Discover Qi Review by Lee Holden: Must Read! Draw on Inner Energy and Realize One's Full Potential


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/23/2013 -- Discover Qi opens the many benefits of Qi Gong to individuals who have just encountered this practice, which is characterized by a stretch workout and moving meditation. Referred to as life-force energy, Qi is said to bring excitement, magic, purpose, and zest in life. Since the ancient times, it has been taught that the way it flows through the body affects one’s health, longevity, and vitality.

People may have varying reasons for exploring and eventually embracing this practice but ultimately it redounds to the need for added energy to be able to do and achieve more, a way to relieve oneself of the stress from everyday life, and to attain better overall health.

Designed as a guide for beginners, Discover Qi is taught by master instructor Lee Holden who is also a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, and meditation and tai chi trainer. The comprehensive online course, which lasts six weeks, helps a person tap into his inner resources and power to release his potential.

Exploring the discipline in a multi-faceted curriculum

By making one experience Qi he/she can nurture wisdom that can be applied in daily life. The practical uses differ but have a common goal, which is to improve people’s lives. Get inspired by those who regularly practice Qi Gong as they find themselves energetically starting each new day. Awaken one’s spirituality and always be in touch or overcome an illness that has been bothering a person physically and emotionally.

Upon purchase of Discover Qi, one would be given a username and password that he will use to sign in. Then select a week to get a suggested schedule and begin with the six audio lectures and meditations. These cover the history of Qi Gong, the background and context of the practice,as well as its benefits to fully understand and appreciate it. It also guides an individual through meditative sessions that help him relax and unwind as he enters into the life-force energy.

The course also has six online video sessions showing simple exercises that will help a person feel and experience the sensation of Qi. These videos can be viewed using the iPad, iPhone, PC, and other mobile computing devices. Every session discusses a different principle and helps one progress in order to have a balanced and effective routine.

Practitioners also get written materials that supplement the audio teachings. They will have journaling exercises and get insight suggestions that will aid them in their journey to personal insight and self-discovery. With a multimedia curriculum, Discover Qi offers beginners full support and keeps them moving ahead until they learn the daily disciplines of Qi Gong practice and how to use this inner power.

Unlocking the mysteries of Qi to enrich lives

Qi Gong practice involves moving and feeling the body as if it is in water. These can be described as soft and smooth as well as slow and rhythmic movements. Take long, deep breaths during these sessions just like how the waves in the ocean rise and fall at a regular rhythm. Realize a sense of calmness as the mind rests and keeps still in meditation,akin to the surface of a lake on a windless day as it reflects the clear sky above.

While the body is moving during this practice the mind remains focused and calm fostering a sense of serenity and internal strength. Overall, a person can derive mind relaxation, achieve flexibility, and attain better fitness with Qi Gong.

Using a combination of in-depth teachings, easy-to-follow movement, guided meditation, appropriate acupressure, and breathing exercises, Discover Qi can help people gain more vigor, experience self-healing, and effortlessly flow through their daily lives.

Discover Qi by visiting the official homepage here.

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