Press Releases From 10/27/2021 Until 10/27/2021

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Supply Chain Issues Risks an Inflation Impact on Markets and Monetary Policy

LogoPetrol shortages in the UK have caused a lot of frustration for drivers - and also for suppliers - but has this really had any kind of measurable impact on investment markets? The major factor that could trigger this is inflation. Given recent circumstances there is a real risk that higher inflation could become a more persistent threat and that may well result in central banks prematurely tightening monetary policy - that is where the major issue for markets could lie. The challenges surrounding keeping inflation under control have been put under extra pressure by the supply chain problems this month and last, including production bottlenecks and a shortage of labour.

New Multi-Currency Solutions for International Transactions

LogoThe world of financial technology is always evolving, driven by the necessity of creating new solutions to old obstacles and user needs. Clearbank is a cloud-based clearing bank that already has well established API-driven technology and Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) and has recently announced an expansion. This comes in the form of a new multi-currency approach that is designed to reduce friction, allowing international transactions and offering UK and European based small businesses more options when it comes to multi-currency bank accounts and FX solutions.

The Semiconductor Shortage Continues to Present Problems for the Manufacturing Industry

LogoThe current semiconductor chip shortage is having a big impact on industries such as automotive and considerably slowing down manufacturing in many areas. However, this isn't just about the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic but the problems that also exist within the semiconductor industry structure and influences such as geopolitical tensions and a whole range of market trends. As a result of the convergence of all these different elements, now is the ideal time for industries such as automotive to look at how better visibility could be achieved with manufacturing suppliers and partners so that there is absolute transparency when it comes to supply chains.

Innovation and Investment in the European Life Sciences Ecosystem

LogoA new advocacy organisation has been revealed with a focus on driving innovation and investment in healthcare across Europe. The Life Sciences Acceleration Alliance is a non-profit coalition that will have as its mission to advocate for policies that help to create a more robust early-stage life sciences ecosystem in Europe and which encourage further innovation. The collaboration will be based in Germany, France and the UK, where it will have three key hubs. The alliance is going to have two main functions, the first of which will be to bring together panels of experts who will be able to share insights and essential research with targeted stakeholders.

The Supply Chain Crisis in the UK

LogoThe supply chain crisis in the UK has created a lot of frustration for both customers and suppliers - other than the pandemic there has never been a timelier reminder that a single series of events can completely turn life on its head. The past year has shown us just how important a resilient supply chain is but the frequent disruptions have been worrying. While the recent fuel crisis can be attributed in part to the after effects of Brexit, plus the disruption to HGV training that came from COVID, there are also other factors that have had an influence.

The UK Appoints New Supply Chain Advisor

LogoIn the wake of the supply chain crisis that has hit the UK in recent weeks the government has taken the step of putting someone in an advisory role for this essential infrastructure. Sir David Lewis, who is the former CEO of Tesco, has been appointed as the government's Supply Chain Advisor. His role will be to provide advice on any improvements that can be made to the current situation, as well as longer term changes that will be necessary to ensure resilience.

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Suffer Outages

LogoFacebook, Instagram and WhatsApp all recently suffered an unprecedented outage that left many users not only feeling rather bereft but also without access to what they consider to be essential services. The problems arose from an error during routine maintenance of the social media giant's data centres, which triggered a six-hour outage across all its platforms and a very public global meltdown.

Sky Glass Takes on Streaming Giants

LogoSky Glass is an innovative new product from the media giant that is designed to give millions of people access to its services without the need to find a way to attach a satellite dish to their home. It's the biggest product launch by Sky since it was bought by Comcast and has been earmarked as a watershed moment in terms of the development of the business in the years to come. Many people view this new product launch as a move by Sky to take on the big streaming providers, such as Netflix, especially when it comes to integrating direct access to this service via technology.

