Press Releases From 04/01/2012 Until 04/30/2012

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Soy Isoflavones, There Are Two Sides to the Story Says Natural Health Sherpa

When it comes to soy, there are very strong opinions about the benefits and risks associated with this controversial bean. Natural Health Sherpa observes: "On one side, you have the soy advocates touting soy for its menopause and heart-protective benefits. On the other side, you have the naysayers claiming that soy increases your risk for female-related cancers, thyroid complications, and digestive upset.”

Zevrix Releases Deliver Express 2.2: Adds Code-Based Delivery

Zevrix Solutions announces Deliver Express 2.2, a feature update to its automated solution to send and share files across the Internet and local networks. Deliver Express processes files automatically from watched hot folders and can run totally unattended. The software offers e-mail notifications, multi-destination delivery, file compression and more. The new version adds the ability to use a single hot folder for all destinations by including destination codes in file names.

Rasheda Ali Is a Force to Be Reckoned With in the Fight Against Neurodegenerative Diseases

IFV News host Marcella Palmer speaks with Rasheda Ali, daughter of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, former Olympian and three-time World Heavyweight Champion suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. Rasheda discusses her role battling against some of the world’s toughest and most crippling neurocognitive diseases. She has traveled the world speaking to families coping with debilitating diseases such as: Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and Stroke and Spinal Cord injuries. Rasheda's message is encouraging and enlightening, drawing on her personal involvement both as a family member and as a close affiliate to several organizations working to eliminate these diseases. Rasheda is currently affiliated with BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics. BrainStorm is an emerging and innovative biotech company located in Israel, dedicated to providing solutions for incurable neurodegenerative diseases.

FPL Helps Habitat for Humanity of Greater Miami Build Homes, Strengthen Communities

As part of their annual "Power to Care" week, more than 70 FPL employees rolled up their sleeves to help Habitat for Humanity build new, affordable homes and revitalize a distressed community in the Liberty City neighborhood of Miami.

Denver Carpet and Hardwood LLC Offers Free and Convenient Mobile Showroom Service to Its Customers

As anyone who has ever purchased new carpet or other flooring knows quite well, there is sometimes a huge difference between the way the flooring samples looked in the company’s showroom, and how they appear after they have been installed.

AAA Champions Geldof's Africa Investment Message

Campaigner Bob Geldof took the opportunity of the annual Superreturn International conference in Berlin to spend an hour extolling the virtues of investing in Africa, in a move that has been welcomes by impact investing advocacy group, AAA.

Dairy Products China News Helps You Grasp Latest Market Trend

LogoBoosted by people’s growing nutrition awareness, fast expanding retail chains and increasing dairy industry investment in promotion, China’s dairy consumption market is developing fast. The average annual growth rate (AGR) of China's sales amount of dairy products was around 20% from 2010 to 2011, though the industry was badly hit by the 2008 melamine scandal.

Adjusting to Google to Keep Clients at the Top of Google Says 'SEO Expert for You'

'SEO Expert for You' is making changes to their process of doing SEO to keep their clients at the top of Google. Google is coming out with the Over Optimization Penalty soon, so their SEO expert is preparing their clients websites for the update. Based on their testing and talks with other leading SEO people in the industry they believe Google is going to change a lot more of the algorithm than what most people expect.

'Best Laptops for College Students' Releases Top College Student Laptops Report for 2012

College students (and high school students) must use computers for writing and other activities in their studies, and a new website can help the student or parent find the best laptops for college students. it is up to the college student to determine which laptop is the best for college. Now a new website has focused on the mission to provide information and reviews on the best laptops for college students.

Mouth Guards Prevent Injuries, Says Richmond Hill Orthodontist

After a long winter, many people look forward to enjoying outdoor recreation. Spring means many sports are once again in full swing.

Critically Acclaimed Author Paul H. Yarbrough to Hold Book Signing in Houston for Mississippi Cotton on April 7th

Paul H. Yarbrough, author of the new and acclaimed adventure novel, Mississippi Cotton, will be holding a book signing in Houston, TX on Saturday, April 7th from noon to 4 PM at Half Price Books, located at Clear Lake, 961 NASA Pkwy, Houston, TX 77058. Mississippi Cotton, Yarbrough’s debut book brings to light the complex history of rural Mississippi in the 1950’s. It follows a young boy named Jake Conner on his adventure through the Mississippi Delta in 1951. Many readers will be able to relate to Jake’s summer vacation, “but his gets a little more adventurous as he and his cousins snoop around in a mystery that is better left to the grown-ups,” says Yarbrough. The book has drawn critical acclaim from across the country. The main character Jake Conner has been compared to Mattie in True Grit and Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird. “Sharp eyes tempered with childhood simplicity,” says Delta Magazine. Mississippi Cotton has also been nominated for several prestigious literary awards.

