Press Releases From 02/29/2012 Until 08/22/2014

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Renting a Static Caravan in the UK Just Got a Whole Lot Easier Thanks to Caravan Holiday Lets

There’s nothing like a holiday to cure the ills of modern life. With the advent of the internet and a multitude of new communications platforms, many people find that a literal getaway is required to truly rest and recoup. As Britain’s population find themselves working ever increasing hours, the timing couldn’t be more ideal for some rest and relaxation in one of many interesting and varied destinations across the country.

Submissions Open for George Michael HPC Fellowship

The application period is now open for the George Michael HPC Fellowship, which honors exceptional PhD students whose research focuses on high-performance computing.

Wedding Bands to Make the Day Memorable

LogoChoosing wedding bands or Wedding Rings is the most important part of any wedding, as it gives recognition to the couple that they are married and are about to live a happy life ahead. These bands are the center of attention for the wedding ceremony and indicate that the couple have made a promise to make their relationship last forever. Wedding rings express everything about love, the unspoken and unsaid words and bring a smile on your spouse's face. It makes you feel special on the biggest day of your life.

Market Report, "Blood & Organ Banks in the US", Published

LogoThe industry is expected to grow strongly over the next few years. Demand for blood products and organ transplants will continue to rise.

Pfeiffer Infiniti in Grand Rapids, MI Offers Infiniti's Snug Kids Guides

Parents know that selecting the correct child safety seat is a crucial step in protecting their children while driving. In order to make this decision easier, Pfeiffer Infiniti now offers Child Safety Seat Fit Guides as part of Infiniti’s Snug Kids Program. Every vehicle in the Infiniti line-up comes with its own set of standards to ensure safety seats fit properly and provide the best possible protection.

M.S.I. Announces Mold Remediation Services

M.S.I, leading mold remediation in Philadelphia, announce new mold remediation services in Philadelphia. Once it is known that people have a mold issue in their home or commercial property, the next step to take is one to begin the cleaning process. Finding the best Mold Remediation contractor is a vital step in the removal/cleaning process because failure to do so correctly will cause regrowth and/or re-contamination. Mold Contractors should be certified in Mold Remediation and must carry Mold Pollution or insurance just to be able to do the project. Failure to hire a contractor without these credentials will most likely lead to disastrous outcomes. Also, not having a contractor qualified and trained in Mold Remediation will probably lead to the mold not being cleaned properly.

Hot Soccer and Baseball Trophies for Kids, Tips for Team Moms

When deciding which trophy to buy for the kids, "Team Moms" throughout the country are finding it stressful to determine the best option. The stress is not caused by the children, who seem more than happy with whatever trophy is awarded them. Rather, it is the criticism of vocal parents, alongside a dearth of useful suggestions, which causes this stress in their criticism. K2Awards offers the following pointers about choosing soccer trophies for kids.

Karp Hart Announces Attorneys for Auto Accidents

Car accidents happen all of the time and are the most common cause of sudden death for most citizens all over the world. One common reason for hiring an attorney for this purpose is if they were injured due to a drunk driver. Also, some car accidents are caused by mechanical failures and by others being irresponsible.

Tidal Homes Offers Luxury Holiday Cottages in Bamburgh, Northumberland

Northumberland is a beautiful county of north eastern England. This historical county has witnessed number of English battles in the past.

Graboyes Windows Launches Speciality Windows at a Much Affordable Cost

Beautiful speciality windows can accentuate a home and add personality, as well as value. With speciality windows, one is able to choose windows that add to the existing structure of a home while providing gorgeous, unique focal points. Many homes in Philadelphia, Chester County, Delaware County, Bucks County and Montgomery County, Pennsylvania require speciality windows to meet their window needs. At Graboyes Window & Door they offer many speciality windows that are designed to add elegance and beauty while meeting a customer's budget. These speciality windows consist of geometric shapes, circle tops, arches, bow windows, bay windows and more.

Navy Federal Offers First-Time Homeowners Flexible Mortgage Rates

Most homeowners have undoubtedly been overwhelmed by the home buying process. This is especially true for the many prospective homebuyers applying for loans who may be unclear about the mortgage process. Fortunately, Navy Federal Credit Union offers first-time homebuyers flexible mortgage rates and a plethora of information, helping them make smarter decisions regarding their financial future.

Abercrombie Textiles Announces Introductions for 2012 ITMA Market Set to Differentiate Brands

One year after expanding, domestic textile manufacturer, Abercrombie Textiles, will introduce designs slated to differentiate and define its individual brands, Abercrombie Textiles and Cone Decorative, during the summer 2012 Showtime – ITMA Market, June 3 – 6.

Global Radiotherapy Equipment Market (2012 - 2017)

About half of all cancer patients receive some type of radiation therapy sometime during the course of their treatment. Conventional radiotherapy equipment like X-rays, gamma rays, and charged particles comprises of high-energy radiation beams capable of shrinking tumors and killing cancer causing cells. Approximately 70% of all the cancer patients globally undergo radiation therapy. Also, it has been identified that almost 20% of malignant tumors are radiation-resistant; in such cases neutron based radiation therapy are proven to be more effective as compared to conventional radiating sources due to its intense ionizing property. According to the research done, the application of fast neutron therapy as compared with traditional methods of therapy for malignant tumors increases the effectiveness of treatment by 20-40%, improves quality and increases the life expectancy of patients.

