Press Releases From 03/26/2012 Until 09/19/2014

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Rev. Michael J. Cauley, President of The Universal Life Church Announces Support for ConAgra Foods and Addresses Changes in Helping The Homeless Laws

LogoYesterday, Brother Michael, President of the Universal Life Church World Headquarters on Facebook responded: "It's Sad!" to the article entitled: "Feeding The Homeless BANNED in Major Cities All Over America" That was yesterday, today is a new day and a day to rejoice for companies such as ConAgra Foods and organizations such as Feeding America.

Barry Lockhart Launches His Sports Betting Predictions Site

On a Winning Streak is a sports picks site with a twist. It’s not the typical betting site because On a Winning Streak does not take bets. Its slogan explains it best, “We turn your bets into cash.” For offline or online sports betting, this is the best kind of sports betting predictions site imaginable.

"Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Global Market to 2020 - Growth from Asia-Pacific Construction, Packaging and Electrical Sectors Continues to Drive Demand" - New Market Report

Logo"Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Global Market to 2020 - Growth from Asia-Pacific Construction, Packaging and Electrical Sectors Continues to Drive Demand" is an in-depth report from GBI Research, which is focused on the demand side of the global PVC industry. The report provides the reader with detailed analysis and forecasts of the major economic and market trends affecting global PVC demand in the major regions of the world. It also provides analysis and description of the major drivers and restraints affecting PVC demand in each region. Global PVC demand is assessed in terms of end-user segments, prices and the competitive landscape, at both the regional and national level. Overall, the report presents a comprehensive analysis of the global PVC market, covering all major parameters.

Living Free Home Provides Lift Chairs As Part of Their Accessibility Solutions

Living Free Home now offers its customers the best collection of lift chair recliners. Whether a customer has had an accident, or simply found it more difficult for them to get around, a lift chair from Living Free Home makes mobility easier. They provide accessibility solutions such as lift chairs to customers in Philadelphia, NJ, NY and Boston.

Best for Bride Now Carries Exclusive Collection of Sophia Tolli

With Its Supreme Craftsmanship and Outstanding Fit, the Sophia Tolli Collection by Mon Cheri Offers Elite Array of Gorgeous & Beautiful Bridal Gowns.

Eat, Drink & Be Merry Announces Services for Planning Fantasy Football Parties

Eat, Drink & Be Merry, the premier party planning company in New York City, is now providing party planning services for those seeking to have the most affordable, yet best fantasy draft parties in New York City. Fantasy draft parties can take place in any of the eight main bars they provide planning services for such as The Living Room or The Oak Cellar at Jake's Dilemma, The Speakeasy Room at The Gin Mill, The East Wing at The Stumble Inn, Vice or Virtue Rooms at The 13th Step, The Balcony at Off the Wagon, The Lido Deck at 3 Sheets Saloon, Down the Hatch, or Hair of the Dog. Each of these eight locations have bar menus (from The Stumble's Inn famous Cheese Monster Stuffed Burger to Down the Hatch's Atomic Wings), fully stocked bars, music, wi-fi, and much more!

Baby Changing Stations Company Wants to Find the Worst Men's Room in America for Changing a Diaper

As any Dad who has changed a diaper in a public restroom knows quite well, finding a clean and convenient place to do it isn’t always easy.

Hawaii Video Marketing to Improve Marketing Strategies

People who are looking for a good company to get their video marketing services from are in luck today, thanks to the Hawaii Video marketing company, This is a company that specialized in search engine optimization in all its forms- including video marketing.

Zeek Rewards Alternative Presented by As Zeek Rewards Is Shut Down

Zeek Rewards was recently shut down due to fraud and having been determined by the SEC to be a ponzi scheme that was about to collapse.

Pregnancy Miracle Book by Lisa Olson Reveals Successful Treatment for Getting Pregnant

The Pregnancy Miracle Book by Lisa Olson promises to help such women conceive and get pregnant. The Pregnancy Miracle Book by Lisa Olson offers an opportunity of overcoming infertility problems to people.

Top Toys for 2012, With Full Reviews, Now Featured on DadDoes.Com

As the calendar moves to September, kids are returning to school and toy companies are releasing the toys they hope will be hits for the 2012 holiday season. To help parents navigate the confusing world of toys, DadDoes.Com, a leading dad blog, is increasing the scope of its real world toy reviews.

Internet Marketing Sales Funnel Blueprint Outlined by

An internet marketing sales funnel is the key to building a successful online business, quickly. To help entrepreneurs take advantage of the concept of a sales funnel to accelerate the growth of their business, have presented their internet marketing sales funnel blueprint.

