Press Releases From 07/19/2012 Until 05/28/2015

Viewing from to Change Gives Londoners the Lowdown on HCG Diet Drops

Information about diets and exercise is being thrown at consumers from all directions. The medical profession is continually advising people to lose weight, celebrities are releasing their own diet tips and exercise plans and TV shows like the Biggest Loser show that weight loss is achievable, if people are determined enough to follow specific guidelines.

Price Comparison Website Announce the Release of an Improved, Faster, Simpler Gatwick Car Parking Search

LogoLeading Gatwick Car Parking price comparison website has announced the release of a brand-new faster, simpler search - offering a wider selection of airport car parks and quicker results, with rates from the top suppliers in seconds all on the same web page.

The Artest Foundation Supports Cutting for A Cure 48 Hair Cutting Marathon and Health Fair

Ron Artest Sr, father of NBA Champion Los Angeles Laker Metta World Peace and Founder of The Artest Foundation and Dennis “DennyMoe” Mitchell celebrity barber and Founder of Cutting For A Cure have come together for causes that are dear to their hearts. The common goal for both is helping people.

Quirky Startup Social Media Company Named One of Best Places to Work in Dallas

LogoSocial Media Delivered, a startup social media company known for its annual company pie fight and fun work environment, is proud to be named one of the 2012 Best Places to Work by the Dallas Business Journal. Based on employee surveys, the distinction as one of Dallas’ Best Places to Work ranks Social Media Delivered among the top echelon of North Texas companies. Becomes the Leader of Aftermarket Replacement Side-View Mirrors in Canada

Finding replacement side-view mirrors in Canada used to be a difficult task. With a lack of companies selling reasonably priced aftermarket replacement mirrors to Canadian residents, many customers were forced to buy these products from companies abroad. As a result, they had to pay high shipping and custom-brokering fees. Recently, this all changed thanks to a website that many Canadians are talking about. The website is called, and it is providing a wide selection of side mirrors at low costs to residents across Canada.

New Reforms Could Threaten the Rights of Ontario Personal Injury Victims States Diamond & Diamond

In the 2009 insurance reform package, Dwight Duncan stated that new legislative reforms would create benefits that were on par with the rest of Canada and bring insurance rates down.

Dolly Rose Children's Clothes Help Build Mobile Crèches in India

Keeping children looking respectable can be hard work; they grow so fast and have such an enthusiasm for exploration that clothes often get stained, tattered or too small in a matter of weeks. Dolly Rose offers affordable, fashionable, high quality children’s clothing that is made to last, and support their sense of adventure and playfulness.

Blue Edge Consulting Enhance Management Development Scheme

The business landscape has never been more competitive, and the sudden success of companies due to the fluctuation of market forces and instant reach of the internet can often see great ideas supported by corporate structures that were rushed out as an afterthought to sustaining growth. These houses built on sand are often inefficient, and potentially dangerous to a company’s longevity.

Easy-to-use W2 and 1099 Software Updated for Churches And Non-profits

LogoNon-profits and small businesses that need to print or re-print tax form W2 and 1099 can try ezW2 software from This new W2 1099 form preparing and printing is designed for easy use by business owners and managers — no IT professional needed. And it is priced low enough that any size business can afford it. Additionally, customers can try the software without cost or obligation for an unlimited amount of time.

Congressional Candidate Not Accepting Money Still Gaining Support

LogoDavid Hancock is running for Congress in Georgia. But unlike any other candidate in probably 200 years he is not accepting any campaign donations.

Free Offer of Check Writing Software from in Time of Father's Day

LogoMost Americans need to get the finances during the tough economic times. One of the best tips on saving money is to stick to the budget. The new version of ezCheckPersonal, the personal use check writing software from Halfpricesoft .com, is released in time with the new category and report features that allow user to easily classify payments. And the best of all, customers can get ezCheckPersonal check writing software free through Father’s Day TrialPay offers. Guides Consumers With SMTP Serves Tutorials and Reviews

Whether working remotely using their Smartphones or on vacation across the country, people need to have uninterrupted full-access to their e-mail accounts. E-mail has become an essential part of day-to-day lives, especially for business people who require continual communication with their offices or e-mail users who depend upon it for social interaction. Reveals New and Yummy HCG Diet Foods

Every day we are bombarded with information about weight loss products and supplements. People around the world tune into TV programmes such as the Biggest Loser and celebrities rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars by publishing their own personal diet plans and exercise regimes. On top of that, doctors are continually warning of the health dangers of being overweight.

