Press Releases From 07/05/2012 Until 07/05/2012

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KidWorks Names New Officers on Board of Directors

KidWorks, a Santa Ana based non-profit that serves at-risk children and teens, today announced new officers on board of directors for the 2012-2013 term, which began July 1.

Champion Blue Flame to Compete at the East Coast Nationals in Numidia, PA

LogoNational Association of Diesel Motorsports (NADM), established in 2007, is the only sanctioning body for diesels that promotes all diesel motorsports associations, clubs and events. Diesel Motorsports holds over 70 diesel events around the country each year while also building a membership that offers benefits for business members as well as fans with diesel drag racing, sled pulling, and Dyno competitions. Diesel Motorsports events are all about diesels including a large Vendor Alley at each event.

Little Power Shop and Champion Diesel Oil to Attend Diesel Nationals

LogoLittle Power Shop (LPS), located in Bradford, PA, is a recognized leader in aftermarket diesel products including Champion Blue Flame Motor Oil. LPS carries an extensive inventory of Champion Products and is recognized Nationally and Internationally for their knowledgeable sales staff, outstanding customer service, and aggressive pricing. LPS is “the” enthusiast’s favorite for “Performance Diesel Products”. For more information about Little Power Shop contact them at 877-367-9351 or visit them at

Palmer Trinity School Alumnus Raises $34,000 for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

LogoEarlier this month, more than 200 PTS friends and families joined recent Palmer Trinity School graduate, Tony Schiappa Pietra'12, and his family—sisters Karina ’14 and Tiana ’17, and parents, Manuel and Debra—for the 2nd Annual Tony Trot 5K. During this event, participants walked and ran a modified course on the PTS South Campus to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS).

W2 Software for Accountants: EzW2 Updated to Support Unlimited Accounts and Forms, the small business payroll tax software solution provider, released the new version of ezW2 software for accountants and tax professionals. This new edition of w2 and 1099 software can support unlimited accounts, recipients and forms with no extra charge. site was also updated with the new W2 software download page. Users who need to print or re-print a lost W2 or 1099-misc form for Year 2007 to current can download and try ezW2 software for free at, with no cost and no obligation.

Direct Connect Charter Bus Announces Free Quotes for Luxurious Charter Bus Service All Around the Nation

Direct Connect Charter Bus is comparatively better than the national Charter Bus Service because their professional sales staff is ready to do all the leg work for the clients. Recently they have announced free quotes for Charter Bus Service in and around the nation. Their primary goal is to ensure Affordable Charter Bus Service for customers. When it comes to tour bus charter, minibus and party bus rentals or limousine service, they are the most reliable and comfortable Charter Bus Company of the US. Their travel professionals are ready to assist with securing the right ground transportation to fit all needs of clients.

TQ Dir Launches New Website

Travelling is so much fun. To go on a trip with a proper plan can help in saving time and money.

Law Advance Comes up With Various Kinds of Legal Funding Services

Law Advance has come up with various kinds of Legal Funding services for its clients that include Pre Settlement Lawsuit Funding, Settlement Funding, and Attorney Funding. Legal Funding is when an advancement of funds is made available to the plaintiff or an attorney. Law advance offers an advance on pending lawsuits to reduce financial pressures on the plaintiff.

The Daughter-in-Law Society: Author and Solace Sister Uses Social Media to Help Women Ease Pain of Mother-in-Law Hell

From launching a hugely popular digital book to founding an online sisterhood that’s easing life’s pain for thousands of women around the world, Patricia Bachkoff Weber is proving that social media can make anyone’s dreams come true.

Drink, Eat, and Socialize at Reserve in Philadelphia Each Sunday for Their Prime Rib Special

Reserve, one of the most renowned steakhouses in Old City PA, is currently offering a prime rib special every Sunday from 5pm until 9pm. There will be a 12oz prime rib served with a 1lb baked potato and roasted root vegetables. Reserve is certainly the ideal place for anyone to enjoy a peaceful dinner or celebrate a special occasion, as they specialize in providing delicious food to their guests while they sit and enjoy the ambiance provided by the prestigious environment of the restaurant itself. At Reserve, guests can ultimately enjoy high quality local foods paired with a unique dining experience!

The Light from Maggie's View - Acclaimed Murder Mystery Proves Even Sleepy Towns Can Easily Awake With Evil

Set in the rolling hills of Hunterdon County, Cheryl Nugent’s latest murder mystery offers a thrilling journey into history, politics and the extraordinary lure of the glamorous estate known as ‘Maggie’s View’.

