Press Releases From 08/30/2020 Until 10/27/2020

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Aircraft Cabin Interiors Market Worth $32.7 Billion by 2025

LogoAircraft Cabin Interiors Market by Type (Aircraft Seating, IFEC, Aircraft Cabin Lighting, Aircraft Galley, Aircraft Lavatory, Aircraft Windows & Windshields, Aircraft Interior Panels), End User, Aircraft Type, Material, Region - Global Forecast 2025

Mango Animate Prides Itself on Creativity when Making Animated Video Ads

LogoMango Animate is rising from thousands of software companies with its newest and greatest offering, Mango Animation Maker. To make an animated video ad that resonates with any type of audience, Mango Animation Maker offers a diverse range of templates that can work in any industry, giving users an unparalleled experience compared to other software. 

Mango Animate Aims to Be the No.1 Animation Video Software of 2020

LogoCompanies are creating innovative solutions towards helping individuals and businesses connect better with their respective audiences. One of such is the latest product from Mango Animate, known as Mango Animation Maker. It offers a wide range of tools and features for designing exciting animation videos for interactive teaching, business marketing, product promotion, sales and advertising among many other purposes.

Logistics and Supply Chain Jobs in Asia – Resilient, Ambitious Professionals Are the Key to Ensuring Business Success in the Industry

LogoLogistics and supply chain companies around the world have been impacted by recent disruptions in the economic climate. This has been no exception to Hong Kong, Yuen Long Kau Hui, Kowloon and Tseun Wan, with these cities feeling immense pressure to enhance their talent acquisition to ensure their logistics and supply chain force do not fall into disrepair. DSJ Global have made it their priority to find a solution for the market’s challenge of securing the brightest minds to drive businesses forward.

Logistics and Procurement Recruiters in Hong Kong – Challenging Ambitious Professionals

LogoProfessionals in the logistics and procurement sector have a large impact on ethical and social changes in the world, from ensuring materials are obtained from decent sources to helping manage complex, strategic processes. Businesses across Hong Kong and Asia are experiencing the turbulence caused by the current challenging times. From Kowloon, Tsuen Wan and Yuen Long Kau Hui the search for talented individuals who can direct businesses into the fast lane and ensure their success and growth is vital. DSJ Global have top of the range consultants working with a global network of professionals to reassure their clients that their talent acquisition is in safe hands.

Nonwoven Fabrics Market Worth $53.5 Billion by 2025, Growing at a CAGR of 5.7%

LogoMajor Players in Nonwoven Fabrics Market are Ahlstrom-Munksjo (Finland), Berry Global Inc. (US), Glatfelter Company (US), DuPont (US), Lydall Inc. (US), Fitesa (Brazil), TWE Group (Germany), Freudenberg Group (Germany), PFNonwovens (Czech Republic), among many others.

Dual Chamber Prefilled Syringes Market Worth $182 Million by 2025 : Growing at a CAGR of 6.8%

LogoKey players in the Dual Chamber Prefilled Syringes Market are Nipro Corporation (Japan), Gerresheimer AG (Germany), Vetter Pharma (Germany), Credence Medsystems (US), MAEDA INDUSTRY (Japan), and Arte Corporation (Japan). Very few companies have adopted strategies to enhance their growth in the market.

Logistics and Supply Chain Recruitment in Germany – For Flexible Professionals with Technological Expertise

LogoThe demand for news skills in supply chain talent is high in Germany, with advances in technology such as artificial intelligence and real-time data. Germany is at the heart of logistics and supply chain companies in Europe and leads the way in providing opportunities for convenient distribution across the continent with access to its estimated 500 million consumers. The COVID-19 pandemic has issued a warning to many logistics and supply chain companies to build strong, unfaltering teams who can work against the current to ensure global disruption does little to deter the supply chain process. DSJ Global provides a firm foundation of expert consultants who are highly trained in their field within the industry.

Senior Procurement Careers in Deutschland – The Driving Force of Industry Success

LogoProcurement professionals have made large strides in the world, from building long lasting relationships in the industry to developing strategic supply chain management in challenging situations. DSJ Global understand the need to professionals in this sector to provide innovative change with the ability to familiarise themselves quickly with advances in new technologies such as automation and artificial intelligence.

Logistics and Procurement Recruiters in the UK – Conquering the Challenge of Talent Acquisition Across the UK

LogoDSJ Global have been leading specialists in the recruitment for logistics and procurement recruiters in the London, Birmingham and Manchester. The firm takes care of talent acquisition, one of the market’s most significant challenges. With the added pressure of disruption caused by COVID-19, logistics and procurement companies globally are searching for the right professionals to master the complex, challenging sector.

Senior Logistics Jobs in London – Progression for Senior Leaders During a Challenging Economic Climate.

LogoLondon is the epicentre of technological change within Europe, transforming the landscape for many other cities worldwide to follow. However, the city and many others in the UK including Manchester and Birmingham have experienced severe disruption due to this change in the traditional services. The migration to customised manufacturing, the physical internet and crowd sharing have caused the logistics industry to have to adapt at a rapid rate, adjusting to new customer expectations and differing business models which go against the traditional wavelength of the industry. This challenging time is also an exciting time to join London’s logistics workforce, particularly for the chance to enhance skills involving new technology and to learn about new market entrants.