Otus Live in Care Provide Alternative to Residential Care Homes

As the population ages, more and more old people are living longer. A result of this is that greater and greater numbers of elderly people require care. Standards in care homes in the UK have come under serious scrutiny in recent years, with large numbers of aged people to relatively few nurses, instances of abuse have risen and quality overall has gone down. This had led many to look for alternatives when it comes to elderly care.

Residents of Lynchburg Turn to Royal Auto Insurance when They Want to Renew Their Policy

All motorists know how important it is to buy auto insurance. Not only is it a legal requirement, but it also protects the vehicle’s owner against catastrophic losses, such as major accidents or the theft of a vehicle. Creates Detailed Custom Silver House for an Architect

Silver Ink Tree, owned and operated by designer Anna Carter, has been producing, custom, unique silver jewellery designs since 2004. One of her more recent commissions that’s generating a lot of talk amongst jewellery designers, is a set of custom made silver cufflinks she produced for an architect. These cufflinks have been carefully made in the shape of a house, complete with doors and windows.

Discount on Tours from Miami to Key West

Half Price Tour Tickets is a website that is currently offering discounts on tours from Miami to Key West. The discounted prices are expected to last all year long - up until December 31st of 2012. Many individuals have already placed orders for their tour, so those planning a vacation should book their tour right now, while there are still some open slots.

Discounted Tour Tickets for Tours from Miami to Key West

Those individuals who have always wanted to take a tour from Miami to Key West can now do so at a discount price. Individuals are encouraged to take advantage of these discount prices while they last, because they are expected to run out at the end of the year. Individuals can find the listing by visiting and using the code: keys2012 when purchasing the tickets, individuals will get a 5% discount. This coupon only lasts until December 31st of 2012.

Quantum SEO Labs Publishes an Article W hich Explains the 2 Types of Search Engine Optimization for Small Business Websites

The webmaster on the popular Quantum SEO Labs website today announced the publication of an article which explains the two types of search engine optimization which small business owners should be aware of. The article helps business owners get a better understanding of the power of using SEO to help their ecommerce websites perform better in the search engines.

California Seismic Code Experts Providing Free Non-Structural Seminars in NZ & AU

International Seismic Application Technology, a global leader in seismic bracing and building code compliance, announced the deployment of the firm’s top engineers and consultants to New Zealand and Australia.

There Is No Fiscal Cliff It Is a Scare Tactic

The idea that when the Bush tax cuts expire at the end of this year and at the same time there are large cuts in defense spending it will have a devastating impact on our economy. This is a totally untrue and ridiculous.statement.

Healthy Lawn Provides Reliable and Friendly Fertilization and Weed Control Services

Healthy Lawn provides reliable and friendly fertilization and weed control services. A beautiful lawn does not come without some effort. They specialize in custom care of the lawns. They provide the best lawn care business in Monroe and help customers to build an enviable lawn. When it comes to home care people have to pay more attention their lawns to make it look beautiful and captivating. In order to get a beautiful lawn that has aesthetic appeal, it is important to hire a professional lawn care company in Monroe. Healthy Lawn is one of the best lawn care providers in Monroe.

Live Laugh Love Launches to Provide Shabby Chic Household Items

Shabby chic is all the rage in interior design. Aged, distressed, vintage and well-worn looks applied with a sense of kitsch femininity to household furniture and objects helps create a warm, friendly but bright atmosphere in the home.

New Book Exposes SBA's Failure to Protect 8a Contractor Combating Fraud

Having become a victim of alleged Washington fraud, one U.S business owner exposes the real truth behind Federal Government contracts that were created ‘exclusively’ for small businesses.

dVale Announces 5 Points to Be Noticed when Implementing a Cloud CRM

Cloud computing is now the trend as more companies are tapping into this technology instead of relying solely on the in-house server. There are top reasons of course why there’s a sudden shift in preference, and it’s not overnight that chief executive officers have decided that it’s time for them to embrace the Customer Relations Management (CRM) software.