Plastic Surgery in Philadelphia- to Enhance Appearance and Confidence

According to Webster’s Dictionary definition plastic surgery is a surgery concerned with the repair, restoration, or improvement of lost, injured, defective, or misshapen body parts. Whereas cosmetic surgery is generally performed to restore a physical abnormality or to enhance an otherwise normal physical feature and thus improve appearance. It is an extensive field that covers reconstructive surgery for physical trauma, to enlarge breasts, or nose shape. Cosmetic surgery came into prominence mainly after World War I, when treatment and reconstruction of war injuries gave hope to young soldiers.

Moringa Oleifera and Its Amazing Benefits

The Moringa tree is a very beneficial tree that is now massively grown around the world. It is a type of tree originally native to India and is used for its leaves and oil . The Moringa tree is full of vitamins, minerals, protein and many other additional benefits. The Moringa Oleifera is the most popular species of the breed Moringa, grown mainly in tropical and sub-tropical areas. Its leaves can be used to support a stable blood pressure and blood sugar, in addition can aid with reducing high levels of cholesterol in the blood.

How to Lose Weight Anytime Tackles Weight Regain

Weight regain became a national topic recently with news that a 600+ individual has regained 250 pounds since shedding 400 pounds three years ago.

Ayurveda Becoming More Popular Worldwide, Massage Therapy Marketplace Reports

More people are rediscovering the benefits of Ayurveda, a millennia-old health system from ancient India. Now one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world has recognized it as therapeutic.

Green Homes Increase in America, Reports Home Improvement the Easy Way

Over 19,000 homes have now been certified by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED); one of the world’s green-building authorities.

Health and Fitness Workouts Recommends Water Exercises

As part of its seasonal push, Health and Fitness Workouts is urging the public to try water-based exercises. Water enables more people to treat exercise as leisure, the site emphasized. This may be attributed to the fact that exercises in water could be less strenuous and pose a lower risk of injury.

Healthy Eating With Ease Delivers Remarks on Paleo Diet

More and more people are discovering the benefits of the Paleo or Caveman Diet. Supposedly a throwback to the prehistoric days, Paleo recommends meat (that can be hunted), nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits. It does not impose stringent calorie counts and meal schedules, but excludes dairy, grain, legumes, and sugar.

How to Lose Weight Anytime Reacts to Weight Loss Triumph on Reality Show

An episode of a popular reality television show has purportedly yielded the largest weight loss percentage documented by anyone of its kind. A Florida-based sales manager dropped 200+ lbs or over half of her weight, on this show. She weighed 350+ pounds before her “makeover.”

Make Money Online at Home Now Provides Safety Tips on Taking Surveys on the Web

Make Money Online At Home Now has highlighted the benefits of identifying and taking surveys from reputable companies over the web and getting compensated for it.

Make Money Online at Home Now Suggests Selling Stock Photos With Appropriate Licensing for Supplementary Income

Internet online income generation site Make Money Online At Home Now has reminded amateur and professional photographers on the vast income potential of selling stock photographs.

For the Olympics Season, Massage Therapy Marketplace Discusses Sports Massage

Sports massage therapists are destined by the hundreds for the London 2012 Olympics. Out of a quarter million volunteer applicants, a medical team for the forthcoming Summer Olympics in July has been assembled to service athletes. The group should include sports masseurs and other sports medicine practitioners from around the world who know how to massage.

Marketing Strategies for Businesses Recommends Utilizing Email for Profit Growth

Marketing Strategies for Businesses reassured marketers on the potency of email campaigns in improving bottomline and conversion. Website creator K. Chatman said differentiating the message from spam and coexisting with social networks are keys to success for email marketing as an online marketing strategy.

Logcabinstores Launches Full Installation Service for All the New Cabins

Logcabinstores announces their full installation service for all the new cabins such as log cabin houses,garden log cabins and others. Their fitters are well-trained and have years of experience in this sector. They are one of the largest and most trusted suppliers of timber products from wooden offices, Fencing & Trellis, Decking &Landscape products, Sheds to wooden Summerhouses and Storage solutions to retail and trade clients.

Bluehost Web Hosting Provider Continues to Win Top Accolades Reports

In the last month a top web hosting review site has awarded Bluehost their Readers Choice Award, and they have also been voted the fastest Drupal hosting provider for 2012 and the best Joomla hosting provider as well.