Press Releases From 03/01/2012 Until 03/31/2012

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Disaster Recovery Still out of Data Protection Scope by Enterprise Users (report by Novosoft)

Novosoft, the developer of Handy Backup, the reputed data backup software, and acclaimed provider of IT consultant services, announced the release of the report presenting an in-depth analysis of major data loss causes among enterprise users. The traditional annual paper features a trend: more companies do back up their valuable business data and do use handy software tools like remote network backup software more often, but still lack consistent disaster recovery plans.

Mystery Shopping Services in UK by Tern

With mystery shopping services you can evaluate if your business has been directed to the right direction. This can help you evaluate the performance of the sales team and assures better results in future.

Locksmith Services by Professionals Introduced in Kingston and Bromley

With the direct locksmith London, one can have the services of the expert and experienced professionals for all their locking needs. They can help meet the high quality standards with all their services and products.

Merchant Account Company Electronic Transfer, Inc. Launches Credit Card Processing Article Site

Electronic Transfer, Inc. is now offering an informative article marketing resource site for merchant accounts, merchant services and credit card processing.

The Reeves Eye Institute Is Accepting New Patients

The Reeves Eye Institute, founded by Dr. Donny Reeves, M.D., is now accepting new patients at their state of the art facility. The Reeves Eye Institute specializes in Cataract and Lasik surgeries as well as more general eye ailments.

HR Software: Employee Attendance and Leave Tracking Tasks Made Easy With EzTimeSheet

LogoSmall business owners and HR managers who looking for ways to simplify the time-consuming employee attendance and leave tracking can try out the new ezTimeSheet software. ( released the new updates on ezTimeSheet employee time clock software, which automates employee time-tracking tasks and frees up managers’ time for more important tasks.

You Will Never Look at Your Best Friend the Same

The hit stage play, Derrell Lawrence's Do You Trust Your Best Friend?, kicks off its 2012 national tour Easter weekend in Montgomery, Alabama April 6-7, 2012 at the Davis Theater for the Performing Arts, 251 Montgomery Street, Montgomery, AL 36102.

Relaxation Is Essential to Your Health, Well-Being and Ultimate Happiness According to New TurboCharged Hypnosis Series

According to authors Dian Griesel, Ph.D. and Tom Griesel, hypnosis is a powerful technique that anyone can use to implement positive personal changes quickly and almost effortlessly. The Griesels are the brother-sister team behind the groundbreaking TurboCharged 8-step program, which was launched in spring 2011 and defies common weight-loss theories.

Hotel Renovations Company Contributing to American Urban Economic Comeback

LogoA South Florida-based hotel renovations company, Matrix Renovations, has seen a recent surge in business on the heels of a recovering post-recession economy. This influx of work has contributed to the local job economies of multiple metropolitan areas including Miami, Detroit and Cincinnati. Specifically, their projects include renovating hotel lobbies, guest rooms, restaurants, gift shops and more.

Travelpro to Introduce Record Number of New Products at the 2012 Travel Goods Show

Travelpro is celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the invention of Rollaboard by introducing a record number of new products at the 2012 Travel Goods Association Show from March 6 to 8 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Six Pack Abs V Takes in a New Contributor to Include a Womans View

A rapidly growing website, Six Pack Abs V, has reached an agreement with Kathy Cutia to become a permanent contributor. Six Pack Abs V continues to expand its reach by making Kathy a permanent contributor.

Exclusive Beach Accessories Now Part of 2012 Women’s Swimwear Line at Molly Brown’s Swimwear Store

The 2012 swimwear season is almost on the horizon and the popular women’s designer swimwear store has updated its inventory with not just the finest swimwear labels but exquisite beach accessories such as beach hats, flip flops, sandals, sarongs and exclusive beach jewelry.

Top Beverly Hills Periodontist Seeks to Raise Awareness About Medication Related Dry Mouth

LogoAccording to the latest statistics, 90% of adults over the age of 65 take at least one type of prescription medication daily in addition to the nearly half of all Americans in every other age group already on prescription medications. While most may cause relatively mild side effects, many individuals describe dry mouth or “cotton mouth” as a common problem. Though it may not seem like an overly worrisome issue, dry mouth is not only uncomfortable but it can impede a person’s ability to taste, swallow, digest and even talk correctly in severe circumstances. Beverly Hills Periodontist Dr. Alex Farnoosh comments, “On average, the normal adult will produce around one and a half liters of saliva daily, it is important to keep our bodies well regulated to ensure a healthy lifestyle and to avoid future problems. I would advise my patients to be vigilant of any side effects that may occur with special attention to dry mouth problems because Xerostomia can lead to other oral complications such as rampant cavities.” Presents an Informative North Dakota Loan Process Resource

LogoAccording to leading financial news expert Adam Hilliard, "Our North Dakota Loan Process page will dispel any misconceptions or uncertainty surrounding the cash advance process in North Dakota, equip you with practical advice for averting financial crisis, answer your myriad loan questions, and ultimately guide you on the road to taking control of your financial future."

