Yindi Day Spa

Are You Feeling Stressed? Then Do What the Stars Do and Take a Day Spa Timeout

Feeling tired, exhausted or stressed? A Day Spa could be just the thing you need.


Katoomba, Australia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/22/2014 -- The pace of today's busy schedules can wreak havoc on our sense of wellbeing. However, there is one way to counter the negative effects of this crazy pace. Visit a Day Spa. Day Spas are set up to be a virtual oasis in a crazy world. A real sanctuary where you can escape and unwind.

One such place is the award winning Yindi Day Spa in Katoomba Blue Mountains New South Wales. Purpose built and featuring a beautiful fit out with the latest equipment YINDI has a relaxing ambiance that refreshes as soon as you enter.

Amanda Hamilton, proprietor of YINDI explains:
"A Day Spa is a place to really recharge your batteries. To reach a level of relaxation that is impossible for many people in their normal activities. Massage benefits blood and lymph circulation. Good circulation is vital to good health. Your blood and lymph carry nourishment to millions of cells throughout your body and carry away the waste eliminated from the cells. Massage increases the flow of blood and lymph, encourages better exchange of nutrients at the cellular level, and promotes detoxification. This process is important because the "future you" is determined by how well your cells regenerate themselves.

A healthy lymphatic system means less susceptibility to various illnesses and the body's heightened ability to heal itself. Massage acts as a "mechanical cleanser" pushing along the lymph and hastening the elimination of wastes & toxic debris. Massage helps to eliminate edema (or dropsy) of the extremities through lymphatic massage. The movements and firm pressure involved in Swedish massage affect all systems in the body, including soft tissues such as muscles and ligaments and also nerves and even glands."

Amanda continues "Relaxation massage is very different from massage to treat injury or improve alignment. In today's stress filled environment there are many who find solace by getting a massage at a day spa. Massage promotes deeper and easier breathing. Shallow breathing means your body is not receiving the optimal amount of oxygen, which causes your health to deteriorate. Massage reduces anxiety and mental stress, creates a calmer mind, increases feelings of well-being, and relaxes you.

Massage reverses the effects of negative stress by bringing about the relaxation response, which includes reducing blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate, and the level of stress hormones (such as adrenaline and cortisol) in the body. Massage makes a unique gift. If you need to get something special for a friend or loved one consider a Day Spa massage gift certificate. Massage therapists practice hands-on therapeutic and preventive medical care to optimize their clients' health and physical performance."

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