Press Releases From 08/01/2019 Until 08/31/2019

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Optica Opticians Are Providing the Coolest Sunglasses in Nairobi

LogoOptica is one of the longest-serving vision care solution providers in Kenya that has been in operation since 1959. The company's reverence for eyes has seen them leave no stone unturned in their aim to ensure that all their clients get to receive world-class products and services. Optica not only offers the world-class products that they have become synonymous with but provides them at very competitive prices, in most cases the lowest prices, making them a one-stop store for everyone.

General Partition Company, Inc. Explains the Distinction Between Chipboard and SBS Box Partitions

To accommodate the needs of its clients, General Partition Company, Inc. offers several different types of interior box packaging, any of which can be personalized to perfectly suit the shipping needs of businesses.

Pulse Cashflow Finance Ltd Offers Invoice Factoring Solutions to Businesses from a Wide Range of Industry Sectors

LogoPulse Cashflow Finance Ltd, an independent factoring company, offers invoice factoring solutions that helps organisations increase the working capital that they need to grow their business. Their invoice factoring services are designed to assist businesses easily accept unusually large orders, while improving their working capital in the long run. Pulse Cashflow's invoice factoring solutions greatly support businesses from a wide range of industry sectors including manufacturing, transport, security services and construction or start-ups that have little access to working capital or poor cash flow.

Mag4Life Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Its Fantastic Magnetic USB-C & TB3 Connector

Mag4Life has proudly announced that it is launching its all-new and fantastic Magnetic USB-C and TB3 Connector. This amazing device is basically a connector with a variety of useful applications, and it is fitting especially for MacBooks, Thunderbolt 3 and all USB-C devices including Drives (up to 10Gbps), 5k Screens (up to 5k) as well as PD Devices (up to 100W).

Kiril Mischeff Now Offering 24% Fat Coconut Cream for a Variety of Uses

Kiril Mischeff has been a major supplier of all kinds of products for different market sectors for years, and its products include everything from fruits to vegetables, various food ingredients, including deli and fish, pasta, seeds, grains, vegan food, and more. Today, Kiril Mischeff introduces the latest product in its range: 24% fat coconut cream for use in a variety of sectors and industries.

Hillmoore Fire Protection Ltd Offers Firestopping Solutions to Minimise the Risk of Loss Due to Fire

LogoOne of the leading passive fire protection contractors in London, Hillmoore Fire Protection Ltd offers firestopping solutions that minimise the impact and contain damage in the event of a fire. These solutions prevent voids and services from compromising the fire resistance of fire rated walls, floors and soffits. The solutions they provide are designed to maintain the fireproofing allowing it to prevent the spread of fire and smoke.

TAD Communications Supplies and Installs a Wide Range of Car Camera Systems

LogoTAD Communications, a leading supplier of van security products, supplies and installs car camera systems that allow drivers to clearly see what is around them without having to turn around to look. The camera systems that TAD Communications offers will not only help you increase safety when driving, they are also the ideal security solutions to help you keep an eye on your parked cars, especially when it comes to overnight parking. Their team of skilled professionals help customers choose the best camera systems for their cars. TAD Communications are known for providing solutions which deliver optimum functionality and easy installation, as well as being cost-effective.

Mobirise Website Builder Offers Bootstrap Templates for Freelancers

Mobirise Ltd, a reputed software development company specialized in Web Design tools, recently released new Bootstrap themes for their website builder.

Eagle House Group Has Been Awarded the Advanced Autism Accreditation by the National Autistic Society

Eagle House Group, a specialist school for children with autism, has been awarded the Advanced Autism Accreditation by The National Autistic Society, the UK's leading charity for people on the autistic spectrum and their families. The award has been given in recognition of their good practice, helping autistic children and adults in society. This accreditation is the result of their years of hard work and dedication for supporting and educating children and young people who have been diagnosed with autism, Asperger syndrome, and social and communication disorders. They have serving communities for years and have helped thousands of autistic children to lead happy life.

