the 2014 Halloween holiday more enjoyable, Leawo Software, a famous online multimedia solution developer and provider, kicked off a 2014 Halloween Giveaway Activity, which lasts until the end of Nov. 15th, 2014. During the activity period, Leawo gives out a DVD backup program – DVD Copy to all people with no charge. Meanwhile, people get the chance to obtain other useful apps like Halloween Blu-ray movie converter, Halloween DVD movie creator, etc. These apps deliver a 20-percent off special offer.

New Hotel Booking Website Launched - Travel WD the Best Place to Find for Accommodation Around the World

Searching for the best hotel booking website is a daunting task. With the overwhelming number of cheap hotel booking websites, travelers find it hard to choose, which website to choose. People spend hours if not days going through different hotel booking sites only to find that these sites offer poor value hotel packages. But, looking for the best hotels to stay around the world is no longer a daunting task as Travel WD is now here to serve travelers looking for the best hotel to stay in the U.S.A. and other parts of the world.

HTML5 Flip Book Maker Makes Online Publishing Easier at

LogoPUB HTML5 flip book maker software has always offered its loyal users a variety of digital publishing options to attract potential customers and interested readers. As the leaders in the digital publication field HTML5 took digital publication into a whole new level by allowing to convert PDF files into attractive digital brochures, ezines and catalogs. The ever-growing customer base of the company speaks of the success rate achieved by the innovative software. Frequent upgrades that introduce more and more user-friendly functions is the key factor that contributes to the accomplishment of PUB HTML5.

Codeexceptional Ltd Announces Launch of Color Teaser

LogoCodeexceptional Ltd has announced the upcoming launch of a new brain teasing app, Colour Teaser. The new app challenges both sides of the brain by requiring players to react quickly to details. Colour Teaser will also help people develop memory and identification of colours that many people do not usually recognize.

Domaining LTD Releases New Tool to Help Domainers and SEOs Determine Domain Strength

Domaining LTD is pleased to announce the release of their new domain metrics tool, which allows users to check domain metrics for free rather than having to pay subscription fees to access particular metrics. “When Google’s John Mueller announced that they would probably not be updating the PageRank toolbar moving forward, it lead many domainers and SEOs wondering how they would identify the strength of domains moving forward. One of the most accurate metrics is Trust Factor, which is not easily manipulated by spam like many of the other commonly referenced metrics. Our tool checks Majestic Trust Flow (TF) and Citation Flow (CF)without the recurring charge, and we even allow bulk domain checking,” explained Domaining LTD’s Dan Kappenberg.

Chip4Power Motor Tuning Produces Insane Horsepower Gains

Chip4Power, motortuning and performance chiptuning company, is excited to reveal that their internal testing is showing extremely high horsepower gains for all kids of different makes and models utilizing the company’s tuning.

TinToy Offers Variety of Film Production Services in Cape Town

LogoWith impeccable creativity and the capability to hand pre and post production video generation, there is no doubt that TinToy has grown to become one of the best film production companies in Cape Town. Releases New Range of Port Royal Rattan Dining Sets, Sofas and More

Port Royal is a city located at the mouth of Kingston Harbour in Jamaica. Its name evokes a time of empire, where the sun never set on the British and its people could tour the balmy climes of distant shores in relative luxury, profiting from the lands they discovered. Such luxurious living is now a thing of the past, but many still seek to reclaim a touch of it for when the occasional sunny afternoon strikes back at home. Home and Garden Furniture is trying to bring that sense of luxury to the UK by releasing a new range of Port Royal Rattan furniture, with everything people could need to enjoy the outdoor spaces of the home.

Your Very Own Story Is Supporting a FAB Cause with Their Own Personalised Children's Books

Stacey, 31 got the idea for her business Your Very Own Story, when she started making up songs & stories that included her daughter’s name, in an attempt to get her little girl Eleni, now 11 months to stop her crying.

LUV Bathrooms Launches to Provide the Very Best Luxury Bathrooms at Rock Bottom Prices

The bathroom is one of the jewels in the crown of any home. While the kitchen delivers nourishment and community, the bathroom is a private space for calm indulgence. As such, it is important for any home to have the best bathroom possible, and the bath and shower unit is arguably the most fundamental centerpiece to get right. Unfortunately, sourcing a bathroom from conventional sources proves inconvenient, expensive, and often under-serves peoples’ imaginations. Thankfully, LUV Bathrooms has been launched to provide an online space to secure the latest bathroom innovations at the most affordable prices in the UK.

