Press Releases From 03/26/2012 Until 08/20/2014

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Veterinary Surgeon Helping Pets With Orthopedic Issues in Miami and South Florida

Banfield offers superior pet medical care with a local veterinarian. Visit to find optimal veterinary services at our vet hospital nearest you.

Even in Business It Takes Two to Tango

An energy solutions company has sights on an open dance floor. And in the dance hall, an attractive opportunity waits for Green Revolution (the energy solutions company) with sensible ideas that an appropriate invitation must be met before venturing towards the floor. That attractive opportunity is none other than Honeywell, the global technology leader in energy efficiency, and Green Revolution has made more than appropriate invitation to partner up.

Kerrville Karate Academy Announces Kick Boxing Class at Impact Martial Arts

Kick boxing is a great alternative to boring gym work and Impact Martial Arts announced today the start of their new classes aimed at individuals three years old and up.

EzPaycheck: Desktop Payroll Software Designed for Small Businesses, No Internet Needed

LogoPayroll software can save small businesses time and money on the time-consuming payroll check processing jobs. But many business owners hesitate to use payroll software because they are afraid payroll software is too complex and too expensive for them. And they also worry about the data security issues.

New Book to Help Bipolar and Depression Suffers Hailed 'Great' by Demi Lovato

Having suffered a near-fatal battle with Bipolar Disorder, Blake LeVine set up his own support website, ‘Will Listen’. Continuing his mission to help others struggling with the condition, LeVine today announces the launch of his new book.

Ontario Teen Author Announces Launch of Ground-Breaking Debut Novel

Having been inspired by his Mother’s unfortunate car accident, seventeen year-old Brandon Petryna put pen to paper and indulged in a passion. Following over a year of diligent work, the Cambridge-based teen is now announcing the official launch of his debut novel. Releases Details of New Urban Development Project in Urbana, Maryland

Today, most cities feature uninspired urban planning. Streets are laid out in a grid, and shops, schools, and other amenities may be hours away from where most people actually live. This inconvenient system creates headaches for those who live in big cities, and many people are ready to try something new.

Payroll Report Found to Cease Payroll Fraud

A published report from UK’s Fraud Prevention Service, CIFAS, showed in their report that in a survey of 127 organisations all but two had experienced employee fraud.

700 Club Guest Jeff Usner Shares His Life Experience and New Free Book - Internet Millionaire: Your Blue Print to Succeed

Internet millionaire Jeff Usner recently starred in ABC’s Secret Millionaire. The response of the powerful episode pours in as viewers say Jeff inspired them to give back more to those in need. This led to Jeff Usner guest starring on the 700 Club with Pat Robertson.

Modern and Traditional Bollard Designs Made by Bollard HQ Now Available

Townscape, owner of Bollards HQ with website address, recently revealed the availability of modern and traditional bollard designs from their company.

Get Reputation Building Efforts Scale up to Shed off All Doubt

The internet abounds with text written and posted every day, but there are only a few freshly posted pages that make it to the top of search engine result pages. The difference comes in at the quality of the text and content written, and the way it is optimized next. As seen on several occasions, when the wrong pages make it to the top too, sometimes by error or sometimes by devious design, and this is when reputation management in West Palm Beach becomes necessary.

Local Remodel Contractor Focuses on Details San Diego Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling HK Construction

HK Construction, which specializes in plumbing, electrical and remodel contracting has a new website, that effectively showcases its new affordable kitchen and bathroom remodeling services.

Plain T-Shirts Regain Prominence in Fall Wardrobes

Bargains Group provide businesses, non-profits and retailers with these quality products at wholesale pricing.

Health and Safety Top Concern in San Diego Water Damage Situations

Whether it be water damage from a roof leak, slab leak, pipe leak or sewage backup, Gold Coast Flood Restorations is here for you.

Boxes Mailed to White House Tell Obama to 'Move Out' - And Provide Meals for Kids in the Process

Intended as a charitable form of peaceful protest, a new website allows Americans to send President Obama a message that it’s time to move on, while their purchase will provide a contribution to feed to at least six staving children a meal.

New Novelist Serves up Something Unique

With its excellent pacing and beautifully complex plot, Shifter is a peach of a novel. Think you know what reality is? Steven D. Jackson will convince you otherwise. Shifter is a superb debut novel that will pin you to your seat. - Cas Peace, Artesans of Albia trilogy

Women Discover and Compare Stretch Mark Creams at

Stretch marks are an unsightly problem for many women. Although stretch marks are more common than some might think, there are still a lot of women who feel too embarrassed to talk openly about them. Over the past few years, however, discussions about stretch marks have become more widespread. Provides Easy-To-Use Real Estate Directory to Prospective Homeowners

Finding the right home can be a challenge. Whether looking for a perfect family home or a single apartment in the city, a realtor helps match homebuyers with the listings that meet their needs. Ideally, that realtor will have an in-depth knowledge of buying or selling property in a specific area.

QR Code Is The Newest Form Of Information Storage and Delivery

The need to make more information available in lesser space is the driving force of various inventions in the information technology sector. Quick Response coding, or QR coding, is the latest technology that has wide spread to various industries due to its information storage capacity and availability of QR code readers in the market. There are several online QR code readers available for different smart phones. One may find a suitable QR code scanner no matter which smart phone he/she may be using.

Print Cereal Coupons This Week and Learn to Save More Money With the Coupon Coach

Kellogg's cereal bar coupons, Fiber One cereal bar coupons, and Kelloggs FiberPlus Bar coupons are available this week on Get the printable coupons to save up big, score free items, and even donate to charity.

Profit Hub Releases Five Internet Marketing Training Modules to Teach Making Money Online

Latest internet marketing training platform unveils five part internet marketing program focused on raking the most profit from the best business strategy, website building and development, social media, email profits, and free traffic efforts. Internet marketers struggling to find success will find the training modules not only skill building but profit earning as well.

Product Events Drive Marketing Profits

More and more companies are shifting the focus of their marketing departments to experience marketing schemes amid growing demand among customers to interact with products rather than simply observe them before purchase.

Abdel Aziz Should Step Down Now

His government nothing more than a pack of lies and his regime a dictatorship bent on oppressing the people of Mauritania, it is past time that Ould Abdel Aziz stepped down.

Local Job Search Tips Now Available at Top Employment Site

Sometimes getting a job is not only about what you can and cannot do but about what job openings you actually go for. Get help on the local job search from and start making the big difference today.

There's Still Time to Hear Olympic Athlete Jackie Joyner-Kersee at the YWCA Silicon Valley's 22nd Annual Luncheon Oct. 2

There’s still time to host a table or reserve a seat at the 22nd annual YWCA Silicon Valley Annual Luncheon from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2012 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. The event serves as a major YWCA fund-raiser with proceeds supporting the programs and services of the YWCA Silicon Valley.