Press Releases From 04/13/2012 Until 09/15/2014

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March of Remembrance Brings Churches, Survivors, and Nazi Descendants to Kingwood

On April 21st, Holocaust survivors, Jews, Christians and German Nazi Descendants will come together at the Houston's Holocaust March of Remembrance to publicly remember the horror of the past. Starting with an awareness walk at 1 p.m., participants will reflect on not only those who were lost in the Holocaust, but on the many rescuers who took a stand to save others. The event will cumulate in a memorial service at 3 p.m. officiated by Msr. Borski and Rabbi Dan Gordon.

Local Runner Broke His Personal Record of 5K in Running With the Help of New Website Called

Running can be great recreational activity anybody can enjoy. It helps boost energy, improve blood circulation and ward off sickness. However, a lot of people aren’t running the right way. Some runners are using the wrong techniques that don’t help them maximize their full potential in running. is a new website that provides techniques and other information that will help motivate runners to reach their full potential in running.

Noble Manhattan’s Family Expands With Varna Coaching

Noble Manhattan is proud to announce that its global family has expanded with the opening of a new Coaching Support Group in the city of Varna in Bulgaria last February 27, 2012. At exactly 7pm the Varna Coaching group took its first steps by launching a coaching support group that is there to benefit the whole community in Varna.

Increase the ROI With Comprehensive Strategies from Impact For Business

For businesses looking for an SEO Company that can help them expand by adopting various internet marketing methods and earn more revenues, Impact for Business is a leading edge online marketing consultancy.

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2012 With Fun Gift Ideas Published by DadDoes.Com

Do not adjust the calendar. Did not over sleep by 60 days. Yes, it is just August and Father’s Day is still 60 plus days away, but DadDoes.Com believes it is never too early to start planning for Father’s Day 2012.

3rd Edition Lactic Acid & Polylactic Acid Benchmarking Report Comes Out

LogoLactic acid (LA) is one of the most important multifunctional organic acids. Its application fields have been expanding in recent years; more and more high-quality L-lactic acid is needed. In 2011, its total capacity in China reaches 385,000t/a and its output comes to 165,500 tonnes. What is the detailed production situation of lactic acid in the past two years?

True Health Acupuncture Provides a Natural Approach to Pediatric Medicine

Kira Murphy, licensed acupuncturist in Denver, and founder of True Health Acupuncture now offers the holistic treatment of traditional Chinese medicine to children and babies. When a child gets sick, the first thing a parent does is run to the pediatrician. In many cases, the little one is pumped full of over-the-counter medications and prescription pharmaceuticals, which can potentially have serious side effects. Even Western doctors agree that a child often heals best using natural means, such as increasing fluids, resting, and taking a warm bath. As evidence continues to mount concerning the negative effects of medications on a child’s development, parents are starting to turn to holistic, Oriental medicine.

Most Popular Home Business Ideas for 2012 Revealed by is a website dedicated to providing online entrepreneurs with recommendations for tried and tested home business ideas. To help make sure that entrepreneurs only chose trusted and legitimate business opportunities, has published their top-picks for home business ideas in 2012.

Best eReader Reviews Releases Helpful Kindle Fire Review

The website Best eReader Reviews ( has published a Review of the Amazon Kindle Fire, giving attention to important aspects of the Kindle Fire which potential consumers will definitely find helpful.

The Most Complete Diablo 3 Strategy Guide Revealed by Computer Games Website,

Fans of the Diablo 3 computer game may well be left frustrated and confused when trying to determine which Diablo 3 Strategy Guide to use. There are multiple blogs, websites, and guides that offer Diablo 3 tips and advice, but fans of the game still struggle to identify the most appropriate and in-depth guide.

SolarCraft Completes Solar Electric System for Napa Housing Project

Novato and Sonoma-based SolarCraft announced that it has completed the design and installation of a 23 kW solar electric installation for the Hartle Court Permanent Supportive Housing project in Napa, CA. The recently completed housing complex is now powered by clean solar energy, providing significant savings the facility.

