Press Releases From 06/16/2012 Until 05/24/2015

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Wilshire State Bank and Keller Williams Realty Named in Fraud Lawsuit

LogoWilshire State Bank, a subsidiary of Wilshire Bancorp Inc., (Nasdaq: WIBC) has been named as a defendant in a civil lawsuit under the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act.

Aesthetic Medicine Symposium With Botox Training Questions Answered

LogoThe IAPAM's Aesthetic Medicine Symposium offers the most comprehensive clinical botox ® training for physicians looking to add aesthetic medicine to their existing practices, or to launch a medical spa. The IAPAM’s Symposium offers training in all the top 5 minimally invasive modalities, to ensure that physicians add both in-demand procedures and maximum profit to their practices.

Online Business VoIP Provider Introduces New Range of Market-leading Digium Switchvox Phone Systems and Equipment

LogoBusiness VoIP solution provider has launched an expanded range of Digium Switchvox VoIP phone systems and accessories on its web phone shop. Digium Switchvox solutions are optimized for small businesses and deliver increased productivity, performance and efficiency for lower costs. is a provider of business phone system equipment and services covering VoIP phone system, VoIP service, hosted PBX service, PBX phone system equipment, telephone system accessories (such as phone headset units and more) and VoIP phone system support. Shop for leading business phones and equipment from brands like Aastra, Allworx, Grandstream, NEC phone system products, TalkSwitch, Xblue and Yealink at affordable prices with great support options.

Residence Life Furniture Manufacturer Ecologic Industries Selected by Fayetteville State University for LEED Silver Residence Hall

LogoEcologic Industries to furnish eco-friendly student desks, beds, chests, wardrobes, and student lounge furnishings for 338 student rooms and 12 suite common spaces in newly built residence hall at Fayetteville State University in North Carolina.

'Know Your Rancher' Says 44 Farms

44 Farms' mission is to provide a delicious and enjoyable dining experience each and every time. Quality is bred into everything they do. Creates a One Stop Shop for Chicago Auto Reconditioning Needs

Most drivers will need to get their vehicle detailed at some point in its lifespan. A good reconditioning company can make any vehicle look its best. From removing dents to cleaning the interior upholstery, auto detailing companies make it their mission to enhance the appearance of any vehicle.

Newly Redesigned Increases Returns for Property Investors

TDI Properties, a leading real estate management and advisory firm, have announced a redesign of their website. A spokesperson explained why they thought the redesign was necessary:

An Exciting Alternative Income Option for People of All Careers

If you have been looking for a good online platform that would help you earn extra income along with your regular work, then try out The company known as Synergy Referral Group (SRG) is an American Trade Association that offers their members an avenue to earn extra income while they are working at their regular jobs. There is no selling or buying of products, and there are no monthly fees. SRG brands itself as an Association that offers its members a chance to earn an extra income through membership referrals and trade consultations.

Saber Solutions Launches VisualizeAnything on's AppExchange, the World's Most Popular Cloud Marketplace for Social Apps for Business

Saber Solutions today announced it has launched VisualizeAnything on's AppExchange, the world’s most popular cloud marketplace for social apps for business. As an instinctive data mining and manipulation tool, which advances current query and list view functionality, VisualizeAnything allows users to transform everyday data into meaningful information. By eliminating the need to export records, it provides a real-time understanding of data in Salesforce. The announcement was made today at’s Dreamforce 2012 in San Francisco. Saber Solutions will be in booth 32 in the Dreamforce Expo.

FHA Streamline Refinance Program Helping Maryland Homeowners Reduce Interest Rates and Lower Mortgage Payments on Existing FHA Home Loans

Maryland mortgage professional, Michael Mandis, of Alliance Mortgage Funding, Inc., has announced the release of the FHA Streamline Refinance program which can really help struggling local homeowners since qualifying for this program is easier than ever.

FHA Streamline Refinance Program Helping Texas Homeowners Reduce Interest Rates and Lower Mortgage Payments on Existing FHA Loans

Texas mortgage lender, Rodney Follmer NMLS #314280 has finally announced the release of the FHA Streamline Refinance program which can really help struggling local homeowners since qualifying for this program is easier than ever.

Short Term Loans Buddy Offers Loans to Those Who Need Money Quick

Short Term Loans Buddy is a one stop portal that has grown in popularity on the Internet. Thousands of individuals who are searching for a quick loan go to in order to find the loan that will fit their needs.

