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Dentist Encino Dr Craig Glick DDS Encourages Expectant Mothers to Visit the Dentist

“Expectant mothers are entitled to free NHS dental care and I would encourage them to take advantage of this.”


Encino, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/27/2014 -- Encino Dentist Dr Craig Glick, was recently urging expectant mothers to take advantage of the benefits they receive, and to use their NHS dental care while they are eligible for it. He feels that not all women are fully aware that they can get free dental care while pregnant, and even after the birth of their child while their babies are young.

Encino Dentist Dr Craig Glick said, “It is particularly important to take care of oral health during pregnancy. The increase in progesterone and oestrogen in the body can result in the softening of gums. This can result in bleeding gums and in some cases, gum diseases. Regular dental check-ups are very important during this period. ”

Encino Dentist Dr Craig Glick went on to say, “Statistics released by the NHS suggest that over 50% of pregnant women in the UK develop gingivitis during pregnancy. I hope to encourage as many women as possible to take advantage of the NHS dental care that they are entitled to, so that they can take care of their teeth and gums effectively, and access the professional dental care they need. Untreated gum diseases and other dental problems could cause problems for both the mother and the baby.”

Encino Dentist Dr Craig Glick was referring to a recent article published in Denistry website. The article provides statistics collated recently in America. It states that as many as 56% of women in the US did not visit a dentist while they were pregnant. The article can be read here.

Although British women are entitled to NHS dental care and a great many women do attend the dentist while pregnant, Encino Dentist Dr Craig Glick feels it is important to ensure women in Britain are fully aware of their entitlement. He said, “It would be sad indeed if we were to discover that expectant and nursing mothers had not been taking advantage of this opportunity to access free dental care. The article I read recently noted that the US healthcare system is being warned about the growing problem. We are fortunate in Britain to have the NHS, so I want to ensure that as many women as possible use the facilities and opportunities that are available to them.”

Encino Dentist Dr Craig Glick said, “Expectant mothers are fully entitled to NHS dental treatment. To get NHS dental treatment, all they need to do is get a MATB1 certificate from their midwife or GP. They will also need a valid Prescription Maternity Exemption Certificate. This will be supplied to them by their GP too. Then it’s just a simple case of making an appointment to see the dentist.”

His dental practice in Langley is a well-known and renowned family practice, so Encino Dentist Dr Craig Glick is no stranger to treating many expectant mothers and young families. He is able to offer specific advice to expectant mothers who need to pay particular attention to their teeth and gums during pregnancy.

Encino Dentist Dr Craig Glick closed by saying, “My staff and I will ensure all the information about oral hygiene during pregnancy is available for patients who need it. During pregnancy, women can experience various symptoms which can affect their oral health so we will do all we can to advise and assist our patients.”

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