Cyclebeads Offers Range of Family Planning Tools to Plan or Prevent Pregnancy

Cycle Technologies is proud to announce that it has expanded on CycleBeads®, the original way to use the Standard Days Method© - a natural family planning method, and is now offering a range of tools to plan or prevent pregnancy! CycleBeads is a hands-on visual tool that can be used by women worldwide as the most effective natural family planning method. iCycleBeads™ smartphone apps and the iCycleBeads Online web version, are interactive tools that can help women use this natural family planning method through their phones or online.

Esquire Defense Law Group Announcement

It’s not always easy to find a legal team you can trust when you are faced with serious legal matters that have a possibility for severe penalties. Expertise and individual attention is needed from a dedicated legal team looking out for the most favorable outcome. Esquire Defense offers such legal expertise as an Orange County DUI attorney serving the Southern California area. They pride themselves on professionalism and integrity as they vigorously represent their clients during the entire legal process until the case is resolved.

K2 Trophies and Awards Testimonials Reach 2,500 in 18 Months

At K2 Trophies and Awards, we promise you three things: Among trophy and award companies, we have the best prices, the fastest delivery, and the most awesome customer service, hands down! In fact, we might even say that we should award ourselves one of our very own First Place Blue Ribbons, or a beautifully detailed Lamp of Knowledge Gold Medal, because we are so proud to be leaders in the custom trophy, ribbon, plaque, and award industry.

Rain and Auto Accidents: Tips for Driving in the Rain

LogoResearchers have found that as many as 25% of all car accidents happen in bad weather; they have also discovered that more fatal crashes occur in the South, where both the rainfall totals and the population are high. However, in Florida, many people do not consider rain to be inclement weather. While people often stay home and avoid the roads in icy and snowy conditions, the roads and highways are usually just as busy during rain storms. It is important to remember that rain does cause dangerous driving conditions, and that you should always exercise caution when operating any vehicle in the rain. Here are some tips for driving safely when it is raining.

Understanding Car Insurance: Are You Really Protected

LogoPersonal injury attorneys frequently hear from individuals who seek representation because they did not know that their car, truck, or motorcycle was inadequately insured. For example, many insurance companies charge an extra premium on motorcycle insurance for what is called “Guest Passenger Liability.” What this means is that the company requires an extra premium to cover any passengers you have with you on your motorcycle. Without this coverage, you are left completely uninsured for your passenger’s lost wages, hospital bills, and injuries in the event that you are involved in an accident. Surely, you would expect insurance companies to be transparent about this fact. However, there are many insurance companies which do not point out this hole in your insurance. This is why you need to learn how to decipher insurance jargon and determine the full extent of your insurance coverage. It could save you thousands in the event of an accident. We have compiled some explanations of common insurance terms below.

History of Colors of First, Second, and Third Place Awards at Olympics

Every four years the world is treated to the Olympic Games. During the Games, we not only follow the scores and the points of the events, but the stories of the athletes as well. We walk with them through their trials, their failures and, of course, their successes. Although the stories are always common, the individual details that we learn about these amazing athletes make their achievements that much more exciting as we watch them take their journey towards the gold, silver, and bronze.

How Much Do You Spend on Vision Therapy

You finally decided to get a thorough vision exam for yourself or your child, in order to address the vision-related issues you have noticed. There are many questions that you might be asking yourself: Will treatmentwork? Will the vision therapy expert be able to determine a proper course of action for you or your child? Maybe you’re confident in your vision therapy provider. However, there is one question which still nags in the back of your mind: Will my insurance cover this?

Advertising Your Business Thru Port Authority Outerwear Now Possible at Best Buy Uniforms

LogoIt is imperative for businesses, regardless of size, to advertise what they have to offer. Although, for a certain period of time, they can rely on word of mouth, they would still have to make sure that they exert effort in expanding their client base.

Internet Marketing Guru Releases Free Ebook

Making money from home on your computer is the topic of a new free ebook Internet marketing maven Nikki Jones has written the ebook on offer

Pittsburgh Precision Brush Painting - Professional House Painting Now Available in the Pittsburgh Area

Sometimes, we often do not pay much attention to what’s already under our nose. Such is the case in the exterior wall paints that most homes have. You would notice that homeowners very rarely take time to check if their exterior wall paints are still up to the task of making the house look presentable.

The Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center Announces Various Treatment Options for Cosmetic Surgery

The Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center now offers various treatments for cosmetic surgery for its patients.

My Destiny Productions Getting Buzz Over Newest Web Series Released, "13 Witches"

My Destiny Productions, an independent film production company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, is proud to announce their web series created by actress and filmmaker, Sabine Mondestin, “13 Witches”.

Global Home Improvement Now Offering Siding Replacement in Bucks County, PA

Global Home Improvement is proud to announce that they are now offering siding replacement in Bucks County, PA. Global Home Improvement is a licensed installer for both vinyl and fiber cement siding, and can also answer any technical questions in relation to performing any replacement services.