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How to Stop Snoring - Without Making Intrusive Lifestyle Changes

Snoring is a very common condition that occurs in both men and women. It tends to worsen with age. While occasional snoring is not a serious problem, it disturbs the sleep of the individual if it happens regularly. Habitual snoring can lead to more serious problems.


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/25/2014 -- What causes snoring?

When there is a physical obstruction in the flow of air through the mouth and nose, snoring occurs. There are several factors that may cause this obstruction. Here are a few:

- An obstructed nasal airway caused due to allergy, deviated septum or nasal polyps.
- When throat and tongue muscles collapse and fall backwards into the airway.
- Having bulky throat tissue (in overweight people).

All these issues can lead to snoring and sleep apnea.

Why snoring needs to be prevented

Lack of energy, drowsiness (due to a poor night’s sleep), weight gain and poor performance at work are just a few of the problems caused by snoring. It also causes stress in relationships, as who would want to sleep with someone who keeps them awake all night? Even though an individual may not realize it, snoring causes them to wake frequently. Light sleeping results in strain on the heart. Prolonged suffering from sleep apnea causes high blood pressure and increased risk of stroke. Other problems include chronic headaches, daytime sleepiness and fatigue.

Devices to stop snoring

Research analyst Cindy Walters cautions, “With many companies now offering different snoring remedies including supplements and devices, consumers have become seriously overwhelmed as to which brands are truly the safest and most effective.”

Sleep Solutions 101 has come up with three fantastic devices:

The Breathe Easy Anti Snoring Mouthpiece is a great device that helps in tackling snoring problems by keeping your jawline and tongue firmly in a comfortable place. This helps to widen your respiratory tract and permits the air to flow freely, which in turn eliminates snoring and gives you a good night’s sleep.

Yet another snore stopper is the Infrared Stop Snoring Watch. This revolutionary patent product comes with a biosensor and an in-built logic control IC. This device automatically detects when a person is about to snore. It sends a gentle electrical wave to the snorer and softly nudges the snorer to change the sleeping posture. This product is pain free and doesn’t have any side effects.

The Anti-Snoring Nose Clip is also a great clinically approved solution to stop snoring. It fits gently in the nostrils and holds them wider so that the airflow becomes freer. This device is best for people who are mild snorers.

The only disadvantage with all these products is that the individual has to become used to them. Apart from that they all come at a very affordable price. You can buy them all together at the discounted price of $149. However, they can also be bought separately. For more information visit the link

All these products are backed by a 30 day money back guarantee. So, if you are not satisfied with the results, you can get a full refund.

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