Press Releases From 04/30/2012 Until 09/18/2014

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Market Report, "Consumer Health: Trends, Developments and Prospects", Published

LogoConsumer health is flourishing under the influence of key demographic, regulatory, public health and corporate trends. Ageing populations offer a growing customer base, as does widespread urbanisation in developing markets. More regulatory oversight is spurring innovation and bolstering consumer confidence in self-care. Government and commercial wellness campaigns are also educating consumers. Companies are exploring regional and portfolio expansion, and are engaging consumers using technology.

"Adult Mouth Care in India" Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoAdult mouth care is expected to remain dominated by doctors' recommendations, due to a lack of awareness among consumers. However, companies are making efforts to promote their products, which will help boost sales of OTC adult mouth care products. High stress and fast moving lifestyles are contributing to an increased incidence of mouth ulcers, attributable to a deficiency of vitamin B. Urban consumption account for almost 85% of product sales.

Market Report, "Clothing Accessories in Japan", Published

LogoClothing accessories continued to perform weakly in 2011, with a current value terms decline of 3%, dropping to JPY445 billion. This was mainly driven by unit price decreases as consumers continued to take a discretional approach to clothing accessories and favoured lower-priced items, resulting in the decline in the value sales.

Chilled Processed Food in the Netherlands - New Market Report Now Available

LogoIn 2011 chilled processed food is expected to enjoy relatively strong growth. Chilled processed food is a popular choice for both consumers and retailers, as consumers see it as superior in terms of freshness and quality, and retailers often get better profit margins from chilled processed food. The lingering effects of the credit crunch had very little effect on chilled processed food, despite the fact that these products in general are quite high-priced. There are many consumer trends which...

DIY, Home Improvement and Garden Centres in Norway - New Market Report Now Available

LogoSuccessful DIY, home improvement and garden centres outlets offer value-added services for a more demanding customer base seeking one stop shopping. The retail environment for DIY, home improvement and garden centres was characterised by more players competing for the same group of customers in a stable market. This resulted in tougher competition and lower prices. Chains such as Jula Norge resorted to offering lower prices. Other chains such as Maxbo attempted to increase customer loyalty by...

"Malaysian Tourism Industry Outlook to 2016: Market Profile" Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoMalaysia receives the ninth-highest tourist volume in the world making it an attractive tourist destination. Malaysia's tourism industry has been important in driving the country's economic and social development since the late 1990s, and it emerged as the second-largest revenue generator for the Malaysian economy after the manufacturing industry. The steady growth in international visitor arrivals enabled the country to capture a share of XX% of the total number of inbound tourists to the Asia-Pacific region. While the overall tourism industry grew steadily despite the adverse affects of the global economic crisis, recent geo-political events such as the political instability in the Middle East, the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, rising fuel costs and the Eurozone sovereign debt crisis have constrained the industry's growth.

Israel Petrochemicals Report Q3 2012 - New Market Research Report

LogoThe Israel Petrochemicals Report examines the impact of the eurozone slowdown on chemicals output and considers alternative markets for exports.

Czech Republic Information Technology Report Q3 2012 - New Market Research Report

LogoBMI View: The Czech Republic's IT market is forecast to increase to US$4.5bn in 2012, down by around 2%, with our projection downwardly revised due to macroeconomic factors. Consumer and business IT spending are projected to remain constrained in 2012 after another difficult year in 2011, which saw PC sales decline before a rebound in Q411. BMI forecasts that demand will pick up after 2014, but economic uncertainty and rising unemployment will likely mean that during BMI's five-year forecast period, growth will remain below the immediate pre-2008 trend level.

New Market Study: "Aricept (Alzheimer's disease) - Analysis and Forecasts to 2022"

LogoGlobalData's pharmaceuticals report, "Aricept (Alzheimer's disease) - Analysis and Forecasts to 2022" provides Aricept global sales estimates. In addition, it covers detailed clinical assessment of the drug, factors impacting drug sales, competitive landscape, and analysis of sales performance during the forecast period (2002-2022). The report also includes information on Alzheimer's disease market. This report is built using data and information sourced from GlobalData's proprietary databases, primary and secondary research using Company's corporate website, SEC filings, investor presentations and featured press releases, both from company and industry-specific third party sources, put together with in-house analysis, by GlobalData's team of industry experts.

Market Report, "Chile Food & Drink Report Q3 2012", Published

LogoEven though its population falls short of the 18mn mark, Chile leapfrogged Brazil to top our Latin America Risk/Reward Ratings matrix for Q312. Despite some economic growth uncertainties posed by slower growth in its main export partners, Chile's positive short- to medium-term consumer demand story remains in play. However, the country's modest youth population component and the maturing food and drink market indicate challenges ahead which are expected to moderate its annual growth rates.

