Press Releases From 04/14/2012 Until 08/29/2014

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What Is the Global Market of Yellow Phosphorus

LogoCCM International’s Second Edition Report of The Global Market of Yellow Phosphorus presents you the global flow of yellow phosphorus and its future trend.

Social Media and the Healthy Choice in School and Corporate Office Dining Offered by ECI Management Group

Social Media Pathways (SMP) has teamed up with yet another business to bring awareness to the nutritious meals in school, college or corporate office could be enjoying. SMP is proud to promote ECI Management Group, a catering service that humbly started as a pizza delivery company in Houston, Texas. In time, the company grew into a reputable and flourishing business specializing in substituting healthier ingredients into their dishes without compromising taste. As a marketing company, SMP hopes to assist ECI Management Group with all its social media coverage needs.

New Market Study Published: Intercity Passenger Rail Transport in the UK

LogoThe Passenger Rail Transport industry operates railways for passenger travel in urban and interurban areas. The industry also provides some support and auxiliary services to passenger railways and transports small amounts of freight and mail. The industry excludes the operation of railways for the transport of freight and the operation of light rail networks.

New Jersey Dentists Office Now Open in Somerset for General and Specialized Dental Care

The KK Dental Center recently acquired a new office in Somerset, New Jersey, and launched a new website to help patients who are researching available appointment hours, financing options, coupon specials and general office information. The new office is a one-stop-shop dental care facility that offers most dental procedures in one location.

Iron Ore Mining Market in Asia-Pacific to 2020 - Interplay Between Regional Demand for Steel and Iron Production Shapes the Competitive Landscape

GBI Researchs new report, Iron Ore Mining Market in Asia-Pacific to 2020 - Interplay Between Regional Demand for Steel and Iron Production Shapes the Competitive Landscape provides key information and analysis of the Asia-Pacific iron ore mining industry that comprises China, Australia, India and Kazakhstan. The report covers the industrys drivers and restraints, production, reserves, consumption and details of countrys trade (imports and exports. This report is based on data and information sourced from proprietary databases, primary and secondary research and in-house analysis by GBI Researchs team of industry experts.

DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe Released by

In the multimedia age, audiovisual material is all-pervading. With the upswing in affordable technology allowing us to capture images, video and sound at high quality, the ability to edit these source materials into something more is becoming a growing desire for consumers.

Longevity Welders Launches New Range of Plasma Cutters

Plasma cutters are specially designed for cutting through stainless steel, aluminium and a host of other metals. The plasma cutter reviews however, suggest that one should wear hearing protection when plasma cutters are in use. A plasma cutter review also says that though earlier these devices were extremely expensive, today they can be bought for just around one thousand American dollars.

Longevity Welding Launches Welding Helmets With Stronger Shell

The viewing screen is the most expensive and important part in a welding helmet. The screen has darkness rating with a range which actually corresponds to the energy output on the welding torch. Therefore those welders working with the same amperage or even with the same metal can opt for a fixed eyeshade.

Pets Plus Natural Announces Three Simple Steps to Teach a Dog Give High Five

Pets Plus Natural, is the area's largest provider of specialty grain free, natural, organic, holistic dog food and supplies. If there are any pet owners near and around Philadelphia, a visit to Pets Plus USA is must. The knowledgeable staff there is eagerly waiting for people who love their pets and are looking for either supplies or food.

Dan Kennedy Next Guest on Dennis Tubbergen's Radio Show

Financial advisor Dennis Tubbergen tries to keep his clients, listeners and readers informed as to what is happening in the world of politics and the U.S. economy. With a blog, a weekly newsletter, and his radio show, he does a pretty decent job of handling that task.

Illinois Refinancing Expert Explains New Home Affordable Refinance Program

Help has finally arrived for Illinois home owners whose property values have dropped over the past couple of years. In order to lower costs of mortgage installments today and get a good fixed rate plan underway for repayment, many people are turning to the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP or HARP 2.0), also known as the Making Home Affordable Program.

Backwoods Cigars Offer High Value to Customers Who Are Looking for a Casual, Everyday Smoke

Holt's Cigar Company, is known for providing the finest imported handmade cigars, and has also come up with 100% natural Acid Cigars. The renowned Cigar Company operates with one clear philosophy; to provide cigar smokers with the best products at a good value, and with excellent customer service to our buyers. The cigar renaissance of the mid-nineties has catapulted the Holt's name to levels of national recognition and respect.

