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Dominate Candy Crush Saga with the Secrets Your Friends Will Kill For


Baltimore, MD -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/03/2013 -- For many people who are not aware, Candy Crush is amongst one of the most famous and trendy games right now. People from all over the world can be seen playing it on a daily basis because of the fact that it is exceptionally addictive, and perfect for people of all ages.

However, the game tends to get difficult as the levels increase, leaving many frustrated and on the verge of quitting. The problem comes from the dependence on lives (which you can get from your friends) and the fact that they tend to go quickly. This has you asking your friends for more lives, or shelling out money to buy them.

But what if there was a secret formula to get unlimited lives? What if you could have the top scores, making you the envy of all of your friends?  What if you were the one able to score 1 million points in a level? Then you may be in luck as this formula has recently been released, specifically for you the die hard fan, that just wants to play Candy Crush Saga and not track down your friends for help with getting more lives.

For those of you worried about this being some sort of hack or illegal method, you can rest assured knowing that these are perfectly legitimate secrets designed specifically to help you master Candy Crush Saga.

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