New Market Study: "Construction in China - Key Trends and Opportunities to 2016: Affordable Housing and a CNY7.0 Trillion Infrastructure Budget to Propel Growth "

LogoChina holds a significant position among the emerging economies due to its fast-growing manufacturing industries, availability of cheap labor and rapidly growing construction industry. The country has attracted a considerable amount of foreign direct investment (FDI) which helped the construction industry to achieve a review-period CAGR of 23.24%. In 2011, the Chinese construction industry valued CNY11.8 trillion (US$1.8 trillion), having risen from CNY5.1 trillion (US$0.7 trillion) in 2007. This robust growth in the review period was driven by the government's eleventh five-year plan (2006-2011), which allocated CNY3.3 trillion (US$0.5 trillion) to infrastructure development. The hosting of the Olympic Games in 2008 was another revenue source for China's growing construction industry, enabling the overall industry to withstand the global financial crisis of 2009 and record consistent double-digit growth during the review period. With China's thriving economy, its construction industry is anticipated to achieve a CAGR of 13.68% over the forecast period.

Global Social Reformation With the Aid of Vocational Trainings in India by Mercury Solutions Limited

on 29th March 2012, Mercury Solutions Limited is training a group of 150 ex-militants from Nigeria to provide skill-based training programs to further expand company’s portfolio.

Penis Benefits from Applying Vitamin D Creme

Did you know that Vitamin D is essential to optimal penis health? Find out how vitamin D can help alleviate common penis skin conditions, restore sensitivity and help improve your sex life.

Comantra Provides Advanced Support to Secure Our e-City

Comantra delivers sophisticated paradigm for development in a lifecycle based format giving extensive support to any computer related problems. Such thoughts may surely give you a nightmare with respect to your project management system.

FPL Volunteers Help Restore Historic Three Chimneys Plantation in Ormond Beach

This event was just one in a series of activities conducted this week as part of FPL’s fourth annual Power to Care initiative. More than 900 volunteers, consisting of employees and their families, participated in 22 community volunteer projects throughout Florida, including the Three Chimneys project.

Infinite IT Solutions to Launch Highett Metal Smart Phone Application

Highett Metal is a Melbourne based supplier with almost 50 years experience working in the metal supply industry. They are able to supply their customers with brand new aluminium and brass bars, brand new copper tubing and coils, and a wide range of scrap metals (which they also buy). They pride themselves on offering a good quality, honest service – in proof of this, they provide same day delivery for all of their metal and scrap products. Being one of the few metal suppliers in Australia to have received a Quality Certification, Highett Metal are well placed to consistently provide their customers with the best products on the market.

David Hockney’s Realistic Art-work - Beyond the Imagination

David Hockney, artist, proudly displays his landscape creations at the Royal Academy of Arts. Entitled ‘A Bigger Picture', Hockney's work includes over 150 of his multi medium art works, on exhibit until April 9, 2012. Becomes Definitive Information and News Source for Bakken Shale Oil Boom

As the nation and the world’s eyes are focused on what is being called the North Dakota oil boom, those in need of the most up-to-date information on the North Dakota Bakken oil shale formation are turning to The website has quickly become the single best resource on the web for news, jobs and general information regarding the Bakken oil boom.

Get Access to London's Best Historical Places

With a London Pass, one can get easier and faster access to the best historical places and world-famous landmarks around the city.

Study Reveals Litchurch Plaza Costs Less Than Half the Price of Serviced Office Space in England and Wales

A business study into service charges payable by tenants of shared office blocks has revealed an average more than twice the price offered by Litchurch Plaza.

A Tool Which Transforms the Damaged OST Files Into PST

Sometime the corruption in OST file is so severe that even the Inbox Repair Tool fails to ix the damages. In that case a user can refer the Import OST File into Outlook PST Tool. Presently, the RecoveryFIX for OST into PST is the best tool to import OST File Outlook 2007.

Evidence-Based Medicine Called to Account by Popular Mental Health Resource Bipolar Today

Evidence-based medicine (EBM) has been the catchcry of many physicians, researchers and others in the medical community since the dawn of this most recent millennium. As more and more medical professionals profess themselves to be supporters of what sounds, in theory, to be such a beneficial tack for the healthcare system to take, it’s interesting to note that there has been insufficient scrutiny as to the methods of EBM itself.

Cell Process Technology Brings Efficiency to Contract Manufacturing Companies

Cell process technology allows a company to engineer and manufacture products in a cohesive, efficient way. At Antron Engineering & Machine, Anthony Denietolis, Jr. leads the engineering department as the company creates innovative products for a wide array of industries. This Q&A shows how this technology has helped clients meet market demands and make Antron one of the leading contract manufacturing companies in the world.

Maryland Lawyers Online Directory Launched by JSP Media - FindMarylandLawyer.Org

Individuals wishing to find Maryland Lawyers need look no further after the recent launch of FindMarylandLawyer.Org. The website is the creation of JSP Media, a successful web marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company from Baltimore, MD.