Slim Weight Patch Is a New All-Natural Weight Loss Product Says Slimmers Expert

A new weight loss product is becoming popular because of its ease of use as a patch that is put on every morning. The 100% natural Slim Weight Patch is completely safe and provides freedom from having to take weight loss pills. Slim weight patch is a slimming patch that is put on and left and can work 24 hours a day by delivering all-natural weight loss ingredients straight into the bloodstream through the skin pores. The patch is promoted as the best transdermal patch for weight loss, and has been proven to be easier to use than pills because it bypasses the digestive system and goes straight into the bloodstream even while the user sleeps. As long as it is put on after the shower every morning, the user can forget about it.

World Wound Care Devices Market (2012-2017)

United States accounts for the largest share in the world wound care devices market, however developed markets such as Japan, and Europe are expected to register higher growth rates, especially in the advanced wound care segment. Growth has been attributed to the continued increase in challenging and chronic wounds due to lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and obesity. Rapidly aging population and hospital acquired infections are other factors driving the market for wound care.

Talent Management System Gets Drucker Approval

Legendary business management guru Peter Drucker, to paraphrase, proclaimed there to be no greater crime in business than executing to perfection that which does not need to be done in the first place. This is never more apt than in the case of employee appraisals.

Tub to Shower Conversion Products and New Business Opportunity Available Through BathCrest Company

As the housing market continues to struggle, more and more homeowners have decided to stay put in their current houses. As a result, remodeling projects have skyrocketed in popularity as people make upgrades and improvements throughout their homes.

2011-2012 Global and China Nickel Industry Report

LogoDue to the nickel projects of Anglo American’ Barro Alto and VALE’s On?a Puma being put into production as well as China’s increased output of nickel pig iron, the global nickel output saw a year-on-year increase of 10.0% to 1.589 million tons in 2011, with the consumption rising 6.9% YoY to 1.572 million tons. In 2012, the successive putting into production of the nickel projects worldwide as well as the releasing of new capacities will pose the mounting pressure on nickel oversupply, with the estimated excess hitting 50,000 tons.

Ticket Listings for Chicago Shows and Events for Summer 2012 Published by has recently updated their website listings to account for the new season of events to be held at 3 famous arenas in the Chicago area this summer: Allstate Arena, United Center, and The Chicago Theatre.

The Prepaid Advantage for Governments

LogoSynopsis: This VRL report looks at why prepaid is such a winning proposition in the public sector. It examines factors such as paperless processes, lower costs and greater efficiency. The report shows why the government sector promises a stable and growing market for companies offering prepaid solutions. Case studies highlight the efficiency of prepaid cards in areas such as benefit payments and emergency relief.

Product Profiles: COPD - Novel Combinations Race to the Finish

LogoCOPD is a growing market with a dynamic pipeline aiming to address unmet needs. A number of pipeline products threaten established drug classes. Once-daily bronchodilator combinations in particular are expected to offer a novel treatment option with high clinical and commercial potential and a number of companies are racing to be the first to reach the market.

Dairy Market in Egypt - Industry Analysis Report

LogoDiscover the latest market trends and uncover sources of future market growth for the Dairy industry in Egypt with research from Euromonitor's team of in-country analysts.

Analysis of Thailand Welding Equipment and Consumables Market

LogoThis study covers the welding equipment market in Thailand, the latest trends in the industry and the major companies involved in the business. It also tracks the drivers and challenges faced by the country and the extent to which these affect the welding industry. The study analyzes the major end users and the scope for welding equipments over the next seven years. It also provides an understanding of the key players, the steps taken by the private and public sectors in developing key infrastructure/industries that are likely to use welding products. Besides, the study attempts to identify the contribution of key industries to the overall growth.

Trim Nutrition Becomes Official Nutrition Partner for IZOD IndyCar Series and Firestone Indy Lights

Trim Nutrition of Clearwater Florida has been named an official nutrition partner for the IZOD IndyCar Series and their developmental series Firestone Indy Lights. According to Terry Angstadt, president of INDYCAR’s commercial division, the premium nutrition company was selected because of their outstanding reputation in providing nutritional products, nutritional events and nutritional information. Trim Nutrition will develop improved nutrition for INDYCAR staff and fans by hosting 5K runs during race weekends, providing on-site health and fitness assessments for fans, and giving advice to drivers on their health and nutritional needs.

Global Ultrasound Devices Market (2012-2017)

Ultrasound is a high-frequency cyclic sound pressure procedure to view the internal organs and generate images of the human body. This technique is non-invasive as it does not penetrate the skin or body openings and has tremendous diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Ultrasound imaging is mainly used in the areas of cardiology, gynecology, and radiology. For the future, other segments, such as emergency care, surgery and intensive care are expected to expand rapidly.