Big Business Malaysia Updates Portfolio with a Range of Different Web Designs

Malaysia is a booming market, especially in its business and commercial centers throughout Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. As with any emerging world player, the Malaysian business world is beginning to establish its presence on the World Wide Web. Its rapid development has given it a unique advantage, as businesses can start right at the cutting edge when developing their online identities, making use of the highly evolved tools available. Big Business Malaysia Web Design enables them to do just that, as a web design service capable of delivering breathtaking sites to businesses large and small. Now Sends out Binary Options Signals to Traders recently revealed the secrets of investing in binary options for ensuring maximum profit for potential investors. The site has recently published a list of regulated brokers who provide time-tested brokerage services to investors. The site comes up with insightful articles on binary options and also explains complex financial terms and jargons in layman’s terms to the investors. It is an open secret of the investor world that there are hundreds and thousands of unregulated brokers who flimflams investors. In some European countries, there are stringent regulations for binary options brokers. now aims to educate every new investor about the nitty-gritty of stock trading by sending out binary options signals to its patrons.

Wood 4 Floors Provides Decades of Flooring Expertise

Wood 4 Floors, experts in the flooring industry for 35 years, is the United Kingdom’s premier expert when it comes time to install new flooring in residential as well as commercial projects. “We have a very long history of supplying both consumers, as well as contractors, with the very finest flooring materials at the lowest prices. Our selection, quality, and expertise can’t be beat, and we attribute this to being around for three and a half decades,” stated Wood 4 Floors Mike McGrath.

Not a Box Provides Unique Furniture and Accessories to Transform Spaces

Not A Box, which sources creative furniture and home accessories, is lead by a team of industry professionals with a fine eye for unique and functional. The company’s website features the entire collection of pieces and also features bundles and collections for those looking to completely transform interior space.

Diet Doc's Updated, Modernized and Modified Prescription Hormone Diet Treatments Replace the Unsafe, Outdated hCG Diet

LogoWhen Dr. Simeons discovered that hCG, a hormone that is naturally produced in the placenta of pregnant women, was beneficial in causing fast weight loss, the doctor accrued many followers. While patients did lose weight, Simeons’ protocol restricted their calorie intake to a dangerously low, 500 calories per day, exposing them to serious side effects similar to those of starvation, including hair loss, severe fatigue and muscle loss.

Steam Shower Store Launches a Whirlpool Bath Installed and Ready for Use in 15 Minutes

Bathroom remodeling is something many people would do far more often if it weren’t for the obvious disadvantages- upgrading a bathroom can take weeks, and during that time people must rely on neighbours and friends for the most basic ablutions. This, combined with the expense, causes people to put up with inferior baths and showers far longer than they would otherwise. has made it their mission to provide the highest quality bath and shower products for the home market at the lowest possible price, but have now debuted a new line of products that can be fully assembled without a plumber in just 15 minutes.

EMC Filtration Market to Grow at a CAGR of 5.97% to 2020 Says a Global Research Report Available at

LogoThe EMC filtration market report analyzes the EMC ecosystem and key application markets on the basis of insertion loss type that include symmetrical interference generating components such as measuring instruments, motor control system, switch mode power supplies, control panels, motors, phase angle controller, and rectifiers and the components creating asymmetrical interference such as mains, converters, transformers, HF producer, and screens. The EMC filtration market also covers the market share of different load type filter including single phase, three phase, and custom filters. Revenue estimates and forecasts are provided from 2014 to 2020 for the EMC filtration market. It gives an overview of the major geographic regions in the EMC filtration market such as Americas, Europe, Asia–Pacific (APAC), and Rest of the World (RoW). The report discusses about the most recent happenings of the market with the winning imperatives and burning issues.

Event Management Software Market Worth $7.78 Billion by 2019

LogoThe report "Event Management Software Market by Software Type (Event Registration, Venue Management, Marketing, Planning, Analytics, Ticketing), & by Organization Size (Corporate, Government, 3rd Party Planners, Education) - Global Forecast to 2019" defines and segments the event management software market into various sub segments with in depth analysis and forecasting of revenues. Report also identifies restrains of event management software market with insights on trends and opportunities.