Press Releases From 12/27/2019 Until 02/23/2020

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Platinum Rapid Funding Group Helps Businesses with Merchant Cash Advances

Owning a small or medium-sized business can be lucrative when things are going right, but there may also come times where improvements are necessary and the capital isn't present. The solution for this may come in the form of a merchant cash advance from Platinum Rapid Funding Group. They offer alternative financing options to a variety of industries, including transportation, hospitality, auto, and retail businesses. The benefits to this financing option are practically limitless, with a variety of different ways future receivables can be used.

Volt Europe Offers Contingent Staffing Services to Clients in Diverse Industry Segments Across the UK

LogoVolt Europe, a leading recruitment agency in the UK, offers staffing services to clients in diverse industry segments. Their team recruits for contract and permanent positions in all skills from entry level to top management for a broad range of clients across all industry verticals throughout Europe, with offices based in the UK, Belgium, and France. They have a team of skilled staffing consultants who give clients a competitive edge by providing proven workforce management expertise and unsurpassed understanding of local and regional markets. Volt Europe follows the best hiring practices and use the latest tools to source candidates for their clients in the least possible time.

Enjoy the Glitz and Glamour of Malaysia with Luxury Holiday Packages from Yonder

LogoA well-known provider of luxury tour packages in the UK, Yonder offers luxury holiday packages – including tailor-made trips to Malaysia, designed to help to travellers enjoy the best of the country. Luxury, service and cuisine are the key focuses of this tour, putting the country's immense history and a beachcomber's paradise at show.

Shred-on-Site Offers Secure and Confidential Paper Shredding Solution for Medical Records

LogoAn independent paper shredding company in the UK, Shred-on-Site offers secure and confidential medical records shredding services to medical professionals across the UK. Their medical records shredding services help hospital and medical professionals reduce the risk of unauthorised access to their sensitive data. Their medical records shredding services are always conducted at the customers' site. The company has a wide range of receptacles in variety of shapes, sizes and colours to your offices environment. They conveniently and discreetly place you chosen receptacles in your office. Their services cater for everything ranging from doctors' surgeries, private clinics, NHS institutions and NHS bodies to hospitals and local health authorities across London and the South East of England. Shred-on-Site's Medical Record Shredding Solution can help to:

Find and Book the Most Unique Event Spaces? in London at an all-in-one event management platform helps event planners and individuals to find and book the most unique venues for their event. The online portal showcases hundreds of premier venues from across London with real time availability and pricing. No matter what event you're planning to organise, this online platform will help you find the ideal space. Whether you're looking for a space to hold your conference, wedding reception, birthday dinner, or business meeting, we've got you covered. The company is dedicated to help you find the perfect venue, in the right location, on your preferred dates and at the right budget.

Spanish Hotel Chain Boosts Productivity and Connectivity with eRevMax

Actahotels recommends RateTiger for rate and availability distribution

The Handmade Cake Company Offers a Wide Range of Vegan Cakes in a Variety of Sizes and Flavours

The Handmade Cake Company, one of the leading coffee shop cake suppliers in the UK, offers a wide range of vegan cakes. These cakes are baked in a segregated gluten free bakery that is licenced by Coeliac UK. All of their vegan cakes are baked in a segregated gluten free bakery that is licenced by Coeliac UK. All of their Gluten Free & Vegan cakes taste great and have won 10 Great Taste Awards. The complete range is available in variety of tastes & flavours and are appreciated for freshness and longer shelf life.

The RG Group Offers Commercial Construction Services Designed to Fulfil the Needs of Every Client

Commercial construction is very different from residential. A commercial construction project requires a lot of planning, direction, regulation, and supervision from early development to completion. The success of commercial construction project depends on consistent communication between architects, engineers and the construction contractor.

Tarzan Tree Services Is Currently Offering Tree Stump Removal and Grinding Services

Tarzan Tree Services is currently scheduling appointments for tree and stump removal and grinding services throughout December and the new year. For almost twenty years, the veteran-led business has offered environmentally friendly and efficient tree stump removals across Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas. Their team has recently discussed the benefits of tree stump grinding for home and business owners.

High Net Worth New York Divorce Battle Will Be Resolved Through Liquidation of Nine Figure Art Collection

LogoAfter 50 years of marriage, Harry and his wife Linda filed for divorce in 2016. Since then, the proceedings have dragged on—at times getting ugly. Now, The New York Times, reports that Mr. Macklowe and his ex-wife Linda are set to resolve their divorce dispute by liquidating one of the world's most valuable art collections.

Pennsylvania State Representative Jared Solomon and Gary Barbera Team Up on Christmas Eve to Secret Santa in Local Northeast Area Oxford Circle

LogoA local family needed some Christmas help this holiday season so they turned to Pennsylvania State Representative Jared Solomon and Gary Barbera.

Tarzan Tree Service Provides Emergency Tree Services

After a storm or accident, even the sturdiest tree can become a liability hazard. Tarzan Tree Service provides careful and professional emergency tree services after a storm or other hazard.

