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Acai Berry, Science Doesn't Support the Hype Says Natural Health Sherpa

Acai berry has been touted as a super food. Natural Health Sherpa found out that acai berry does have some antioxidant benefits. However, compared to other juices and beverages in the market that contains antioxidants, acai berry is nowhere near the top of the list.

Nine Years of Helping Consumers for

The world of mortgages can be a perplexing and intimidating one at times, and never more so than after regulations have been tightened up following the sub-prime scandal that contributed to sinking the world economy. Launches Nationwide Beauty Care Directory

Beauty care and associated products are often marketed by attempting to trigger sudden emotional responses with bold claims that can extract money from consumers before they’ve thought it through. Often, shopping around online in an environment more insulated from the social pressures people feel in the wider world can yield big savings compared to impulse buys on the high street.

Nurse Practitioner Salary Averages Are Rising Says New Report From

According to the American Nurses Association, up to 80 percent of medical care tasks can be performed by nurse practitioners, generally regarded as nurses who hold an MA or Doctoral degree in nursing. According to a new website, this demand is also driving up salaries for nurse practitioners and places it in the top 10 occupations most likely to have large numbers of new jobs.

Online File Sharing Website, Offers High End Security Features for Sharing Files Online

Online file sharing website, is offering high end security features for their user accounts. The online file sharing and sending website is upgrading its protection for both personal and business user accounts to ensure safety and security of the data shared online. Leads the Industry in Lightening Fast Computer Care

What can be more convenient than having your computer security threat concerns taken care of from the comfort of your own home? With viruses popping up more and more in the age of social media and “click here” scams, online PC repair services have become a popular and growing industry. By using modern networking technology to link two computers together, security and malware threats can be taken care of with ease without having to leave your computer at a repair shop for days or even weeks.

Controversial "China Sucks" Documents Human Rights Abuses

China’s human rights record has come into the limelight as the emerging economic powerhouse seeks to make a growing impression on the world stage. Despite the apparent success of the Olympics and buying up most of America’s debt, its apparent good political standing is often not matched by the opinion of ordinary people. - Affordable and Creative Website Design Helps Draw Customers to Small Businesses

Websites are a detailed and affordable way for business owners to advertise their services in today’s modern technological world. A design and copy structure that is appealing to the eye and effective in getting potential customers to act is essential. However, many small business owners do not know how to do this and often seek out professionals. Experienced web designers can give a site clear focused design, simple navigation, as well as a clear structure that is essential for top search engine rankings. Launches a Market Leading, Independent Guide to Insurance Plans

Insurance policies are often lengthy documents with an abundance of fine print, sub-clauses and conditions that can be overwhelming to the average consumer. These difficulties allow insurance companies to slip clauses past their customers without them necessarily being aware of what it is they’re signing up to.

Fancy and Fashionable Faith-Based Jewelry at

Cross pendants are popular jewelry items for men, women and children. Pendants can be made with a variety of metals, but gold is by far the sought-after type of cross pendant. They express a person’s religious beliefs and can have a special place in their hearts. Cross pendants are often given as communion, confirmation or wedding gifts and can be found in both brick and mortar and online stores.

JuegosDe Launches Exciting Online Gaming Site

As the technology mankind has developed has continued to evolve exponentially, so too have the games played by mankind. In recent years, the online games industry has been nothing short of prolific. The onset of flash games, many of which were programmed by early developers in their spare time, saw imitations of classics like pong and pac-man. It wasn’t long before the games grew into a genre in their own right.

Bargain Hunters Flock to New Joann Fabrics Coupon Website

With the economy still lagging, the household budget has become an important topic for many people. People are trying to spend less without having to dramatically reduce their standard of living. Sewing and craftwork is a part of everyday life for many households. For some it is a necessity while for others it is a hobby. No matter what kind of household they might be, many are wondering if there is any way to continue to shop for fabrics and craft materials while still reducing household expenses. Recently, a new website that addresses this very issue has gotten many people talking.