London Chartered Surveyors Offers in-Depth Survey Services for Commercial Properties Anywhere in London

LogoLondon Chartered Surveyors, a professional chartered surveyor firm, provides commercial building survey services with a detailed report on the state of the building, identifying any issues, describing its current state, and advising on any maintenance that may be needed in the future. The survey services are ideal for those looking to purchase a commercial property anywhere in London.

Servnet Offers Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions to a Variety of Businesses in the UK

LogoServnet, an unrivalled data storage and data management solutions provider in the UK, offers data backup and disaster recovery solutions to a variety of clients including large blue-chip companies, government institutes, healthcare providers and small-to-medium sized businesses. Their data backup and disaster recovery solutions protect businesses from significant loss of data and revenue caused due to different mishaps like human error, hardware failure, hacking and malware and environmental disaster.

London Chartered Surveyors Provides Property Valuations for Assessing the Value of Residential Properties

LogoA well-renowned property surveyor, London Chartered Surveyors provides property valuations for assessing the value of residential properties. Property valuations are performed to estimate the correct value of any property, based on its size, location and condition and valuations and assessments done by London Chartered Surveyors equips owners with enough information required to make informed decisions. Their services are quite useful for those who need a property valuation for selling their property, calculating tax, lease extension, settlement, insurance purposes, legal proceedings and more.

Goodharts Solicitors Limited Offers Business Debt Recovery Services with Fast and Effective Results

LogoGoodharts Solicitors Limited, one of the trustworthy employment solicitors in the UK, offers debt recovery services to help businesses recover from their debts as quickly as possible. Fast and effective, their debt recovery services are aimed at reducing legal costs while increasing cash flow in the long run. They have an outstanding team of highly skilled and talented solicitors who are well-versed in different laws and rules for each individual state, as well as federal laws.

AVO Fence & Supply Announces New Distribution Agreement with Locinox

LogoAVO Fence & Supply, New England-based fence manufacturer since 1975, announces a new distribution agreement with Locinox. From industrial hinges to gate hardware, a variety of Locinox products will be available for purchase on the AVO Fence & Supply website for both homeowners and contractors located in the New England area.

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Virtual Classroom Market Size, Share : Global Report with Key Players Analysis – Blackboard, Newrow, D2L, McGraw-Hill, CrossKnowledge

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Software over the Air Market 2021 Global Key Players, Size, Trends, Applications & Growth Opportunities - Analysis to 2027

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Digital MRO Market 2021 Global Key Players, Size, Trends, Applications & Growth Opportunities - Analysis to 2027

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Gennovacap and Celerik Partner to Offer DevOps as a Service

LogoGennovacap is expanding services and adding DevOps as a Service into its offering. The Texas-based tech services company also announced a new partnership with Celerik. Celerik will help support the devops consulting practice to reach even more businesses and brands.

NASDAQ:LGVN Investor Notice: Deadline on November 12, 2021 in Lawsuit Against Longeveron Inc.

LogoThe Shareholders Foundation announced that a deadline is coming up on November 12, 2021 in the lawsuit filed for certain investors of Longeveron Inc. (NASDAQ:LGVN).

Forte Biosciences, Inc. (NASDAQ:FBRX) Shareholder Notice: Investigation over Potential Wrongdoing

LogoAn investigation was announced over potential breaches of fiduciary duties by certain directors at Forte Biosciences, Inc.

NYSE:ZEV Investor Notice: Lawsuit Alleges Securities Laws Violations by Lightning eMotors, Inc.

LogoAn investor, who purchased shares of Lightning eMotors, Inc. (NYSE:ZEV), filed a lawsuit over alleged violations of Federal Securities Laws by Lightning eMotors, Inc. f/k/a GigCapital3, Inc.

NASDAQ:ORGO Shareholder Notice: Investigation over Possible Securities Laws Violations by Organogenesis Holdings Inc.

LogoOrganogenesis Holdings Inc is under investigation concerning potential securities laws violations in connection with certain financial statements.