The Tailored Man Offers Professional Clothing Alterations for Gentlemen Resolving to Lose Weight in the New Year

As the calendar turns and people everywhere set new goals for what they want to accomplish in their personal and professional lives in the new year, gentlemen who have resolved to lose weight in 2020 know they can turn to The Tailored Man for professional clothing alterations in Washington, DC, and the surrounding region.

American Health Care Academy Is Offering Accredited CPR Certification Online

LogoAmerican Health Care Academy provides professional, high-quality, and updated online health courses of training. Their mission is to promote and improve the health and well-being of persons and communities. Their primary goal is to prepare people to save lives. Their nationally-accredited courses like First Aid and CPR are created to promote theory development and offer constant education and practice for students. Their course curriculum is perpetually assessed and updated to be in accord with the evolving research and national standards. Besides, their instructors have passed all American Heart Association and OSHA courses.

Cowan Investigations Provides Clients with Expert Private Background Investigations in Bergen County, NJ

Background checks are an integral part of any private investigator's repertoire and are essential in most types of private investigations. Unfortunately, many people choose to use online background check services that are cheap and provide only basic information about their subjects. In this automated and technologically-advanced society, reliance on the internet is more than apparent, but some services still need a human touch. At Cowan Investigations, top background investigators in Bergen County, NJ, Atlantic County, and Camden County, among other nearby areas, are skilled at finding information about any subject for any of their clients.

The Law Office of Zapicchi & Liller LLP Currently Booking Clients for the New Year

For a decade, the Law Office of Zapicchi & Liller LLP has provided top legal representation for a litany of defense cases spanning five specializations for clients throughout New Jersey, including municipal, DUI/DWI, criminal, real estate, and family law. This team of attorneys believes that the law should protect the people's rights, each lawyer working hard to uphold the law and ensure that all clients receive fair treatment. With offices in Hamilton, NJ, the Law Office of Zapicchi & Liller LLP, is committed to high-quality legal services for local clients who are timely and effective.

The Law Office of Zapicchi & Liller LLP Offering Professional Legal Representation for Criminal Law Cases in the New Year

The American Constitution grants equal rights to all people, regardless of ethnicity, religion, etc., and the lawyers at the Law Office of Zapicchi & Liller LLP continue to uphold that view in every criminal law case and settlement they take. In criminal law, it is up to the legislature to determine the punishment for crimes, including prison sentences, fines, and probation assignments; it is up to the defendant's lawyer to uphold the law and the rights of the accused. With over a decade of legal defense experience and an impressive success record, their legal team stands up for the rights of both the victims and the accused.

The Tailored Man Offers Tips for Building a New Wardrobe in the New Year

Men who consider themselves "fashion challenged" but would like to start dressing better in the new year will find the guidance they need at The Tailored Man, the go-to destination for bespoke suits and professional clothing alterations in Washington, DC, and the surrounding region.

Varsity Base Announces Creative Partnership with New York Singer NicKey Stringz

LogoToday announces its latest creative collaboration with up and coming artist from New York, NicKey Strings. VarsityBase is launching a limited edition sports jacket designed by NicKey to celebrate his music and Jamaican roots.

QS Fencing Helps Consumers with Questions to Ask when Hiring a Fence Installer in Vancouver

LogoGet an accurate quote on fence installation in Vancouver by identifying key objectives

Damas Turk Real Estate Company Provides the Latest Properties for Sale in Istanbul and Across Turkey Cities

LogoDamas Turk Real Estate Company has earned the top spot when it comes to Turkey's real estate solutions for its dedication to providing local and international investors with unique solutions. The company enjoys the leadership of competent management and a team of passionate professionals who understand their mandates and customer expectations. Damas Turk Real Estate Company further enjoys vast experience working with a global range of customers and adheres to the high standards expected of the real estate industry.

Huft Heating & Air Conditioning Provides Highly Satisfying Services Related to HVAC in Sacramento

LogoHuft Heating & Air Conditioning specializes in providing high-quality and affordable HVAC services in Sacramento, CA.

Quality Credit Repair Offers Clarification on the Effects of Hard & Soft Credit Report Inquiries

LogoQuality Credit Repair is a bankruptcy debt counseling and credit assistance agency in the Philadelphia area that provides help to those looking to improve their credit scores, organize payments, and more. They are committed to their clients, and they are showing their dedication by offering some insight and advice on debt management and credit reporting. One of the most misunderstood aspects of credit reporting is the use and effects of credit report inquiries by different companies each year. Sometimes some inquiries will hurt credit scores while others will do nothing at all, leading to confusion and frustration. Fortunately, Quality Credit Repair understands everything about credit reporting and can offer some information to clarify the effects and other differences of these inquiries.

New Mental Health Talk Show Comes to YouTube Aimed to Help Improve Mental Health Awareness

LogoMany studies show the impact of stigmas and discrimination toward those with mental illnesses and the misconceptions associated with mental health; changing how society and cultures view mental health and those with mental illness can improve the quality of life for all.

JRE Private Limited Supplying Quality Backed Specialized Rubber Hoses for Several Industrial Uses

LogoJRE Private Limited is manufacturing and providing high-quality, durable and safety-oriented rubber hoses for a wide variety of special applications in industries of all types.