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Sale for Dry Ice Blasting Equipment at Surface Coating Removals

Surface Coating Removals showcases dry ice blasting equipment for sale


Belhus, Western Australia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/20/2014 -- Surface Coating Removals showcases dry ice blasting equipment for sale, at the best prices possible. The equipment allows diverse areas to be worked on such as Paint removal from buildings, Electrical sub stations, Commercial kitchens, Grease traps and Aerospace industry. They have a dedicated team that removes paint from buildings and structures without causing any damage to the brick work. Moreover if the paint is too thick and too new, they use a paint stripper first then come in with the dry ice or a hot water high pressure blast.

They always take care of important facts while using dry ice blasting. When they prepare the surface for painting, the molecule of dry ice truly go through and expands many times its size, giving an ideal surface for the new coating to be applied. The dry ice blasting is truly essential for the customers who need careful cleaning in their kitchens, especially in commercial kitchens for exhaust fans, ovens, stoves and appliances.

The dry ice blasters are very beneficial for the users as they possess magnificent and miraculous qualities to reduce the maintenance downtime and further not allowing any damage the chemicals environmentally. A representative from Surface Coating Removals said, “Electrical sub stations are made to operate much more efficiently by the removal of carbon, grease and dirt from: turbines, compressors, generators switch gears, ac/dc motors, circuit breakers and insulators. With the cleaning of the above, we have the benefit of: Improvement of megohm readings, improvement of thermal dissipation and an increase in polarization indices. Time reduction in cleaning using the dry ice method can be around 80 % and it is a very gentle and efficient on the gear and apparatus.”

About Surface Coating Removals
Surface Coating Removals cleaning with dry ice takes them into many industries which include, asphalt truck sprayer cleaning and spillage, printing industry, food manufacture, marine, mining, automotive, restorative work and electrical substations. The equipment used is imported from Scandinavia and is food grade certified, killing bacteria, mildew, fungi which prevent bacteria growth. They use high density pellitised ice, each piece is 3mm in length and unshaved ice from a block is never used. They are capable of doing fine cleaning on aircraft, helicopters, submarines and any other kind of locomotives.

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