'' Brings Usable Information Source for Financial Help for Single Mothers

Frustrated by adversities of being a single parent? Here’s a resource which can help with Financial Help for Single Mothers and a lot more.

Global Manager Group Has Successfully Completed ISO 17025 Consultancy for QGEC, Qatar

Global Manager Group has Successfully Completed ISO/IEC 17025 Consultancy for Qatar Geotechnical & Environmental Co., Doha, Qatar. Global Manager Group is a leading name for ISO 17025 consultancy in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Riyadh and all GCC countries.

Pleasurable Experience at Central Park Tours With New York Bike Rental

We cannot tolerate to continue a monotonous routine every day in life, and need a change which will not only refresh our mind but also give us some memorable experiences. For a change you can plan a tour with your loved ones, to any of your favorite tourist destination and make the most out of the tour. New York City is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world with more than 40 million combined domestic and international tourists visiting each year.

UAE Exchange Extends FLASHremit in Philippines

Logo"Reducing the turnaround time of crediting to bank accounts, to real time, for our Filipino customers, is our aim. FLASHremit enables us to address it perfectly, taking money transfer to the next level.", said Mr. Y. Sudhir Kumar Shetty, COO – Global Operations, UAE Exchange, talking on the occasion of UAE Exchange joining hands with "Asia United Bank" and "Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company", for FLASHremit. The leading global remittance and foreign exchange brand, partnered with the leading banks in Philippines, for extending the real time account credit facility to more customers.

Brick FTP Now Offers Full Service Tours

Brick FTP is proud to announce that they now offer a full tour of what they offer to businesses in the form of FTP hosting services. The company hopes that the new slideshow tour can inform buyers on how the service stands out from the rest. Those unfamiliar with the service will also notice that is a great way to become familiar with the terminology. Hits Maximum Membership for Its Stock Tips Service

In today’s economic climate, investors know better than ever how quickly the market can change, due to apparently transient forces like ‘market confidence’, which can be affected by something as little as gossip- Apple stocks plunged when Steve Jobs was rumoured to have had a heart attack months before his illness became a very real problem.

GoPro Dive Housing for Sharp Underwater Focus Available on June 8th at

Every day, more and more people are finding an interest in underwater photography, and are getting themselves involved in photo sessions. Similarly, photographers up their skills by taking on the underwater photography challenge and trying to get better at it.

Brazil Introduces Fixed Profit Margins to Simplify Transfer Pricing Method

The Brazilian government introduced changes to transfer pricing rules which includes a range of fixed profit margins for various industry sectors

'Outdoor Ceiling Fans Reviews' Site Offers Informations on Outdoor Ceiling Fans That Aren't Afraid to Get a Little Wet

More and more people are turning to outdoor ceiling fans as a way to reduce discomfort in the summer whilst relaxing outside.

Ionizer Oasis Studies the Importance of Alkaline Water

Ionizer Oasis, a leading water ionizer website, continues to discuss the benefits drinking clearer water. In their latest article, “Enagic USA and the Kangen Water Deception,” the writers inform readers on how to purchase water ionizers for a low price.

Jacksonville Chiropractic Clinic Employs Advanced Methods to Provide Premium Care

More and more people are recognizing the importance of chiropractic care and the crucial role that chiropractors play in the wellness of each member of the family. Essentially, chiropractic care specifically targets the nervous system, which has a significant effect on our ability to affect the way we think and behave. In a general sense, chiropractic provides a physical adjustment to effect a reduction in the stresses in the nervous system, as well as to provide support to achieve health and wellness. Announces Its New Partnership With Medical Alert Systems Provider, Rescue Alert

As people go through life, their goals change. In their youth, people might focus on getting good grades or getting into the right college. As they age, their goals might become more career and/or family oriented. Finally, as they approach their twilight years many people have goals that focus on spending more time with their families and simply doing what they want to do. In relation to this, a big goal for many elderly people is to maintain their independence as they age. Now Offers DuraMir Unbreakable Convex Mirrors for Businesses and Institutions

Business owners have a myriad of issues to manage when running a business, including sales, accounting, employees and marketing to name a few.