Press Releases From 11/29/2021 Until 11/29/2021

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Brock Taylor Provides Expert Professional Advice on Selling and Buying Residential Property

LogoA leading real estate agency in Horsham, Brock Taylor provides expert professional advice on selling and buying residential property. Several factors can have a marked effect on property value and any unpredictable increase or decrease can cause severe losses for homeowners or investors. As a neutral property evaluator, Brock Taylor provides accurate and honest evaluations to assist clients' investment decisions while selling or buying property. Professional appraisals of property-related investments can help minimise risks and enable individuals to make informed decisions.

Pulse Cashflow Finance Ltd Offers Invoice Factoring Services to Help Make Business Plans a Reality

LogoA leading invoice finance broker, Pulse Cashflow Finance Ltd offers invoice factoring services to help make business plans a reality. The company can help businesses refocus on running tasks, as a dedicated credit controller Pulse Cashflow Finance Ltd will take care of your sales ledger. Their services can help ease the strain on businesses by releasing funds from unpaid invoices while their expert credit management team looks after the collection of payments on your behalf. With their solution, businesses can have the full support of a dedicated relationship manager and access to their own online account.

Scott Fleary Offers Theatre Lighting Solutions with the Highest Lighting Technology

LogoA well-renowned creative construction company, Scott Fleary offers theatre lighting solutions to develop and create the client's vision. Whether it's a classic old lantern or the latest moving lights and low-energy LED fixtures, they work closely with each client in order to provide a solution that's perfect for them and create the perfect atmosphere on stage. The company offers a variety of lighting solutions to suit any kind of event stage to meet the project needs of their clients.

Omega Equine Provides Hoof Supplements for Horses in a Variety of Packaging Options

LogoA leading provider of horse feed supplements, Omega Equine offer hoof supplements for horses in a variety of packaging options. The hoof supplement they provide helps horses contend with many things throughout the year like the ever-changing weather, fluctuating grazing quality, and tough trading ground. They provide an inclusive range of supplements and formulations, specifically tailored for the benefit of equine hoof care. A regular application of their tailored supplements can ensure the hooves are adequately nourished and visibly moisturised.

The Handmade Cake Company Provides a Variety of Round Cakes Across the UK and Europe

One of the most well renowned bakeries in the UK, the Handmade Cake Company provides the most indulgent round cakes for every occasion. Their cakes are prepared by hand with undivided attention to ensure consistent texture and flavour, gorgeously garnished to perfection. Being one of the largest cake suppliers for coffee shops, their cakes are always in demand with flavours ranging from traditional to the most modern and unique ones. Made with trusted and high-quality ingredients, their cakes are prepared without using cake mixes or preservatives.

Carpigiani UK Ltd Offers Soft Serve Machines, High Quality Build and Unrivaled Performance

LogoA world-renowned ice cream machine dealer, Carpigiani UK Ltd offers soft serve machines that are known for high quality build and optimum performance. A trusted supplier for decades, their machines are of the finest quality equipped with world-class features, offering delicious soft serve ice creams all over the globe. Their soft serve machines provide users with ice cream that is consistent and creamy in a matter of minutes. Their machines are user-friendly and deliver quick results with expert precision and quality, making the most out of freshly prepared ingredients.

ILS World Offers Crypto Consultancy Services with the Utmost Reliability and Professionalism

LogoILS World, an independent fiduciary services company, offers a wide range of Crypto consultancy services with experienced crypto investors and advisers. They help clients not only to invest in cryptocurrency but also to capitalize on the opportunities offered by this emerging asset class. The crypto consultancy service they offer is designed to give you the guidance to make your own informed investments so that you can continue to grow your portfolio.

TTP Financial Compensation Offers Claims Management Services for People with Mis-Sold Financial Products

LogoA well-renowned financial claims manager, TTP Financial Compensation offers claims management services for people who have been sold mis-sold financial products. They have financial experts available on-hand to check whether the advice received by individuals was suitable for them and that they were treated fairly. If they determine the advice wasn't appropriate, the company submits a claim against the advisor on the behalf of individuals. They then help individuals gain appropriate compensation for any losses incurred.

