Press Releases From 05/23/2012 Until 05/23/2012

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The 2012 Toyota Corolla Is Now Available at Toyota of Greensburg With Great Offers and Incentives

Toyota of Greensburg is proud to carry the 2012 Toyota Corolla. The 2012 Toyota Corolla has been named the best-selling compact car in America for the last nine years by combining fuel-efficiency, technology and safety.

Lawrence Technological University Breaks New Ground With Architectural Engineering Degree Program

As more architecture students focus on the imperatives of sustainability, many are choosing to pursue an architecture degree in Michigan at the highly ranked university.

Custom Wood Working and Fabrication Firms Applaud Trakware for Achieving Profitability

Trakware Systems Inc., a leading software company focused on business management solutions for engineer to order, custom, and project-based manufacturers, announced that Watson Wood Works selected TRAKware and has realized maximization of profit margins by identifying which products and departments create value and which drag on profitability. Trakware CEO, Randy Richel, also noted that Watson Wood Works was able to coordinate the front and back office processes, communication and critical project oriented data.

Weidner Energy Savers, Announces an Expansion of Its Air Conditioning Services

Weidner Energy Savers, #1 air conditioning company, recently announced the expansion of its air conditioning services to further increase the satisfaction of its customers. Many of its service areas will now include better customer support. Their focus will be on reducing their response time, increasing the overall satisfaction of their customers, and creating additional areas of service to increase their revenue.

Ace Pet Memorials Helps Honor the Memory of Departed Pets With a Wide Selection of Attractive Urns

As most pet owners know quite well, losing a dog or cat to death is an extremely devastating experience.

Power Woman Business Center's 501 C3, the PWBC Gets Recognized by the IRS

Power Woman Business Center (PWBC) is pleased to announce that the IRS has recognized its 501c3, the PMBC Foundation. PWBC now has an official and public charity, created in direct response to requests and interest from Small Business owners and PWBC members The new entity allows business and members a nonprofit vehicle to donate their time and money and engage in an even greater amount of community involvement.

New Freemium Study from iYogi Insights Reveals 42 Percent of Consumers Purchase Products and Services After Experiencing Them for Free

A good Freemium experience is key to motivating customers to buy improved versions of a product, reveal iYogi insights. The trend is also catching fast- on last count 42 percent customers opted for the Freemium option.

Commercial Real Estate Loan Company Announces Loan Parameters

BridgeInvest, a popular commercial real estate loan company, recently announced updated parameters for its loans which include the loan amount, geography, loan-to-value, term, amortization and more. This company has recently seen success with the upward moving economy and more specifically the commercial real estate construction industry.

Dallas Photographers Visionary Images Offer Affordable, Stress Free Services

Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting times in a couple’s relationship, from celebrating with friends and family to looking forward to future life plans. But it can also be an incredibly stressful experience filled with a long list of tasks and responsibilities.

Longevity Welding Announces Important Tips While TIG Welding

Amongst all types of welding types TIG welding is considered to be one of the popular ones. People from all over the welding industries like to study about How to TIG Weld. It is considered to be one of the popular types from choices like MIG, Oxyacetylene, and Stick. When you know all about how to TIG Weld, it will be simple to cut and weld metals like titanium, copper, and others.

Longevity Welding Launches New and Enhanced CNC Machines

Longevity Welding offers a high quality CNC machine to enable high class cutting and welding. In any kind of industry it is neither practically possible nor profitable to cut and design day to day products with no machine at place.

A Review of the Anabolic Cooking Cookbook by Dave Ruel Is Now Available at

A new updated version of The Anabolic Cooking Cookbook by Dave Ruel has been available for a little while now, and there is now a comprehensive Anabolic Cooking review available at

Candwich, Inc. Launches New Smaller PB&J, and BBQ Chicken Pocket

Candwich is the pioneer of sandwiches in a can. Candwich offers convenient nutritious products for the on-the-go consumer. Candwich is a part of Mark One Foods, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. Mark One Foods is a privately owned company

JAM Paper & Envelopes Lays Emphasis on Pink Envelopes

JAM Paper & Envelopes who is the pioneer of producing colored envelopes is giving emphasize on pink envelopes. The colored envelopes really gave new shape to the world of envelopes when they were first discovered. These envelopes are considered as a best attention grabbers and mood makers of receivers. A card sent in colored envelopes becomes more personal and exciting for them who receive it. As a result, colored envelopes received good response and gained good popularity when they entered into the market. Hence, JAM Paper & Envelope has made remarkable profit dealing with colored envelopes.