Online Loans Land Helps Individuals Find Quick Payday Loans With No Credit Check

Life has its own little way of throwing surprises at people and Online Loans Land understand this. This is why Online Loans Land has created their very own portal to helping individuals find payday loans online.

Cash Advance Mini Lends a Helping Hand

Cash Advance Mini is available to those individuals who are in need to quick cash. Even individuals who have bad credit can receive a cash advance from this company. They offer a unique lending service that matches their customers with the best short term loan agencies. They understand that from time to time, everyone needs help and they are committed to finding the best short term loan deals currently available to their customers.

Debut Paranormal Suspense Thriller Questions the Black and White of Evil vs. Good

With its excellent pacing and beautifully complex plot, Shifter is a peach of a novel. Think you know what reality is? Steven D. Jackson will convince you otherwise. Shifter is a superb debut novel that will pin you to your seat. - Cas Peace, Artesans of Albia trilogy

Chasing Waves by Kenji Croman

Anyone who loves photography, and especially ocean art, would have definitely heard of Kenji Croman. This famous photographer has won many accolades for his praiseworthy photography of waves, and his passion and seriousness about the type of work that he does. Many artists and photograph experts have agreed that his work goes beyond what is ordinary and that it is well worth the high acclaim that it has received. There are many projects that he has undertaken, all of with go beyond one’s imagination to capture waves in their best form in a way that leaves the mind amazed.

Community College Transfer Students Blow the Lid on a Best Kept Secret

Many students feel that if they can’t get admission into some of America’s best colleges, their dreams of going to them are over, and that seems logical at first. Yet, there is a way for prospective students to go from lowly beginnings into the highest echelons of American education, and it all begins at the sometimes maligned Community College. Community College Transfer Students is a new site that explains this process, and is sure to excite disappointed students across the nation. Offers Website Analysis

Norwegian SEO analysis has become important at this conjecture as this is the point of time in which competition has become really stiff. is a website that has been launched to promote Norwegian SEO analysis.

Electric Cigarette Injector Machines Now Available at eCigarette Solution

eCigarette Solution is pleased to announce the addition of cigarette injector machines to their line of products. Injector machines have been banned for use commercially, making them a popular item for those who love to roll their own cigarettes. "We want our customers to have everything needed to make the cigarette experience enjoyable. Electric Cigarette Injector Machines go a long way toward making this happen," Mr. Austin states.

Apply for Visa Applications from a Perth Immigration Agent

Australia is one of the largest places in the world. It is well developed and has one of the prominent per capita standards. It has a great education system with many job opportunity schemes. These reasons are why people are visiting Australia and applying for visas. There are different visas that you can apply for. In order to do transactions in business or engage activities on the countries soil for a lengthy period of time, there are some conditions that should be fulfilled. If seeking temporary visas so as to get employed in Australia, the 457 Visa be the way to go.

New Book Describes How to Pick the Best Cat for You

Cat fancier Art Saborio has released a new book telling people interested in owning a pedigreed cat which cat breed would be best suited for them. Adds New Free Online Games for Kids

Games are an essential part of growing up. From playing hide-and-seek with friends to becoming involved in organized sports, games leave a lasting impression on our lives. Today, the internet is giving kids all over the world the ability to experience all sorts of new browser-based games many of which can stimulate children mentally.

Get a Payday Advance in No Time at All

PaydayAdvanceFlash Helps individuals that need to find money right away. They are a portal that connects individuals with a financial institution that fits their needs.

Receive a Loan With No Faxing or Credit Check

UnsecuredLoansCanyon is responsible for connecting people with companies that are offering short term loans. Not only does Unsecured Loans Canyon help people find companies offering short term loans, but they also help them find companies that fit their needs. In order to find out exactly what needs they are working with, they ask their clients to fill out a short form. The form can easily be filled out on the Internet and it should only take a couple of minutes to do. On the form, they will ask some personal information, which they use in order to determine the best financial institutions for the client. Individuals do not have to worry about their information getting stolen, because the site is secured.

Wholesale Gildan, Hanes, and Port Authority Polo Shirts Launched at

LogoDifferent companies have different culture and atmosphere. With the prevalence of the outsourcing business as well as companies that put more value in getting things done rather than how an employee looks