Press Releases From 11/29/2020 Until 11/29/2020

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There's More Than One Way to Quit – It Doesn't Have to Be Cold Turkey

LogoIf the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has taught individuals anything, it is a better understanding of how the air breathed in and out of our lungs can affect us and those around us. Masking, social distancing, and quarantining -- all to keep a tiny virus out of lungs. Experts remind us that lungs can be vulnerable and need to be kept healthy so they can keep us healthy. One of the best ways to keep lungs healthy is to never smoke or vape. And if individuals do smoke or vape already, the best thing to do is to quit.

Mango Animate Designs Free Animation Software to Promote Business

LogoPromoting a business is vital if it is expected to do well. Today's consumer is more demanding and cannot be expected to be convinced to purchase by uninspired promotional ideas. A new wave is sweeping the advertising market in the form of animated videos. Mango Animate Animation Maker (Mango Animate AM), a free animation software program from technology company Mango Animate, is helping businesses take full advantage of the growing trend.

Financial Services Recruitment Hong Kong – A Wealth of Opportunity for the Right Professionals

LogoLook no further than Selby Jennings for all your recruitment needs for the financial services industry in Hong Kong.

Silver Automation Instruments Launches New Liquid Chemical Flow Meters

Silver Automation Instruments is pleased to present their all-new liquid chemical flow meters, chemical mass flow meters and flow meters for chemical feeders. Most application including the oil and gas industry needs chemical flow meters that are corrosion resistant. The fluids that are being pumped or measured might change but this process should not vary or alter the material. And the dosing flow meters are designed to resist the corrosion and bring out the liquid in the purest form. This equipment meets and exceeds any kind of requirements with regards to environmental corrosion resistance. Industries can reduce costs on regular maintenance. Launches New Automatic Spring Making Machines, the leading spring making machine manufacturer in China is pleased to launch the newest automatic spring making machine, CNC spring making machines and many others in this line of product. The CNC spring making machine can produce different springs inside the 0.2 to 2.3mm range. The machine is equipped with four servo motors that push the machine for cable feeding, camera moving, quill rotating and spinner turning. This system is widely used across industrial applications and preferred by several spring producers in China as well as rest of the world.

Corporate & Investment Banking Careers Hong Kong – A Fantastic Location to Work at the Forefront of the Chinese Investment Markets

LogoA career in corporate and investment banking involves working with a wide range of companies and clients from small start-ups to global powerhouses. You will have the opportunity to advise Hong Kong citizens on the best way to invest their money and help them achieve the financial goals they have dreamed of.

A New, Natural Way to Treat Headaches and Chronic Ear, Jaw, Face, Shoulder, and Back Pain Caused by Facial Asymmetry and Temporo Mandibular Joint Issues

Professor Dr. Luis Gavin – a leading international Speaker, Consultant Physician and Maxillofacial Surgeon from Spain – has developed a pioneering new understanding t for Headache, Ear, pain, Jaw and face pain, shoulder back stiffness and tenderness, and Temporo mandibular joint (TMJ) problems like jaw clicking and jaw locking, after dealing with hundreds of patients each year.