Experts in Digital Marketing, Iconic Digital Helps Businesses Boost Their Online Marketing Efficiency and Drive More Sales

LogoIconic Digital, excels in digital marketing and lead generation strategies, they help businesses increase their sales utilizing cutting-edge digital techniques, such as SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, PPC, etc. Their team works with a result-oriented approach to help clients achieve top rankings on different search engine results and get more traffic to their business products and services, ultimately growing sales.

Yonder Introduces Exciting Itineraries for Malaysia

LogoA luxury travel company providing tailor-made holiday packages, Yonder has introduced cool and exciting itineraries for Malaysia. Tailored to meet every traveller's needs, the tour will allow them to experience the local culture and cuisines of Malaysia. Their holiday packages include:

Diabetic Gastroparesis Market Insights, Epidemiology and Market Forecast-2028

LogoDiabetic Gastroparesis Market Insights, Epidemiology and Market Forecast-2028

Homeland Security and Emergency Management Market New Study Reveals to Boost Growth: BAE Systems, General Dynamics, Honeywell International, Elbit Systems

LogoA latest study released by HTF MI on Global Homeland Security and Emergency Management Market covering key business segments and wide scope geographies to get deep dive analysed market data. The study is a perfect balance bridging both qualitative and quantitative information of Homeland Security and Emergency Management market. The study provides historical data (i.e. Volume** & Value) from 2013 to 2018 and forecasted till 2025*. Some are the key & emerging players that are part of coverage and have being profiled are Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, Thales Group, Boeing, Unisys, IBM, FLIR Systems, BAE Systems, General Dynamics, Honeywell International, Elbit Systems, SAIC, Booz Allen Hamilton, Harris, Leidos & MotoRoLA Solutions.

XLPE Market Segmentation by Qualitative and Quantitative Research Incorporating Impact of Economic and Non-Economic Aspects by 2026

LogoThe report analyzes the leading players of the global XLPE market by inspecting their market share, recent developments, new product launches, partnerships, mergers, or acquisitions, and their target markets. This report also includes an exhaustive analysis of their product profiles to explore the products and applications their operations are concentrated on in the global XLPE market. Additionally, the report gives two distinct market forecasts, one from the perspective of the producer and another from that of the consumer. It also offers valuable recommendations for new as well as established players of the global XLPE market. It also provides beneficial insights for both new as well as established players of the global XLPE market.

Industrial Wax Market Trends and Opportunities Analysis to 2025

The usage of paraffin wax has been quite common over the years after its discovery and the ability to be synthesized at large scales. Waxes have been used in the manufacture of candles, as coatings on structural surfaces, as additives in packaging materials, and even in the food and beverages industry. Paraffin wax can be derived from coal, shale, or petroleum and is an assortment of hydrocarbons. Wax is generally solid at room temperature and on average, starts to melt above 99 degrees Fahrenheit. The discovery of wax was advantageous to the manufacturers of candles, who previously used tallow which was less reliable as well as expensive.

Renewable Energy Policy FiT Market Regional Analysis

The global renewable energy policy feed-in-tariff (FiT) market is reporting a remarkable rise. With the increasing global focus on decreasing air pollution, controlling carbon emissions, and reducing the dependency on coal and various other fossil fuels, the adoption rate of renewable energy technologies has escalated across the world significantly, which, as a result, is reflecting positively on this market.

Specialty Chemicals Market Competitive Analysis: Evonik Industries AG, Albemarle Corporation, Eastman Chemical Company

The global demand for specialty chemicals is driven by their high usage in industrial and institutional cleaners, construction chemicals, agrochemicals, electronic chemicals, polymers and plastic additives, and surfactants. Specialty chemicals when added to products, impart many additional features or characteristics to them. As new environmental standards and product specifications are being accepted across industries, the use of specialty chemicals will also rise. The emerging trends of building smart cities and sustainable buildings are encouraging the usage of specialty chemicals. Further, the use of agricultural products for fuel blending, polymer production, and other industrial applications is slated to create new growth opportunities for the global specialty chemicals market.

