Press Releases From 02/01/2021 Until 04/20/2021

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Bankruptcy Can Affect Child Support. Carosella & Associates Are Here to Help

LogoFull-service law firm Carosella & Associates helps clients resolve issues surrounding child support and bankruptcy. Child support and alimony are non-dischargeable debt that must still be paid even if someone files for bankruptcy. They often take precedence over other debts when to comes to repayment. Although an automatic stay is usually placed on collection actions when filing for bankruptcy, it does not mean that collection of child support payments are halted.

Champion Classic & Muscle 15w-50 Motor Oil Is a Top-Tier Choice for Vintage Cars and Trucks

LogoChampion’s Classic & Muscle 15w50 Motor Oil is a favorite among car enthusiasts with hot rods, street rod, classic, vintage and older muscle car engines. This full synthetic motor oil is proven to provide more horsepower and torque than other leading brands of oils for older vehicles.

Champion Racing Oil's MWD Wins 4th Victory of the Season

LogoChampion Oil, a recognized leader in racing lubricants, congratulates Tyler Erb, who is a Champion Master Warehouse (MWD) distributor who sells Champion Racing Oil, became the first repeat winner with the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series this season after winning the Saturday feature at East Bay Raceway Park.

NASDAQ:COLM Shareholder Notice: Investigation over Potential Wrongdoing at Columbia Sportswear Company

LogoCertain directors of Columbia Sportswear Company are under investigation over potential breaches of fiduciary duties.

R1 RCM Inc. (NASDAQ:RCM) Investor Notice: Investigation over Potential Wrongdoing

LogoCertain directors of R1 RCM Inc was announced concerning potential breaches of fiduciary duties.

Royal Caribbean Group (NYSE:RCL) Long Term Investor Notice: Investigation of Potential Wrongdoing

LogoCertain directors of Royal Caribbean Group are under investigation concerning potential breaches of fiduciary duties.

Iowa Governor Reynolds Declares January 28 to Be Iowa Data Privacy Day

LogoFor the twelfth year in a row, Iowa’s governor has proclaimed January 28 to be Iowa Data Privacy Day, emphasizing the need for privacy education. Privacy and cybersecurity expert Rebecca Herold explored online privacy training during a pandemic with her guest Kim Hakim, a US Navy veteran and business leader focused on the cybersecurity space.

Rigel Finance: A Modern Day Cryptocurrency Platform for Individuals and Businesses

"Automated Market-Making Decentralized Exchange," this statement realizes itself with the five instruments available on the platform for the users. This includes RigelSwap Exchange, Rigel Liquidity Pools, RigelFinance Farms, RigelFinance Staking, and Rigel Wallet. Rigel Finance is built to become a strong, stable, and highly productive cryptocurrency platform for the users.

XChainz and Industry Leaders Are Driving a Blockchain-Based Digital Learning Revolution

Over the last decade, decentralized blockchain technology, also called distributed ledger technology, has been popularized for its tamper-proof and transparent nature. Blockchain has found its applications in multiple industries like finance, supply chain, e-commerce, healthcare, and most recently – education. The education industry has embraced blockchain technology and is making massive inroads in meeting a new set of learning needs. The nature of education has evolved quickly, as skills that are in demand today might not have as much value in the workforce, just a few years down the road.

New Book, "Do No Harm" Gives 5-Steps to Reduce Critical Incident Use of Force by Law Enforcement Organizations

Written to help bring hope to law enforcement organizations and the citizens they serve, a newly-released book cuts to the chase about police reform. Co-authored by a retired police chief, the book gives five proven, actionable steps to curb police brutality and improve community relations. First, the steps inspire the identification of values that the police and the community have in common. From there, the book underscores the importance of a strategic plan that incorporates those values with the vision of all concerned. With excellent communication, team accountability, and recognition of each success the result is a culture of understanding, resilience, and partnership for the greater good.

Popcorn Market to See Huge Growth by 2020-2026 : ConAgra, Weaver Popcorn, PepsiCo

LogoPopcorn Market Next Big Thing

Alkalife Announces Their Winning Slot on Best Review Guide's Top 10 pH Drops of 2021

Alkalife is pleased to announce that Best Reviews Guide has awarded them the number 1 designation on their Top 10 pH Drops of January 2021 round-up. Graded on a scale of 1 to 10, Alkalife edged out the 9 other pH drops on the list, winning its title with a near-perfect score of 9.6.

