Press Releases From 06/21/2012 Until 05/27/2015

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Resilient Cloud Computing Key for Availability of PHR Services Via in Critical Scenarios

Top web PHR provider ensures reduced downtime and availability in critical scenarios with resilient cloud computing on its online PHR platform. Zweena remains accessible in situations where most services would typically go offline including technology failure, power outages, surge in demand/traffic and lower server capacity.

Disabled Students Learn Job Skills Through Innovative Partnership

LogoDeron School, one of New Jersey’s oldest and most respected private special education schools serving disabled students has become the first in the state to contract with an innovative recycler of electronics, putting teens and young adults with disabilities to work in ways that protect the environment. In a new partnership, disabled students from the Deron School take on meaningful jobs dismantling unwanted electronic equipment through the non-profit Green Vision, Inc., based in Morris Plains, N.J.

Businesses in Missouri Seeking Metal Parts Show Support for U.S. Manufacturers

The Heartland is taking notice of the NEW Industrial Revolution that's being talked about nationwide in the manufacturing community

Universal Life Church Radio Announces 12 Step Recovery Tuesday Nights at 8PM EST With Rev Dr. John O'Sullivan, DD., Courtesy of The Universal Life Church World Headquarters

LogoThe Universal Church Radio Network, courtesy of the Universal Life Church World Headquarters offers extensive Prime Time programming, from such medical Professionals as the Rev. Dr Joel Lamoure, RPh, BScPhm, DD, FASCP, OSM and his Tuesday night show at 9PM est, Prescribing Spiritual Hope. The Universal Life Church looks to expand self help programming and is proud to announce a program designed to help those inflicted with an alcohol or drug addiction.

EzCheckPrinting Streamlines Check Printing and Payment Receiving for E-Commerce Firms

LogoPayroll accounting software provider updated EzCheckPrinting check writer software with this new check draft printing and new QuickBooks check printing feature. This update will give small businesses especially e-commerce businesses more controls on business check management.

Growing Trend to Watch Free Streaming Movies Online May Be Eating Profits of Pay TV Networks

LogoAre former pay TV customers finding ways to watch free streaming movies online as well as view other TV programing on their PCs, laptops,tablets and even phones and ditching cable and satellite?

Benefits Brought by Green Lipped Mussel

Osteo and rheumatoid arthritis that causes chronic joint pain is an aggravating condition that many people around the world suffers from. About 250 million around the world and 46 million in the US alone suffer from it. People with this condition have a hard time moving and are constantly in pain. It’s like their hands, knees, legs, back and neck have super glue in them. And every move they make is painful. Simple movements such as getting up from the chair and walking become very difficult and excruciating. But fortunately scientists discovered that a certain shellfish called the green lipped mussel can help this. The green lipped mussel has long been part of the diet of the Maori of New Zealand. These are the warrior people of New Zealand which are immune to joint pain even at old age such as 80’s and above. The secret of these warrior people’s immunity to joint pain is now readily available to the world.

Extrafuel Launches the World's First Non-Flammable Fuel

LogoExtrafuel, the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of the world’s first and only safe biodegradable emergency fuel, based in the United States, launches their new fuel product, which is 100% biodegradable, has no flammable elements of gasoline and can last for over 10 years in storage on in the trunk of the car. Gains Attention for Its Buying and Selling Discount Gift Cards Marketplace

With the rising popularity of online shopping, gift cards are more popular than ever. Gift cards are easy to ship, easy to spend online and perfect for those occasions when people are not sure what gift to give. However, sometimes people would like to sell their gift cards or exchange them for cards they want more.

Long-Short Activist Hedge Fund Manager for Seven Sages Capital in International Asset Raising and Expansion Move

Mark Malik Executive Fund Manager at Seven Sages Capital LP (SSC), a New York based long-short activist hedge fund, is pleased to announce the expansion of their international asset raising endeavors. Effective immediately, Seven Sages Capital will seek to reach larger asset growth objectives with a strong raising push.

FHA Streamline Refinance Program Helping Florida Homeowners Reduce Interest Rates and Lower Mortgage Payments on Existing FHA Loans

Finally Real help For Florida homeowners, with a FHA Mortgage Loan, is now available through the new FHA Streamline Refinance Program.

FHA Streamline Refinance Program Helping Illinois Homeowners Reduce Interest Rates and Lower Mortgage Payments on Existing FHA Loans

Illinois mortgage lender, Dan Schwellenbach has finally announced the release of the FHA Streamline Refinance program which can really help struggling local homeowners since qualifying for this program is easier than ever.

Stuck in Traffic? So Are They

LogoCarlos and Paula were an ordinary couple living in the Rose Garden section of San Jose. They were admired by neighbors, friends and family as successful entrepreneurs owning several restaurants in the area. Nobody noticed that they had men and women living in their garage, carefully guarded and forced into restaurant work for no pay.