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Rubber4Roofs Ltd Brings New Rubber Roof Systems to UK Residential and Commercial Consumers

UK homeowners, builders and contractors are truly excited about the availability of the new EPDM Rubber Roofing Systems supplied by Rubber4Roofs Ltd. The company provides builders, roofers and the competent DIY’er with EPDM Rubber Roofing Membranes, Systems and Materials that are superior to traditional roofing felts and have a life expectancy of at least 50 years.

Body By Vi Taking the Diet World by Storm With New 90 Day Challenge

Body by Vi is pleased to announce their 90 day challenge is actively seeking participants that wish to lose weight, feel great, and make some extra income. This opportunity to live better, feel better, and look better is one that no one can afford to miss. Is Devoted to Helping Baby Boomers Connect Online

According to statistics, over 94 million people in the United States are 50 years or older. Commonly referred to as “baby boomers,” the 50-plus age group definitely has its own specific concerns, interests, needs, and more. From worries about finances and healthcare to questions about taking care of an older parent while often still working full time, there is a wide range of topics that are very important to the over 50 crowd.

Rodney Hayden Single to Debut at Fenway Park

Rodney Hayden’s upcoming single, Buckaroo Man, has been chosen by Red Sox starting pitcher Clay Buchholz as his 2012 introduction song at Fenway Park. Buckaroo Man will debut on April 14 in Boston as well as be released to all major digital retailers. It is the first single from the upcoming album titled Atascosa Sand (release date TBA). Hayden will embark on a nationwide radio & television tour beginning on April 14 in Boston and crisscrossing the country for the better part of six weeks.

Warning...Local Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Mortgage Lender Finally Reveals the Insider Secrets Other Mortgage Brokers Don't Want Consumers to Know About

Local Oklahoma City Mortgage Lender Trey Rabon reveals the shocking truth at a new website that is full of free reports and free mortgage calculators.

Novosoft Data Protection Awards 2012: Scholarship to Maths Talents, More Young Brains Summoned

Novosoft LLC, an international IT company, announced first winners of the annual award for outstanding maths students worldwide. The scholarship fore-runs a global internship program 2012.

Intelicus Advises Masters Degree Students on the Many Types of Online Programs That Are Available

Even though online learning opportunities have grown steadily in popularity over the past several years, an unfair stigma of sorts seems to accompany some of the advanced degree programs.

Public Adjuster Firm Offers Assistance With Insurance Claims Relating to Property Damage in Florida

Recovering from a fire, roof leak, plumbing backup, or any type of water damage loss can be physically and mentally draining – especially when it comes to dealing with an insurance company. Owing to this reality, a public adjuster who works for the insured (property owner) – not the insurance carrier – is of invaluable help.

Myths and Mortals RPG Brings Exciting Greek Mythology Adventure to Web Browsers

Thousands of gamers are clamoring to play the exciting new Myths and Mortals RPG at The browser-based fantasy game brings unparalleled adventures and battles of Greek Mythology Games to the Web for novice and experienced gamers.

Redundancy Cover and Law Is Good During This Economic Down Turn Times Says Redundancy

Redundancy Pay.Net, the Redundancy Law firm, knows very well that becoming redundant can be incredibly stressful. And many a times it creates feelings of anxiety and uncertainty; especially in the recent times when many have found themselves redundant due to the economic down turn. That’s why they offer redundancy advice should one be facing redundancy. It is true that one ought to have as much information as one can possibly gather to make the process less overwhelming.

Foreclosures Information Center Now Available at

Owning a home is a milestone that people take pride of in their lives. When tough financial situations come, however, people's dreams of a home can be subject to home foreclosures, which result from payment defaults, and are often caused by economic stress.

Cups O' Coffee - Traveling the Country for a Cup of Coffee

Cups O' Coffee, a privately owned Company operating as a Marketing Solutions Business for Independently owned Coffee Houses is excited to roll out a new name brand awareness program. Promoting and Building our Client's Businesses, is the highest priority in our Business Model. Some of our tools and services that we provide are strictly Direct Marketing to Coffee Consumers in a defined city. By providing this option, our clients will have the ability to reach out Directly to their demographic target.

Business Owners Turn to Coupon Code Website to Save Money on Web Hosting Costs

At any hour of the day or night, millions of people can be found on the web, so having a website is a fantastic way for both organizations and companies to get needed exposure in order to make sales and expand.