Waste to Energy Market Predominantly Driven by the Need to Develop Unconventional Energy Sources

The adoption of biological technology is also on the rise as it employs anaerobic digestion for converting waste in to energy. This technology is preferred by farmers due to the biodegradability and high moisture content of the process.

Inherited Metabolic Disorders Market Detailed Analysis

At present, genetic screening using mass spectrometry and DNA testing among all newborns are carried out in almost all of the developed nations of the world and also in developing economies of India, Brazil, and China. This helps uncover inherited metabolic disorders (IMD) at an early stage.

Workflow Management System Market Latest Trend Insights

The global workflow management system market is predicted to exhibit a commanding CAGR during the forecast period 2017–2025 while riding on durable driving factors such as increased focus on amplified access to information, cost efficiency, and streamlined business processes. The rise in IT consulting services could be key for the advancement of the services component market that is prognosticated to showcase a high importance value among end users and invite tangible growth prospects. With a suite of presentation, email, word processor, spreadsheet, and other integrated office applications, suite-based workflow systems software could register a loftier CAGR in the components market.

Beverage Containers Market Geographical Segmentation Study

The global beverage containers market is anticipated to rake in a colossal demand in the foreseeable future as the worldwide consumption of beverages continues to seek growth. Expected to touch a higher valuation in the coming years, the market for beverage containers could be pampered by the growing demand for high value-added packaging solutions and products. This demand is predicted to be encouraged by the rising trend of product design innovation.

Cellulose Fibers Market - Value Chain and Stakeholder Analysis

Cellulose fiber is extensively used in home textile, apparel, and industrial among others. The growth of the global market relies heavily on emerging economies, especially Asia Pacific and Rest of World. Large untapped market for applications such as home textile and apparel is anticipated to be the key driver for the growth of cellulose fibers globally. Moreover, they are cost-effective, environment friendly, versatile, and bio-degradable. Such properties are estimated to support the growing popularity of these fibers and thus help the market growth.

Audiological Devices Market Latest Technological Developments

Audiological devices are amplifiers that are utilized as a part of the conclusion and treatment of hearing misfortune and adjust issue. A listening device chips away at change of sound waves to electrical signs. A sound wave is send crosswise over through a receiver, which at that point believers to electrical flags and conveys to an enhancer. The signs are then recovered by the intensifier and send through a speaker. The market now includes a huge assortment of reduced and even some for all intents and purposes undetectable amplifier frameworks, improving the probability of individuals buying them to treat their listening ability misfortune; a huge segment of the aggregate number of individuals with hearing misfortune over the globe don't have portable amplifiers due to the shame related with them. With undetectable or exceptionally minimized listening devices, the devices are less obvious, in this way alleviating this shame.

Permanent Magnet Market Recent Developments in the Market's Competitive Landscape

Uncommon earth magnets, created using rare earth metals, are extremely powerful magnets utilized as a part of PM engines. Permanent magnets don't require persistent electrical power to keep up their electric field, because of which PM engines are favored over electromagnetic engines. One of the current advancements in changeless magnets are the nanocomposite lasting magnets. The utilization of lasting magnets decreases the measure of engines and enhances execution, which should be possible utilizing nanocomposite changeless magnets. At present, these magnets are utilized as a part of attractive stockpiling media, biomedicine, sensors, catalysts and pigments. Most lasting magnet engines are utilized as a part of blend with AC or DC electric engines. These kind of engines require less power, have superb warmth dissemination property and performs with higher efficiencies when contrasted with other electric engines. Lasting magnet engines are utilized as a part of different modern applications, with a specific end goal to enhance the efficiencies of the machines.

Flapping Wind Turbine Market - Latest Report on Future Scenario

Wind power is increasingly becoming popular, but is yet to become mainstream due to its high cost factor. The non-uniformity in wind speed requires a wind turbine that can withstand the worst gusts which makes it much heavier than what is needed for 99% of the use. While most turbines can change the angle of the blades in very strong winds to avoid damage, the capability of the turbine can be insufficient to save damage from a quick gust. A trailing edge flap if added to the wind turbine blade greatly helps alter the amount of lift that is being produced and thus the forces on the structure.