Timothy Green Lives the Odd Life While Financing His Family Friendly Feature Films

LogoTimothy Green who is also called The Disney of Hip Hop Films is living proof that there is no greater power than ingenuity to drive an independent movie from start to finish. Forget ultra-low-budget fare such as El Mariachi and Sundance film festival winner Primer; Green's plan makes their $7,000 budgets seem downright bloated. Having completed his fourth feature film (a G-rated family movie), he has single-handedly invented his own low-budget legacy, including his new feature films “Little Homies”, Tim Greene’s Professor Genius, Supa Kidz and The Re-Programmers. The writer-director (whose movies can be found at has followed the hip-hop beat of his own drummer and created four features in less time than it generally takes Hollywood to package and produce a single movie.

The Peter Leeds Penny Stock Guide Offers Exclusive Tips and Picks for Making Money on Penny Stock Trading

The Penny Stock Guide, the newsletter from Peter Leeds’ leading penny stock investment website, teaches the basic principles of penny stocks trading, and offers exclusive tips and picks for how to make money trading penny stocks. With years of research done by expert analyst Mr. Peter Leeds, his Leeds Analysis only focuses on investing in penny stocks. His research and trading recommendations are provided to subscribers simply by signing up from his website,

Lucy's Cleaning Service Launches 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Many people lead busy lives that leave little time for cleaning up their homes. These people often turn to cleaning professionals who offer a wide variety of services for every type of home.

iPhone 4S Owners Are Turning to for Advice on iPhone Unlocking

The Apple iPhone 4S, the fifth generation version of the iPhone, was released in October 2011. Its predecessor was the Apple iPhone 4 and while both versions look pretty much the same on the outside, the 4S has many additional advanced features including a voice recognition system and a cloud storage service. Launches Detailed Guide to Madison Square Garden Events and Facilities

Madison Square Garden is one of the most popular event and exhibition locations in New York City. It’s hosted numerous special events including John Lennon’s final concert appearance, the recording of a Michael Jackson CD in 2001, and the Concert for New York following the September 11th attacks. In fact it’s also the venue where Elton John has appeared at most often a total of 62 times.

Premium Replica Watches Company's New Replica Watch Deals in 2012

LogoOldewatches has recently announced its return to business in the replica industry. After being on hiatus for several months, they have returned to business with a greater range of models and cheaper prices.

Canada's Choice Supplier of Structural Steel and Steel Working Equipment

At the beginning, in 2003, AS Bond 003 Inc. was offering diamond, CBN and grinding wheels for sharpening and tools making shops. Two well known companies around the world in Cape Diamond Products Ltd. and Tyrolit Abrasives had helped this company to grow.

More Space, More Gas Scooters to Choose From

Valley Motorsports, a full service and licensed shop specializing in gas powered scooters, announces that they have teamed with Saga Canada and moved to an even bigger space.

Fort Lauderdale's Best Yacht Maintenance

Starboard Yacht Group, LLC will help keep your yacht in tip top shape. Whether you are looking for yacht detailing in Fort Lauderdale or yacht management in Fort Lauderdale, Starboard Yacht Group can do it all.

HSMN Focuses on EHR Specifics, Implementation and Post-Implementation Audits

LogoDid you know that Medicare and Medicaid have already paid out $5 billion dollars for meaningful use through its EHR incentive programs? Hospitals have received $3.3 billion and other providers, $1.7 billion. Are you missing out? The EHR is an important tool for healthcare providers everywhere. In health systems with significant ambulatory activity and owned physician practices, an enterprise-wide system makes sense especially where patients move between physicians and many other services. HSMN has assisted healthcare organizations in developing EHR specification requirements for many years, facilitating the right match.

NY Central Park Tours Offers Customized Pedicab Rides at Low Prices

NY Central Park Tours offers customized pedicab rides at low prices to enhance the viewing experience. One can enjoy the sights and sound of the Central Park by simply sitting back and paying close attention to all that surrounds the traveler. Their tour guides of pedicab rides will provide detailed information on all the landmarks, and locations one travel to throughout the ride. They provide the ways to view all the popular sights of the city and strive to keep all customers comfortable, safe and satisfied throughout their journey.

Metro Traffic School Provides the Best Driving Lessons in Florida

Metro Traffic School a non-profit agency approved by the State of Florida and the Department of Highway Safety Motor Vehicles offers the best driving lessons in Florida. Metro Traffic School offers students the ability to access all required courses to suit their Florida Traffic School requirements. Their courses are designed to fit each student’s needs through live classes, internet classes, and DVD classes.