Market Report, "Canada Insurance Report Q3 2012", Published

Logo2011 was a challenging year for Canada's world-class life insurance segment. Low interest rates, volatile financial markets, the complexities of changing regulation and, perhaps above all else, strong competition in most lines kept profits under downwards pressure. Nevertheless, the results that were published by the three largest listed life insurers - Great West Lifeco, Sun Life Financial and Manulife - highlighted these giants' strengths. Although the details differed from company to company, each highlighted the benefits of: deliberate focus on more rapidly growing and/or more profitable lines; product innovation; development of new distribution channels; use of technology (including iPhone apps for customers) to improve overall efficiency and customer service; powerful brands; capital strength, and absolute scale. Each of the three has acquired and built very substantial businesses in the US and elsewhere in the world. Looking forward, none of the three expects that overall operating conditions will improve much in 2012, but each is confident of delivering positive outcomes to customers and shareholders.

"ATM Cards in the United Arab Emirates" Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoATM cards benefited from the leading banks' investment in infrastructure during the review period. Banks sought to offer greater convenience to consumers in order to gain share, resulting in ATM and branch network expansion with a focus on high traffic areas. In addition, ATM cards benefited from banks' focus on consumer education and on encouraging consumers to use a widening range of banking products, with this boosting the use of current accounts.

Market Report, "Airlines in China", Published

LogoThe Airline industry in China operates aircraft for the transportation of passengers. This industry includes international and domestic passenger air transportation services.

"Solar Panel Manufacturing in China" Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoCompanies in this industry manufacture solar panels and intermediate products that are necessary for manufacturing solar panels.

Market Report, "Tire Manufacturing in the US", Published

LogoOver the next five years, the Tire Manufacturing industry will continue to recover, with pent-up demand for tires boosting sales growth. Fuel-efficient tires that cater to cost-efficient consumers will be popular among consumers and help drive industry sales. Firms will invest in creating tires that cater to this demand as fuel prices rise and environmental awareness grows. Nevertheless, overseas competition and demand will continue to threaten this industry's performance.

Brett Hearn Racing Takes 2nd at "The BIG SHOW"

LogoChampion draws on the success of its racing roots in producing a line of engine oils designed for high performance racing applications and are available in numerous synthetic blends and full synthetic viscosities.

Corporate Discounts for Art Galleries Now at 4OVER4 Printing

LogoLeading online print provider 4OVER4.COM has launched special corporate printing discounts for art galleries designed to allow them access high quality professional printing services for their bulk monthly and annual printing projects at a significantly lower cost.

Corporate Bulk-Purchase Discounts for Art Galleries Now Available at

LogoLeading small business phone equipment supplier has launched special bulk-purchase discounts on VoIP equipment, phone systems and essential communications equipment for art galleries that will provide them with an opportunity for cost savings while also providing expert technical assistance among other incentives.

Champion Oil Posts Technical Bulletin on Understanding Tractor Fluids

LogoThe phrases Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO) and Tractor Hydraulic Fluid (THF) have an understandably agricultural connotation. However, these fluids are also commonly used in many types of mobile equipment including excavators and loaders. Despite the “universal” nature of most of these fluids, they are not simple products and the marketplace is littered with under performing oils.

Raleigh Web Design Studio Helps Realize Skateboarder's Dream

LogoSkateboarding is not just a sport, it is a lifestyle. And the brains behind the organization Rival Skateboarding, Peter Fradella, had a dream to make this lifestyle more accessible to under served youth. He knew his audience was a part of the web savvy and social media generation, so he turned to TheeDesign Studio, a web design and marketing agency in Raleigh, for help creating a website that would appeal to hip skateboarders.

Bridgepoint Education Inc (NYSE:BPI) Investor Files Lawsuit In Connection With Ashford University's Accreditation

LogoA lawsuit was filed by an investor in NYSE:BPI shares over alleged securities laws violations by Bridgepoint Education Inc. Deadline: Sept. 11, 2012. NYSE:BPI investors should contact the Shareholders Foundation.

French Macaroons Orders Are Now Discounted at the

Macaroons are delicious, meringue-based confections: a cream or jelly filling sandwiched between two cookies. The small Parisian treats come in a variety of flavors and make wonderfully light snacks for anyone looking to try something different.

New Vacuum Repair Website Enables Everyone to Fix Their Own Vacuum Cleaner

LogoGoVacuum has introduced a new and exciting website for everyone who owns a vacuum cleaner called, a vacuum repair forum where anyone can post a question regarding their vacuum cleaner; certified vacuum technicians will be standing by to answer any and all questions, guaranteeing a response within 24 hours or less. In many cases, GoVacuum will even film a repair video related to common questions and problems and post it on

Free Offer from Opens Check Writing Software to Daycare Providers

LogoSmall business accounting software provider,, announces the new version of ezCheckPrinting software, which allows users to print unlimited personalized checks on the blank check stock. This new feature eliminates the need to purchase expensive pre-printed checks and speeds up check writing and bill paying.

International Aero Products Travels Across the Pond to Smart Choice Trading's Annual Car Show in Germany

LogoDuring the warm spring and summer months, the AERO Crew fills the calendar with events all over the country, but this year they went transatlantic to attend the Smart Choice Trading Annual Car Show. AERO’s master distributor in Europe, Smart Choice Trading, located in Munich, Germany, works with customers and dealers all over Europe, parts of Asia and the Middle East providing high quality automotive products and accessories. For AERO, expanding to this new market was only natural as for over thirty years the company has been providing the very best in aviation and upholstery services to these regions.