LLL Locksmith, Announces Expansion of Its New Locksmith Services

LLL Locksmith, #1 locksmith company in Philadelphia, announces the expansion of its locksmith services to enable enterprise mobility for its customers. Some of the company’s new service areas will be for client professional services as well as for customer support. LLL Locksmith will now focus on reducing their response time meanwhile striving to increase the customer’s overall satisfaction.

TV Products HQ Introduces Five New Product Reviews

If one has ever wondered if that much hyped As Seen On TV product is any good, that person not alone. Each day, thousands of people consider buying that latest gizmo, exercise machine, or gadget hoping to reap the benefits that it provides. Some are runaway successes because they work so well for their owners while others fail miserably and run into lots of complaints.

Digiteyesed Attracts Photographers Striving for the Perfect Shot

Photography allows people to share their vision of the world with others. This can mean taking snapshots of cozy moments with loved ones, capturing unique images of faraway lands or crafting an artistic vision. To get that perfect shot, both professionals and amateurs must have knowledge of all the techniques — new and old — that should be part of a photographer’s toolkit. These techniques can be more important than the camera equipment that is used.

Lifelong Learners Find Fulfillment Thanks to IGNOU Distance Education Courses

Most adults never stop their quest for knowledge. Whether this is through traditional routes of learning like school, work training and books or through other nontraditional paths, many adults strive to increase their level of knowledge on a variety of topics. Classes are often the most effective way to achieve this goal, but busy schedules and distance often prevent adults from taking traditional university classes. In today’s competitive work field, additional knowledge can differentiate one job candidate from another, so continuing education becomes not only a desire but also a necessity for certain individuals. Thanks to a website called IGNOU courses, many people are now talking about how a quality university education is within the reach of busy professionals.

Pricing and Reimbursement in Brazil - Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Studies to Facilitate Setting of Ceiling Prices for New Drugs

LogoBrazil’s comprehensive public health insurance program aims to offer high quality healthcare provisions to its citizens, but in many cases the patient is still left with the bill, according to a new report by healthcare experts GBI Research.

Coal Mining Market in Asia Pacific to 2020 - New Coal-Fired Power Plants to Enhance Regional Coal Production over the Forecast Period

LogoThe Asia-Pacific region is expected to reign supreme as the leading coal-producing region in the future, helped along by China’s impressive coal reserves, according to a new report by natural resources intelligence expert GBI Research. Affiliate Partner the Smithsonian Store Launches 20% Memorial Day Sale on Collectibles, Gift Ideas and More

People Who Want to Shop at Home for Great Collectibles, Gift Ideas and More Can Take Advantage of The Smithsonian Store’s Memorial Day 20% Off Sale, Which Ends on Friday May 25 at 11:59pm ET.

Wisconsin State Journal Profiles Seegrid Robotic Trucks

Seegrid technology has helped American Packaging transform industrial vehicles into unmanned, automated pallet trucks and tow tractors that operate without a need for wire, tape, laser or other automated guided vehicle guidance systems.

Casey Honda Anticipates the 2013 Honda Crosstour After the Concept Car Sneak Peak

Casey Honda is happy to announce the soon arrival of the 2013 Honda Crosstour to its current lineup of available models. The new Crosstour concept vehicle was unveiled for the first time earlier this month at the New York Auto Show.

Former Hollywood Actor Turned Director Develops Talent for Major Motion Pictures

US-based film director and producer Ken Feinberg’s students appear in John Hillcoat's LAWLESS premiering at the Lumiere theater today including William J. Harrison playing ‘Young Howard Bondurant and Duncan Nicholson playing the role of Shia Labeouf’s son, ‘Junior’.

Residential Carpet Cleaning to Forget Your Stains

You live in a home, go to work, or go to schools and colleges, where you do your regular duty. If these places are not kept clean you won’t even like to visit there. Cleanliness is essential everywhere, as it will not only keep you away from diseases but also keep the environment healthy. There are certain areas where dust gets accumulated and are not seen and hence not cleaned always. The carpets are one particular area which should be cleaned regularly, as they are always open to the outdoor environment.