IT and Technology Jobs on Deutschland – Valuable Hiring Solutions to Ensure the Tech Industry Thrives

LogoTech companies and professionals are facing the pressure of the necessity to make valuable hiring decisions to positively impact their business model. The new wave of technological advances has shifted the traditional management of many sectors within the tech industry, resulting in high demand for ambitious professionals to join the workforce and help to maintain results.

Aaron William Benjamin Will Be UAE's Next Prospect for IPL

Aaron William Benjamin is the next big thing to come out of the United Arab Emirates and more so the Middle East. Racking up so many wickets in his still young international career, his future looks very bright.

Peruzzi Collision Center Provides Comprehensive Auto Glass Repair

Though much of the country is continuing to fight back against the spread of COVID-19 by limiting nonessential travel, the unfortunate truth is that a collision can occur at any time. Peruzzi Collision Center is proud to continue providing comprehensive auto glass repair and other collision repair services in Levittown, PA and beyond.

High-Intensity Interval Training Trend Is a Total-Body Fitness Option for Busy Lifestyles

The Fitness industry in Europe is enormous, second only in terms of revenue to North America. Europeans have widely embraced fitness, pouring their assets into fitness clubs, personal training, and especially gear and equipment such that countries like Germany are seeing revenue in excess of 5bn EUR annually.

Cyber Security Careers in Germany – An Industry in High Demand of Maintaining Cybersecurity Talent

LogoThis year has seen a drastic increase in the demand for cyber security professionals, largely due to the move from professionals working in office to working from home. Companies have had to invest heavily in cyber security procedures to ensure business critical information is protected during the work from home period which is set to last longer than anyone could have anticipated.

Nova Electric's New Rugged 240 VDC DC-AC Inverters for Steel Mill Applications

LogoNova's new Galaxy Series Rugged 240 VDC Inverters are specifically designed for utility, military, and harsh environment applications, and feature an optional advanced Internal Suppression Filter Network (ISFN) to suppress the significant transients usually associated with these types of conditions. Rack mount models are available in both rack mount and floor or wall mount cabinet configurations, from 1-30+ KW. They can be built to meet MIL-STD-810, MIL-S-901, MIL-STD-1472, MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD-167 and other standards optionally. Transformer-isolated topology makes these Inverters suitable for very high inrush loads, such as motors and compressors. These models utilize the most durable components, offering maximum field-proven reliability, and are relied upon by countless utilities around the world.

Go Fishing in the Oceans of South Florida with THERAPY-IV

LogoSummer is a great time to be out on the waters of South Florida. Deep sea fishing in Miami provides tremendous fun for people of all ages and it is open no matter how experienced or inexperienced they may be. Some of the fish people may end up catching include the mahi-mahi, kingfish, bonito, or even the mako, to name a few.

Criminal Justice Reform Must Be Reformed to Be Effective

LogoIneffective Assistance of Counsel Causes Over Incarceration

IT and Technology Jobs in USA – Flexibility Through Innovation and Adaptation

LogoThe IT and technology sectors are facing immense change and disruption caused by innovation, competition and digitalisation of the world. Companies in the industry are having to think hard and fast about the moves they should make to ensure they stay afloat and thrive during the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Glocomms provides permanent, contract and multi-hire recruitment solutions from their global hubs across the world. They allow companies to have peace of mind when it comes to the challenge of talent acquisition today.

Cloud Infrastructure Careers in the USA – Possibility for Career Progression from Coast to Coast.

LogoCloud infrastructure careers are in high demand from coast to coast in the USA with companies undergoing drastic digital transformations needing a team of dedicated professionals to understand this new world of digitalisation. Cloud services are a large source of income for companies of all sizes in the US, a recent survey found that up to 70% of organisations were able to reinvest cloud savings back into their business.

Engineering Careers USA – An Exciting Time for Career Growth and Infrastructure Growth in the US

LogoLVI Associates are dedicated to helping secure business-critical talent for engineering companies across cities located in Boston and Dallas. The engineering sector plays a vital role in developing infrastructure techniques in the US which will have a sustainable development impact on the country. The firm, established in 2012, has built a network of successful engineers, project managers and business leaders to provide resources and contacts to assist in the talent acquisition process.'s Parking Deals for Chicago O'Hare International Airport Helps Budget-Conscious Travelers

LogoTravelers who have become budget-conscious because of the COVID-19 pandemic can now save more on parking fees. On Air Parking is offering premium parking deals for Chicago O'Hare International Airport for only $5.99 per day.

Infrastructure Jobs USA – Precise, Speedy Recruitment to Ensure Economic Stability in North America

LogoLVI Associates are leading the way for talent acquisition in the North American infrastructure sectors from a network of cities like Boston and Dallas by enabling the organisations they work with to have peace of mind when securing jobs for bright-minded professionals in North America. The wealth of knowledge held by the firm allows them to provide permanent, contract and multi-hire recruitment solutions to the US and a multitude of countries worldwide. The firm are dedicated to ensuring the recruitment process is handled with expertise, precision and speed to enable teams of infrastructure professionals to showcase their talent and increase America’s economic power.

KCS Partners with Leading Conversational AI Based Multilingual Bot Provider BotSupply to Create the CX for the Future

KCS, the leading digital transformation company, announced today a strategic partnership with BotSupply, a fast-growing Copenhagen-based startup delivering a unique chatbot platform, conversational UX and cutting-edge conversational AI. Through several implementations with Fortune 1000 brands across industries, BotSupply has helped create engaging and relevant customer experiences for clients around the globe.