Natural Umber Offers Natural Umber Apple Cider Vinegar Made with 100% Organic Apples

LogoA well-renowned provider of apple cider vinegar, Natural Umber offers natural umber apple cider vinegar made using 100% organic apples. The company makes traditional cider vinegar fermented from cider apples to ensure that the vinegar retains the natural sweetness of apples. The organic apple cider vinegar contains greater quantities of antioxidants and tannins which can be extremely beneficial for your health. Named after its distinctive colours, the vinegar reflects the earthy tones of the soil in which the apples are grown and is unlike any apple cider vinegar you may have tasted before. Provides Elegant and Unique Wedding Venues Across Prime Locations in London

LogoOne of the most popular event planning websites, provides elegant and unique wedding venues across prime locations in London. Their platform simplifies event planning by providing access to a wide range of wedding and party venues. Event planners can search and check out the locations they prefer, request a quote, and then finalise the venue directly on the website. Through their website, organisers can also book florists, caterers, photography, and many other services, making event planning and organising a hassle-free affair.

Nant Ltd Offers a Comprehensive Range of Water Safety Services to Different Industries in the UK

LogoNant Ltd provides a comprehensive range of water safety services to businesses operating across a range of core sectors including care homes, educational organisations, hotels & leisure and local authorities. To create a bespoke water safety plan for their clients, they follow a tried-and-tested four-step process, which includes consultation, risk assessment, report and plan, implementation, monitoring and reviewing.

MyTinni Offers the Margarita Pamplemousse, a Delectably Refreshing Drink

LogoA well-renowned canned cocktails company in the UK, MyTinni offers the Margarita Pamplemousse that is known as one of the best refreshing drinks available today. The vibrant and bittersweet taste of the cocktails is created with fresh ingredients sourced from the finest locations across the globe mixed together with expert craftsmanship. With a major focus on flavour, they have created a rather special range of cocktails that taste as if made by people's favourite barman. They create canned cocktails that are delicious in taste, and minimal in effort, as if you'd just stepped away from the bar.

NASDAQ: TMC Investor Notice: Lawsuit Alleges Securities Laws Violations by TMC the Metals Company Inc.

LogoA lawsuit was filed on behalf of investors in TMC the metals company Inc. (NASDAQ: TMC) shares over alleged securities laws violations.

NYSE: PSFE Investor Notice: Investigation over Possible Securities Laws Violations by Paysafe Limited

LogoAn investigation for investors in Paysafe Limited (NYSE: PSFE) shares over potential securities laws violations by Paysafe Limited was announced.

NASDAQ: AVTX Investor Notice: Investigation over Potential Wrongdoing at Avalo Therapeutics, Inc f.k.a. Cerecor Inc

LogoAn investigation on behalf of investors in Avalo Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: AVTX) shares over potential wrongdoing at Avalo Therapeutics, Inc. was announced.

Decentralized Trials and Telemedicine Research Accelerated During COVID-19 Pandemic

LogoWhile the first sign of the pandemic in many industries was an increase in activity, in the world of R&D jobs in pharma it was when nothing happened at all. The usual supply of clinical data simply disappeared as lockdowns forced people to stay at home and made normal structures and circumstances impossible. 40% of life sciences companies had to delay or cancel a study as a result of the conditions that were triggered by the pandemic and this has forced a rethink in terms of the way that clinical studies happen going forward.

More Patient-Centric Healthcare Is Vital as We Move Into 2022

LogoMedical affairs is an area of life sciences that continues to evolve, particularly given the shifting regulatory landscape that affects the way that the real-world applications of drugs can be communicated. A 2020 report by McKinsey & Company suggested that this is such a vital area that the relevance of medical affairs be accelerated to improve patient access to, and ensure optimal engagement with, treatment. The report identified a number of key ways in which this could be achieved, including integrating more patient-centric healthcare by creating partnerships with a wider range of healthcare stakeholders and also focusing on targeted recruitment.

