Press Releases From 04/14/2012 Until 10/02/2014

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Crystal Lite Expands Its Services by Providing Residential Solar Power System in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Crystal Lite Solar, the reliable energy brand, and authorized Westinghouse Dealer have expanded its services by providing residential solar power systems in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. As part of the Westinghouse guarantee, it ensures that the solar panels are reliable, powerful, and safe.

Extreme Tactical Dynamics Announces May Police Lights Sale

Extreme Tactical Dynamics, the number one online destination for LED Police Lights, Light Bars, Emergency Vehicle Lighting, and LED Dash Lights, is excited to announce a super sale for the month of May on their popular line of Police Lights. The deals immediately available include sales discounts, free offers and shipping discounts.

Market Report, "Jeans in China", Published

LogoIn China, retail value sales of men's jeans totalled RMB30.5 billion in 2011, compared to the corresponding figure of RMB27.2 billion seen by women's jeans. The general impression was that players attached more importance to developing men's jeans, particularly from the perspective of advertising, as male consumers tend to buy more jeans than females.

Market Report, "Consumer Lifestyles in Australia", Published

LogoDespite Australia's mining boom and growing exports to China, many consumers remain concerned about a number of broad economic and personal finance issues. Consumer concerns about the impact of what they see as a 'two-speed economy' on household budgets are affecting buying habits. Many are cutting back on spending in the short term, but it is expected that consumer attitudes (and spending) will improve as interest rates stabilise, unemployment holds steady and incomes continue to edge upwards.

"Cough, Cold and Allergy (Hay Fever) Remedies in the US" Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoIn 2011, Chattem Inc's Allegra brand of antihistamine/allergy remedies (systemic) switched from Rx-to-OTC, representing one of the largest switches in the segment's history. First stocked on store shelves in March, Chattem accompanied Allegra's launch with significant promotional spending both in-store and via media outlets. Attractive end-caps and displays at major retailers heralded the brand's switch, while television and online advertisements appeared with great frequency.

"Railway Equipment Manufacturing in China" Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoThe Railway Equipment Manufacturing industry in China consists of enterprises that manufacture railway equipment for the transport of passengers and cargo.

The Szantho Law Firm Expands to New Albuquerque Offices

Personal Injury Lawyer Andras Szantho expands operations of The Szantho Law Firm to include new offices in Albuquerque.

New Data Backup Feature in ezCheckPersonal Check Printing Software Increases Security

LogoNew database back-up and restore features in ezCheckPersonal check writing software guards users’ data against loss due to computer crashes, viruses and similar data-loss events. The latest edition also includes updates to simplify installation for Windows Vista users. Reveals Full Body Workout Tips for Hardgainers

A lot of hardgainers that want to build muscles and gain weight don’t know the proper way to do a hardgainer exercise program. Due to this reason, a lot of hardgainers don’t achieve the results that they want. With the help of hardgainers will have a full understanding what a hardgainer exercise program is and how it is done.

Wedding Arrangements for Tables Ideas Available from Harvard Sweet Boutique

A wedding requires so much preparation for the couple’s big day, especially when searching for the best wedding arrangements for tables. From the perfect gown to the right venue, the quest never seems to end! And every bride dreams of adding her own unique touch to such a momentous occasion. Instead of a typical floral arrangement, why not add delicious sweets to the wedding arrangements for tables? It’s an easy, beautiful way to incorporate party favors and design into the décor. Offers Huge Wealth of Information for Working Mothers is an online guide for single, stay-at-home and working mothers. It offers information about childcare, health, financial management, homemade recipes and more.

Professional Construction Company, Kodama Construction Now Offering Home Remodeling Services

Kodama Construction, a quality home-remodeling and repair company specializing in high-desert construction, is now offering its services and expertise to Santa Fe home and business-owners.

Debt Guides to Tomorrows Future

Debt consolidation is a great option for people who are struggling to manage multiple debts. People who benefit from debt consolidation are individuals who are paying back their debt at very high interest rates, and they are not seeing any light at the end of the tunnel. Remains a Trusted Source for Corporate Tax Optimization Services

Due to the economic crisis, many companies are trying to reduce costs in whatever way that they can. More and more international companies are realizing that, by using Cyprus as a base for international tax planning, they can benefit from a very low corporate tax rate of 10% — currently the lowest corporate tax rate in Europe. Investors are also discovering that they can use Cyprus as a vehicle to optimize after-tax profit on global investments. Everyone in the business world has been talking about Cyprus, and legal firms that know the intricacies of tax law in Cyprus are in high demand. Therefore, websites like have been getting a lot of attention from business owners and investors alike.

