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Dermagist - Important Information Revealed About Dermagist


Walpole, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/19/2012 -- In a move that is almost unprecedented, Dermagist has created a proprietary ingredient called Metahylate. Dermagist is a skincare company that creates products which they refer to as cosmeceuticals. This neologism refers to the fact that there products are both cosmetics and medicines. Thus, these products help people to become more beautiful as they also help them to heal.

These products are widely believed to be very effective, and unfortunately, other companies have envied the success of Dermagist. Many other skin care companies have tried to create products with similar ingredient lists as Dermagist products.

These companies have claimed that their products would be as effective as Dermagist products are. Consumers who fell for this marketing ploy were tragically disappointed as no other companies can emulate the efficacy of there products.

To safeguard these consumers, Dermagist decided to take action. They decided to create a proprietary blend of their own ingredients, and they named that blend Metahylate. Now, consumers know that unless a product has Metahylate in it, it will not be as effective as there product. When consumers purchase a product with Metahylate in it, they know that they are getting the benefit of years worth of scientific research. Dermagist has recently announced plans to include Metahylate in their dermal filler called Phenomenon.

Metahylate is a complicated blend of ingredients that has been created to deliver unheard of results in the realm of wrinkle reduction and elimination. Metahylate functions in four major ways. To begin, it hydrates the skin in a way that works to instantly fill wrinkles and fine lines. This happens in a way that is usually only achieved by injecting fillers.

Then, Metahylate starts to diminish the shadows of wrinkles with special light refracting prisms. In addition to working on wrinkles, Metahylate also works on sagging skin. By naturally tightening sagging skin, it helps to make people look younger and healthier. Finally, Metahylate helps to regenerate damaged cells while also deeply moisturizing the skin.

This is only one example of how innovative the company is. Dermagist prides themselves on always offering top of the line products made with cutting edge ingredients that have been scientifically proven to work. They offer a wide range of skincare products including wrinkle smoothing cream, dynamic age defying serum, neck restoration cream, acne scar cream, and much much more. They have been featured in top women's magazine's like Redbook, Allure, and Vogue as well as in men's periodicals like Maxim.

They are based in the United States, but they ship their products to people who live all over the globe. In addition to creating great products, they also have an incredible commitment to customer service. They offer frequent shopper programs, refer a friend programs, and a great customer service team that can be reached online or over the phone. They even offer free products to their many Facebook fans.

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