Digitization Is Defining a New Era for the Pharmacovigilance Sector

LogoBeing able to monitor adverse drug reactions is vital to the ongoing development of the life sciences sector and something that is a focus for patients, clinicians and regulatory agencies. Data is vital to this process - the collection of real-world data can inform everything, from black box warnings to drugs being withdrawn from the market as a result of pharmacovigilance processes. Today, there is a wealth of technology to make this system even more effective and this digitization is defining a new era in pharmacovigilance careers. From spontaneous reporting databases to social media surveillance, the use of digital devices and electronic health record monitoring, there are many opportunities to improve efficiency and accuracy in this field.

.NET Tech Community Forums Aid Progress and Developments

LogoProgress and keeping up with the latest developments are vital to those in development engineering jobs, as well as organizations looking to expand and grow in the tech world. A new community launched by Microsoft could be vital to collaboration and progress across the tech sector. The .NET Tech Community Forums are designed for all .NET developer topics and chats - users can create chats and collaborations around any subject that interests them. Updates are then received on a regular basis via the user's homepage or via email or RSS feeds.

Modular Construction Trend Supports Rapid Urbanization

LogoModular construction is a burgeoning trend thanks to rapid urbanization across the world as well as a rise in demand for building methods that are greener and more sustainable. In 2020, the Global Modular Construction Market was valued at USD 95.49 billion and this is projected to rise to more than USD 140 billion by 2027. As affordability begins to bite for many construction projects there is also a need to be able to integrate more complex design and this is where modular construction has many advantages. It tends to be not only a more cost-effective construction process but also one that is easier to manage and which can significantly reduce the volume of labor that is required on-site.

Aeration Represents a Major Cost to Wastewater Plants

LogoWastewater treatment is a vital process, one that can have many challenges - and cost is often one of the biggest. Using aeration technology can have multiple benefits, whether that relates to performance, reliability or energy efficiency. Proper aeration is a crucial part of the process, as it will ensure that organic compounds are biologically decomposed. The air itself is, of course, a free resource. However, aeration systems can be incredibly costly, not just in terms of paying for the infrastructure but also the energy - new research has revealed that aeration can account for up to 90% of the energy costs of a wastewater plant. Different plants tend to have a range of different aeration needs and these are generally met either by surface aeration or air being introduced at the bottom of a tank, with the former often the more costly option.

October Proved to Be a Bumper Month for Crypto

LogoOctober was a pretty impressive month for cryptocurrencies - the most well-known of all, Bitcoin, enjoyed a 40% spike and many others also pushed up to reach an all-time high. The Shiba Inu coin, for example, gained more than 800% during the month. Shiba Inu coin was created as a spin-off from the Dogecoin but overtook the original by a long way thanks to October's incredible activity. There's no doubt that Bitcoin changed the financial world forever when it was invented in 2009 and it now has the potential to dominate the balance sheets of corporate America too.

Tight Talent Markets Lead to Discretionary Special Bonuses

LogoTimes have been lean for everyone at moments over the past year but, as we come round to the bonus season once again, it seems like there is a much more positive outcome to look forward to. Tight talent markets in locations such as New York and London have meant that firms are introducing discretionary special bonuses that are designed to act as an incentive to keep hold of those who might otherwise be looking elsewhere for great benefits and higher salaries. Paul Weiss has already announced that it intends to pay these discretionary special bonuses, which will be received by those lucky enough to deserve them, on top of the regular bonuses for the end of the year.

Smart Manufacturing Innovation Is Sweeping the US

LogoSmart manufacturing is accelerating across the USA, as organizations seek to achieve greater efficiencies and explore the opportunities that technology and innovation can create. Key to the speed at which smart manufacturing is able to develop is the level of education within the industry. Two organizations looking to tackle this are SME, a non-profit professional association dedicated to advancing manufacturing, and CESMII – The Smart Manufacturing Institute, which together have formed a collaboration, combining their resources, to help businesses begin to invest more in the smart manufacturing approach.

Logistics Enterprises Best Practices to Fight Cyber Crime

LogoCloud computing and the Internet of Things there are now many more places where organizations might be vulnerable. For logistics businesses, there are three best practice principles that could help to protect and avoid an unnecessary breach. The first step is to ensure that security is being integrated into every part of an organization - this will require increased collaboration between IT teams and business leaders to push this to the top of the priority list.