The Latest Office Supply Coupons Are Now Available on

Just because money is tighter these days does not mean that the average consumer’s need for office supplies has gone down. Items like stationery, computer accessories, notebooks, binders and everything else that is essential for home, school and the office are not getting any cheaper. However, there is something that can be done to help ease this budget burden, and consumers across the Internet have been talking about it. These consumers have discovered a website called, and they are now benefiting from the quality reviews and deals that can be found there. Launches Huge Free Medical Jobs Portal

Jobs in the healthcare services and within the medical field continue to grow as an aging population creates greater demand for longer term healthcare maintenance. The rise in incidences of treatable diseases such as diabetes also increases the demand for medical personnel.

Kansas City Native and Universal Life Church Radio Host; Rev Betty Montez Has Received an Offer to Bring Her Show, Mas Alla Del Sol to New York City Radio

LogoRev Betty Montez an ordained Minister with the Universal Life Church World Headquarters who already hosts a show on local radio in Kansas City, as well as host of Mas Alla Del Sol on the Universal Life Church Radio (ULC Radio) Network is receiving national attention for her shows for the Spanish Speaking Community. Rev Betty Montez has been contacted by a New York City radio station about doing her show on each of the three New York Spanish Radio Stations. Attracts People Trying to Lose Weight With Its Useful and Unbiased Information on HCG

News articles appear nearly every day about the “obesity epidemic” that is occurring throughout the world. Statistics and figures show that the human race is getting larger, and they show how it’s having a negative impact on people’s physical and emotional health. This epidemic has spurred thousands of people to get off the couch, to eat right, and to exercise in an attempt to lose weight. Makes Finding Information on Registered Nursing Careers Simple and Interactive

Deciding on a career is an important step for young adults. There are a myriad of career choices but only a few careers that are well paid, challenging and currently in demand. Those seeking a career with these advantages can now turn to an online resource that has all the information they are looking for. The website allows curious visitors to learn all about a career in registered nursing. This is a thriving field that should be carefully considered by anyone who is looking for a stable and fulfilling career path.

Australia: Court Case Emphasizes Importance of Following Correct Employee Termination Processes

A federal court ruling involving employee termination in Australia demonstrated that following the right procedures and maintaining proper records related to long-term employee issues including workplace rights and absence from work, can protect the employer when facing an adverse action claim.

George Cha Launches New Internet Marketing Strategies Website

The website is a resource for affiliate marketing, website creation, backlink strategies, article marketing, keyword research, SEO tips and online marketing ideas.

Updated Wonga Discount Codes on One Fun and Easy-to-Use Site

In a tight economy with many individuals and families living paycheck to paycheck, short term cash loans are becoming more popular and also more necessary. In the United Kingdom, is an online source for these types of loans. They can be applied for via the Wonga website and if approved, the money can be deposited in the applicant’s bank account within hours. Wonga often offers special discounts and promotional offers for its services via Wonga coupon codes that can be entered when applying for the loan.

CloudClaim Offers Cloud Hosting Reseller Plans

With the advent of cloud host reselling, anyone stands a chance to make an entry into the field of cloud hosting. More and more companies are foraying into the field of cloud hosting resellers and the latest name on the block is that of CloudClaim.

Imedi Films' Announces Thriller, the Casting

Following the success of 247°F, IMEDI FILMS’ is pleased to announce that The Casting, currently in production will be screened at the American Film Market in Santa Monica, California along side IMEDI FILMS’ The Salvia Experiment.

Imedi Films and Sark Studios in Joint Venture to Release a Slate of Films Beginning in October 2012

Imedi Films is a production company that was founded in 2011 by Imedi TV, the largest Private Television and Radio Company in Georgia. The aims of this production company have been to create high-quality, commercially viable feature films. Halcyon International is the designated sales company for all of the projects undertaken by Imedi Films.

Imedi Films' Announces Thriller, the Salvia Experiment

Following the success of 247°F and the upcoming film The Casting, IMEDI FILMS’ is pleased to announce that The Salvia Experiment, currently in pre-production will be screened at the American Film Market in Santa Monica, California along side IMEDI FILMS’ The Casting.

Arthritis and Joint Pain Patients Find New Help With Provailen All-Natural Treatment Says the Disease Arthritis Cures Website

An all-natural arthritis treatment called Provailen is receiving a lot of attention recently, prompting the website Disease Arthritis Cures to release new statistics on how Provailen is helping patients with arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout. According to statistics, about 87% of patients suffering from inflammatory arthritis were able to report significant pain decrease after using Provailen.