Medical School Careers Launched to Provide Comprehensive Guide to Medical Students

Health service careers can be daunting to approach for those thinking about taking the first steps. The high level of education required and the many years of training can intimidate some, and prevent them from pursuing their dream of becoming a medical professional.

P&W BMW Provides Ultimate Protection With the BMW Certified Pre-Owned Warranty

P&W BMW of Pittsburgh, PA is pleased to offer customers exceptional protection with their Certified Pre-Owned Warranty. Current owners of a Certified Pre-Owned BMW or those looking to become owners of one may visit to view an in-depth list of BMW’s comprehensive protection plan.

What Is the Global Market of Yellow Phosphorus

LogoCCM International’s Second Edition Report of The Global Market of Yellow Phosphorus presents you the global flow of yellow phosphorus and its future trend.

Social Media and the Healthy Choice in School and Corporate Office Dining Offered by ECI Management Group

Social Media Pathways (SMP) has teamed up with yet another business to bring awareness to the nutritious meals in school, college or corporate office could be enjoying. SMP is proud to promote ECI Management Group, a catering service that humbly started as a pizza delivery company in Houston, Texas. In time, the company grew into a reputable and flourishing business specializing in substituting healthier ingredients into their dishes without compromising taste. As a marketing company, SMP hopes to assist ECI Management Group with all its social media coverage needs.

New Market Study Published: Intercity Passenger Rail Transport in the UK

LogoThe Passenger Rail Transport industry operates railways for passenger travel in urban and interurban areas. The industry also provides some support and auxiliary services to passenger railways and transports small amounts of freight and mail. The industry excludes the operation of railways for the transport of freight and the operation of light rail networks.

New Jersey Dentists Office Now Open in Somerset for General and Specialized Dental Care

The KK Dental Center recently acquired a new office in Somerset, New Jersey, and launched a new website to help patients who are researching available appointment hours, financing options, coupon specials and general office information. The new office is a one-stop-shop dental care facility that offers most dental procedures in one location.

Iron Ore Mining Market in Asia-Pacific to 2020 - Interplay Between Regional Demand for Steel and Iron Production Shapes the Competitive Landscape

GBI Researchs new report, Iron Ore Mining Market in Asia-Pacific to 2020 - Interplay Between Regional Demand for Steel and Iron Production Shapes the Competitive Landscape provides key information and analysis of the Asia-Pacific iron ore mining industry that comprises China, Australia, India and Kazakhstan. The report covers the industrys drivers and restraints, production, reserves, consumption and details of countrys trade (imports and exports. This report is based on data and information sourced from proprietary databases, primary and secondary research and in-house analysis by GBI Researchs team of industry experts.

DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe Released by

In the multimedia age, audiovisual material is all-pervading. With the upswing in affordable technology allowing us to capture images, video and sound at high quality, the ability to edit these source materials into something more is becoming a growing desire for consumers.

Longevity Welders Launches New Range of Plasma Cutters

Plasma cutters are specially designed for cutting through stainless steel, aluminium and a host of other metals. The plasma cutter reviews however, suggest that one should wear hearing protection when plasma cutters are in use. A plasma cutter review also says that though earlier these devices were extremely expensive, today they can be bought for just around one thousand American dollars.

Longevity Welding Launches Welding Helmets With Stronger Shell

The viewing screen is the most expensive and important part in a welding helmet. The screen has darkness rating with a range which actually corresponds to the energy output on the welding torch. Therefore those welders working with the same amperage or even with the same metal can opt for a fixed eyeshade.

Pets Plus Natural Announces Three Simple Steps to Teach a Dog Give High Five

Pets Plus Natural, is the area's largest provider of specialty grain free, natural, organic, holistic dog food and supplies. If there are any pet owners near and around Philadelphia, a visit to Pets Plus USA is must. The knowledgeable staff there is eagerly waiting for people who love their pets and are looking for either supplies or food.