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Does This Describe YOU Free Self Defense Training Videos Coming Soon

When all the MMA tough-guy fluff and chatter settles, the one thing that always reigns as the quintessential foundation of self-defense capability is a person's willingness to re-train the mind from failure to success, and this isn't a load of self-help pep talk. Self Defense Fighting is gearing up to release series of video demonstrations proving that ANYONE can quickly gain vital self defense skills with this proven approach.


Westfield, IN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/27/2012 -- Dagny Galt of puts it like this: "The truth is that by re-training your mind, you can make certain 'default' reactions to an assault and continue the movement into a useful game-ender on your would-be attacker. I'm not saying that the process ends with a retraining of the mind, but it MUST begin that way, or your default reaction to violence will ALWAYS suck when push comes to shove - yes, even the tenured, uniformed dojo contingency are vulnerable to adrenaline dumping. Moreover, ANY type of person - kids, retired, middle-aged pencil pushers, etc are capable of the very same result, even against much larger and physically-capable people". is gearing up to release a series of free self defense videos to demonstrate how people of all shapes and sizes can quickly and easily program themselves to react to violence effectively (and only when absolutlely necessary) to debilitate the aggressor.

It can be argued that the current "self defense" marketing environment does not readily supply this genre of real-life instruction, instead preferring to hype and sell "MMA" branded methods and accessories. holds nothing against this approach in particular (in fact, chief editor Dagny Galt rather enjoys UFC bouts and conventional sport-martial arts for their entertainment value), but instead holds its upcoming free video series as unique, relative to the ubiquitous studio-trained mold.

Continues Dagny, "The aim of this video series is to provide the average person with real-life-effective methods of self protection in dangerous situations. The skills learned are touted and proven both in the fields of psychology (tremendously important) and by centuries of combat. I can't emphasize enough that ANYONE can learn this fact, it is increasingly vital that people SHOULD learn this stuff".

Interested parties can receive these free video demonstrations, to be rolled out as an ongoing series that can be trained quickly and easily from home, by going to the website and adding themselves to the Blog Subscription list.

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About is for people who are serious about being prepared in real-life danger situations. If you are simply looking to be the next MMA groupie to buy some gloves and a bag, keep browsing. Author, Editor, and well-protected person Dagny Galt is dead serious about defining the difference between fighting for sport and fighting for your safety, or perhaps your life. Thusly, Dagny’s focus for is on programs that have philosophies and systems purposely and unabashedly in favor of brutality-by-necessity.