Resume and Career Services in Atlanta, GA

Next Chapter Consulting LLC (NCC) provides exceptional resume writing services and career consulting. Our professional staff takes pride in working with Clients to draft resumes and cover letters that represent Clients individual job history while also making them competitive in today’s job market. We also provide realistic mock interviews and critiques so that Clients can tackle their nervousness and anxiety before they begin the interview process. In addition to the above, NCC also provides individual consulting services in the areas of job search strategies, networking, transferring job skills, and for recent college graduates a special consulting sessions tailored to help make a smooth transition into their first job.

Brazil Quality Journalist TR Cutler Says Robotic Industrial Trucks Best AGVs

The feature is titled: Automated Guided Vehicles Compromise Quality: Robotic Industrial Trucks Better Solution.In the current issue of Brazil Quality magazine, supply chain best practices include a discussion that vision-guided robotic trucks are a better solution than expensive automated guided vehicle systems (AGVs), according to manufacturing journalist, Thomas R. Cutler, especially when you do not need all the bells and whistles.

Streamline Systems Adds ETO Expert Mark Douglas to the AX 2012 Team

Mark Douglas recently joined Streamline Systems. Headquartered in Colorado, Streamline Systems follows a focused business strategy and proven approach when it comes to working with Engineer to Order (ETO), Build to Order (BTO) and Assemble to Order (ATO) client.

Realize the Advantages of Using LED Tube over Other Fluorescent Lights

LogoIn today's world of emerging environmental awareness, demand for efficient energy lighting is continually growing. Many businesses and individuals are looking for lighting options, which not only cut on energy consumption but also are highly functional and cost efficient. LED tube lighting might be the solution for many most consumers.

Rox Walks and Covers the Red Carpet at One of Steven Spielberg’s Latest Movies Destined for Oscar Glory, War Horse

On Sunday, at the lavish Lincoln Center, in Manhattan’s Lincoln Square neighborhood of the Upper West Side, Rox and the entertainment world got together to heat up the night on the Red Carpet for one of Steven Spielberg’s latest movies World Premiere of War Horse. Standing on this Red Carpet with the International Press Elite, was Roxanna Cella. Roxanna “Rox” Cella and Crew [Dan Cella] were invited to an all expenses paid trip to cover the exciting premiere of one of the world’s most cherished filmmakers. Showing that Rox is not just a local South Florida based television show host, but also and esteemed Entertainment Journalist, with enough prowess to be invited to work along side the giants of the industry.

Hoosier Girl Cakery a Sweet New Addiction for Monroe

Residents of Monroe, Loganville, and the surrounding areas now have a new choice for cakes: Hoosier Girl Cakery is open for business. The bakery specializes in cakes, pound cakes, and cupcakes made entirely from scratch.

Rotacaster Rotatruck Proves Best in Class

All handtrucks promise safety, including Rotacaster. Safety concerns are critical, however they offer delayed gratification. Only Rotacaster offers immediate gratification because only Rotacaster can promise immediate productivity gains and rapid ROI.

Unit Self Store's Mini Offices and Storage Units Help Businesses to Beat the Recession

Innovative self-storage firm Unit Self Store is adding mini offices to the facilities offered to customers due to a high customer demand. Unit Self Store are launching their mini offices in April this year and the availability of flexible office space alongside storage units has been hailed by both new and existing customers. Customers will benefit from the new mini offices because they offer complete clarity and flexibility.

Air Comfort Centre Now Brings a Whole New Range With Ceiling Fan and Dehumidifiers

Air comfort centre is a leading home electronic and air conditioning appliance supplier and now they are bringing a special range of ceiling fan and dehumidifiers. Since the summers are arriving one would be looking for a range of ceiling fan that can be installed in the homes or offices and gain a comforting and soothing relief from the precipitation and warmth.

Booty Bible Hits Bookshelves, E-Readers, Offering Women An Original, Self-Help Solution on How To "Get a Better Tush"

The Booty Bible gives you the TRUTH about what needs to be done to get a bum that you just cannot wait to show off! Alicia Marie has condensed her personal TOP TEN COMMANDMENTS of 'booty-tightening' (PLUS+ a few more!) and quick, simple toning fitness and diet FACTS into easy to and follow get LEAN tips, BOOTY MOVES and tushy-firming FABOOTYLOUS nutrition and diet advice. offers Irresistible Discounts on Dazzling Diamond Joe Rodeo Watches

LogoJoe Rodeo Diamond Watches are one of the most recognized and popular high quality men’s diamond watches and ladies diamond watches. Hundreds of different designs include floating diamond watches, diamond chronograph watches and black diamond watches. From fully iced out Joe Rodeo Diamond Watches to floating diamond watches, Joe Rodeo Watches are not just a mere pieces for telling time, but an expression of elegance and panache.