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Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/18/2012 -- A strength training program written by Andy Bolton and Pavel Tsatsouline, Deadlift Dynamite focuses on increasing the user’s strength not only by using deadlifts, but also through bench press and squat.

Readers are taught about the techniques on how to get strong through adding muscle mass as well as reducing the possibilities of getting injured. The training secrets of the writers are provided in this e-Book, thus Deadlift Dynamite is one of the best things for the field of strength training.

This guide answers all questions about smashing the bench, building large deadlifts, adding hard muscles to the body and preventing injuries in a How-To format. All rookies, middle and advanced levellifters can benefit from this e-Book.

Deadlift Dynamite educates users how to build huge deadlifts through using strengthening techniques as well as the efficiency of the exercise techniques provided in this e-Book. Users who want to strengthen the big sized muscles can benefit from the stepwise program given in the book. Deadlift Dynamite tells the users about the techniques of gradually building stronger and bigger muscles by properly following the tips detailed in the book, irrespective of their expertise level in weight lifting. This e-Book will guide everyone to the ultimate level of proficiency through its assistance exercises that will also help in increasing their speed of getting strength in addition to reducing the possibilities of getting injured during the exercises, bench press and squats suggested in the e-Book.

Deadlift Dynamite tells the difference between the deadlift and the conventional sumo to allow the users to pick the right system that can increase their muscle strength. Following the tips provided in the e-book through its 9 keys and 5 important variables will let the users gain stronger and bigger muscles safely and scientifically as well as ensure that it will last for a long time. The pulling exercises suggested in the e-Book for the upper body can also be included in one’s weekly training program in order to get the best results.

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