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Drive Data Recovery Sydney Provides a Guide to Making a Solid MAC Back up Plan

All people are aware about the importance of backing up their data. However, most of them fail to do so due to the fact they have no idea which files they should back up and the best way to do it.


Sydney, NSW -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/01/2012 -- Backing up computer files is a must for every computer user. For MAC users, Apple has made this process a lot easier through the Time Machine technology that comes with their Leopard and Snow Leopard OS. Yet, not all MAC users back up their files for many reasons. First, they think that it is a complicated process. Second, they don't think that hard drives are unreliable. Lastly, users are not aware of which files should be backed up and how the backing up process works.

What Files To Back Up?
There are actually no set standard files to back up. Choosing the files that one should back up has no rules. In fact, what people need to consider is their priorities and feelings. Among all the files in the computer, it is best to back up those that the user cannot live without. The user should try scanning the files in the computer and determine how they will feel if one of these will get lost. The worse one will feel, the more important the files are.

In addition to that, data that is hard to replace should be of the utmost priority. Personal pictures, office records and many other files are some things that one should back up.

What Are The User's Back Up Options?

With the huge volume of files that people have these days, using a floppy disk for backing up is not a viable option. Today, there are faster and more effective backing solutions that MAC users can choose from.
- Online back up. These days, backing up can be done online. Through amazing online backing solutions like Dropbox and Mobile Me's iDisk and more, all personal and important data can now be uploaded to the cloud. In the event that something happened to the laptop, restoration can be easily done.
- Home network server. This back up option is best for a set of people who all use Apple products. It is best to choose a MAC which can be turned into a home server. In the event that a user has decided to go this direction, they will need to have the necessary set of software that will help him to back up the files using a network to be stored at a hard drive that is attached to the chosen server.

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