Buy4Less Tuxedo Helps Men Customize Their Look with Separates

When it comes to a formal event, women's gowns and sets tend to take up the majority of the conversation surrounding fashion. However, this doesn't mean that men need to stick with the same black tuxedos that all other patrons will be wearing — especially when they choose Buy4Less Tuxedo. The team at Buy4Less Tuxedo is proud to offer separate purchases in addition to standard tuxedo sets in order to help anyone preparing for a major event get in touch with their personal style.

Linwood Jackson Jr. Shows How to Maintain a Healthy Devotional Life in Latest Book

Author’s own struggle to love and accept himself inspired thought-provoking new book exploring the personalization of faith.

Optimum Financial & Tax Services Specializes in Bookkeeping Services in Elizabeth and Linden, New Jersey

LogoWhen it comes to availing bookkeeping services in Elizabeth and Linden, New Jersey, Optimum Financial & Tax Services Inc is the right place to approach.

Optimum Financial & Tax Services Performs Tax Filing in Elizabeth and Linden, New Jersey

LogoWhen it comes to finances, people and businesses need to be careful about maintaining accuracy in reporting profits and losses. Even the slightest mistake can badly impact the tax filing and future financial planning. Ignoring tax filing ahead of time means lots of trouble and last-minute filing stress that people have to undergo.

Park Press Printing Specializes in Vehicle Wraps in Brooklyn, New York

LogoVehicle wraps are used as a piece of demand for prominent business promotion. Many marketers and promoters are actively exploring this option and embracing it with full conviction. Part of their initiatives is directed at experimenting with the aesthetics essential for encouraging a leap in sales.

Park Press Printing Offers Quality Car Wraps in Brooklyn, New York

LogoGaining business success is not easy. Cut-throat competition and changing customer requirements have increasingly put pressure on businesses to stand apart. Park Press Printing has brought in custom car wraps in Brooklyn, New York, for their clients to make things easier for businesses.

Splash Away Pool and Spa Creates Custom Pools in Glen Heights and Mansfield, Texas

LogoTo add newness to the backyard and create a private oasis for themselves, homeowners are investing in custom pools in Glen Heights and Mansfield, Texas.

Splash Away Pool and Spa Recreates Magic by Designing Inground Pools in Glen Heights and Mansfield, Texas

LogoWhen a lot of cash goes into improvement, considering a little more for having an inground pool installed won't be an exaggerated idea. To accomplish this, one can use either the spacious backyard or front yard. Depending on budget and requirement, one may also add smart furnishing to make the pool stand out.

Crowson Law Group: A Top Vehicle Accident Law Firm, Provides Well-Versed Attorneys in Anchorage, Alaska

LogoCrowson Law Group is a private practice established to offer legal services to plaintiff clients who want to secure full and fair compensation for themselves due to injuries or property damages caused by another. Also, Crowson Law Group is based in Wasilla and Anchorage, with attorneys who are well-versed in many areas involving personal injury. These include vehicle accidents, aircraft accidents, motorcycle accidents, nursing home negligence, wrongful deaths, and more.

Davis SoRelle, P.C. Files Historic 2020 Federal Election Civil Rights Lawsuit

Notice is hereby given. A Civil Rights Lawsuit has been filed in the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas, Waco Division, by Plaintiffs representing affected voters in all fifty states. Plaintiffs allege Defendants Pete Sessions, Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, Mark Zuckerberg, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Brad Raffensperger, All Members of the 117th U.S. Congress, and other Defendants, acting in their personal capacities, conspired to violate multiple sections of The Civil Rights Act of 1960 and The Help America Vote Act of 2002 in the conduct of the 2020 Federal Election held on November 3rd 2020.

On Air Parking Relaunches Parking at Jacksonville International Airport (JAX)

LogoOn Air Parking, the traveler's 5-star choice for off-airport parking is relaunching their incredible parking deals for Jacksonville International Airport (JAX). Travelers to and from Jacksonville Florida can now enjoy parking at JAX for $3.90 per day. On Air Parking, through a simple reservation process, gives travelers guaranteed, safe off-airport parking at the best prices available.

Printing Industry Exchange, LLC: Providing Access to Quality Flyer Printing and Full Color Brochure Printing Services

Printing Industry Exchange, LLC’s platform avails print buyers the opportunity to get quality flyer printing services that are ideal for price lists, marketing collateral, product sheets, and more. They also connect print buyers with printers that offer full color brochure printing services that are inexpensive and efficient.

Printing Industry Exchange, LLC Offering Affordable Printing Services Online

Printing Industry Exchange, LLC is one of the leading service providers that connects print buyers with potential printing companies. The company is a very efficient and affordable service provider, acting as a possible connecting link.