Press Releases From 04/14/2012 Until 02/01/2015

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Net-Translators Gets a New EN Standard

Net-Translators, a leading provider of translation, localization and multilingual testing services, today announced that it is now certified according to EN 15038:2006, a quality standard for the translation industry. Compliance with this important industry standard demonstrates Net-Translators commitment to providing translation services of the highest quality and gives prospective clients a reliable and easy way to assess the quality of the services being offered.

QROPS Pension Transfers Expert Advice for Expats Provided by Live Work Abroad

There are a plethora of companies offering QROPS advice on the internet, and it is difficult to have a session on the internet without seeing links to QROPs advice articles. So, what are QROPS and what should expats know about secondary QROPS rules?

Internet Users Have Virtually Zero Online Privacy Says

The majority of worldwide internet users browse the web with the presumption that a certain amount of online anonymity is preserved. There is the presumption that no-one else is aware of what web sites are visited, videos watched, or emails sent. But according to Online, users do not have nearly as much online privacy as they think they do.

Sytropin Fast Muscle Building Supplement Free Trial Offer Now Available Says

Sytropin is a fast muscle building supplement that has been making the news recently, due to its apparent ability to reduce body fat and build lean muscle mass.

How to Reconnect with Your Higher Self, Become the ‘Real You’ in Powerful New Life Sessions Series by Spiritual Teacher Riz Mirza

Spiritual Teacher, Psychic Medium and Author Riz Mirza’s New Life Sessions are dramatically altering and opening lives by creating powerful life changes with his one on one transformational sessions.

Foods That Are Gluten Free Are Now Available from Harvard Sweet Boutique

Harvard Sweet Boutique is announcing their new line of foods that are gluten free in response to the growing number of people diagnosed with celiac disease or suffering from gluten intolerance. Have one been told by their doctor that they can no longer eat foods containing wheat? What a devastating message to receive, especially if one is a cookie and brownie connoisseur! Fortunately, because of Harvard Sweet Boutique’s wide array of foods that are gluten free, one can still enjoy their sweets with as much passion as ever.

Cybernet Is at Hand to Demystify What Medical Computers Are

Cybernet takes great pride in selling specialized computers for the medical field and for those not in the know, a medical computer is a general term that refers to a computer that is specifically designed for health care and medical environments, and can run applications specific to medical facilities, such as patient care, medical records, and hospital administration.

Global Mobile Alert Continues to Expand Availability of Application

Today Global Mobile Alert announces the release of their patented Cellular Telephones Safety System wherever NAVTEQ mapping data is available in the following countries: Germany, UK, Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, and Ireland. This will allow Android smartphone users in those nations to benefit from technology that could reduce instances of distracted driving related accidents and the associated injuries and fatalities.

Ebay And Craigslist See a New Competitor in As the Web Continues to Grow

A new website for free classifieds just got better as added 600 new cities this month. While online classified websites like Ebay and Craigslist have been popular since the beginning of the web, has some better features such as the ability to upload photos and video with listings.

Online High Schools Have Credible Advantages over Conventional High Schools Says Ashworth University High School

Ashworth University High School, where online high school diploma are getting awarded, knows that academics aside, a conventional high school offers a great deal of distraction to teenagers. It is much easier to get sidetracked or get negatively influenced by other students unlike in an online high school set up.

Important Myths on Fat Loss and the Demystifying Fat Burning Furnace Program from Zero to Hero Fitness, LLC

Zero to Hero Fitness, LLC knows many people have struggled to burn fat to no vail. That’s why they developed the fat burning furnace program. And now for anyone in doubt, the company invites them so they can rest assured that this isn't any type of gimmick.

The Best Backlink Offers Information to Demystify SEO Backlinking Services

The Best Backlink knows that one of the sure proven tips that could improve website ranking, or expand one's business reach towards a lot of buying customers is a good Seo Backlink Service.

Rotacaster Rotatruck 2 Minute Video Proves Benefits

Peter McKinnon, General Manager of Rotacaster, shared a video of the Rotacaster hand trolley with omniwheels - 2 min demonstration.

Buildabazaar Reaches 10000 Stores Mark, Infibeam's cloud based e-commerce platform today completed 10,000th e-commerce store implementation. This is by far the largest number of stores set up on an e-commerce platform in India so far. All this within a few months of its launch and completely self service.

Mettler-toledo Eyes Bigger Pie in Indian Automation Market Targeting Transport & Logistics Industry

Mettler-Toledo India would accelerate its expansion in India with its latest technologies & a series of new product launches targeting bigger slice of Indian automation market catering to the transport and logistics industry. Mettler-Toledo confirms its participation in India Warehousing Show 2012 to showcase its latest technologies and products designed for transport & logistics industry.

Luxury Travel Ltd. to Attract More Discerning German Travelers With Its Business Representative in Germany

Luxury Travel Ltd has announced the addition of representative office in Germany and appointed Pham Duy Tien, a German- Vietnamese as its Business Representative in Berlin, Germany.

A Chic City Retreat at Alila Jakarta

Jakarta’s leading design hotel launches new exclusive Executive Lounge open from 6.30-10.30am with an all day grazing menu and much more for visitors staying in Executive Rooms and Club and Alila Suites.

Aflatoun Meets Multilingual Challenges With Wordbee

Aflatoun has chosen Wordbee Translator to provide them with both a professional collaborative working environment and powerful translation tools, making the entire work process easier

Innovation Award for Wireless Transmitter for Humidity - Temperature - CO2

LogoAs the most innovative product in the category "Indoor Air Quality", the wireless transmitter EE245 from E+E Elektronik was honored with the "2012 AHR Expo Innovation Award". The price was presented at a solemn ceremony at the world's largest HVAC Trade Show and Conference in Chicago.

Vehicle Tracking System Thwarts Violent Van-hijacking

Thieves’ violent attempt to hijack a security-equipment company’s van has been foiled by Quartix vehicle tracking.

Visit Your Dentist to Find Out How Much Orthodontics Braces Have Changed

Having two rows of teeth which come together perfectly will not only look good, but it will also be healthier in terms of oral hygiene, eating and general dental care. If you’re not completely happy with your smile, then take advantage of the chance to do something about it.

DDi Corp. (NASDAQ:DDIC) Investor Alert: Lawsuit Against Directors to Stop Takeover

LogoA lawsuit was filed for investor in shares of DDi Corp. (NASDAQ:DDIC) in effort to stop the proposed takeover of DDi Corp by Viasystems Group and NASDAQ:DDIC stockholders should contact the Shareholders Foundation.

Laboratory Corp. of America Holdings (NYSE:LH) Investor Alert: Investigation over Wrongdoing Allegations

LogoAn investigation for investors in NYSE:LH shares of potential breaches of fiduciary duties by certain directors and officer of Laboratory Corp. of America Holdings was announced and current NYSE:LH stockholders should contact the Shareholders Foundation.

eResearch Technology, Inc (NASDAQ:ERT) Takeover Under Investor Investigation

LogoAn investigation on behalf of investors of eResearch Technology, Inc (NASDAQ:ERT) in connection with the takeover was announced and NASDAQ:ERT stockholders should contact the Shareholders Foundation.

Avon Products, Inc. (NYSE:AVP) Investor Alert: Lawsuits Allege Wrongful Refusal to Negotiate Best Price

LogoAt least three lawsuits were filed by investors in NYSE:AVP shares against Avon Products directors over alleged breaches of fiduciary duties in connection with the takeover offer by Coty and other NYSE:AVP stockholders should contact the Shareholders Foundation.