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Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/22/2013 -- DUBturbo puts the professional beat production software into a person’s hands to capture his creativity into studio quality output. Used by both the pros and newbies, all that is needed to run this powerful yet easy to use tool to create practically any sound from various genres is a PC or Mac. One can also create his beats online.

The beginner standalone DUBturbo software gives one a 16-track sequencer with keyboard shortcuts to easily trigger sounds. It is simple to maneuver as users can change sounds and patterns by drawing in bars and building them in just two clicks. The bars can also be dragged around and copied for easy editing. It comes with a thousand pre-set sounds and drums, allows live recording to the metronome or tapping in beats, and exports music in 44.1 studio quality .wav master which is the standard used in the industry.

The 10-pad drum machine features a trigger for each pad and allows easy navigation so users can change kits fast. Record beats with triggers, edit pad volume, move around sounds, and import samples with ease. What’s more, the drums are mastered with high quality and its stereo imaging enables beats to sound full. Users have the option to export only the drums or full tracks.

The four-octave keyboard includes piano, sax, stabs, quirks, bass, and bells, among many more, with thousands of mastered and stereo-imaged sounds. Again, users can import their own sounds and they can shift instruments on the fly. Users can also draw in melodies or play with the keyboard, edit the volume of every sample and overlap other sounds fast, and quantize recordings automatically so the notes snap into place.

Taking digital music production a step further
What is great about DUBturbo is it includes the VST version that packs in more buttons and features. While more suited for professionals, newbies can very well learn to use this easily. It has thousands of samples for any music genre like dubstep, electronic, hiphop, house, jungle, reggae, R&B and more. It brings in an eight to 10 full octave keyboard, and both a hiphop and dubstep VSTi.

It has the ability to go up and down eight octaves for shifting the pitch, comes with pre-set and customized sounds that mimic practically any instrument, and allows one to build WubWubs and Lowends. It includes a mastering and FX bundle, great filters and automation options, on-board ADSR rack, 30-band EQ, and four oscillators. It has clean drive, power and master distortion levels, and separate low, middle, and high knobs.

Making a professional tool available to everyone
Considering all these features built into it, DUBturbo is affordable because a person stands to get both the beginner standalone version and the VST version.

The downloadable software is also accessible online 24/7. Its more than 1,900 samples, the DUBturbo VSTi hiphop and dubstep for the PC and Mac, the Samploid, Norbox, WubWub, and Preamp for the PC, the WubWub samples, the Acapella bonus, the Wobble sample kits, and the DUBturbo Producer Contest Entry make it all worthwhile.

The software can be accessed remotely through the website so even if one is traveling or out of the country he can run it and create his beats. The package also comes with free training videos for a walk through of the software and a step by step guide on how to structure music and produce hits in a matter of minutes. In these YouTube videos users will learn all about music production, bass lines, builds,chords,drum patterns, fills, gaps, intros, rolls, sequencing, and vox use, among others.

Learn more, listen to the beats and get a feel of DUBturbo first-hand at its official homepage here.

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The software makes it easy for beginners and pros to create studio quality beats of their choice using a PC or MAC and also offers the possibility of creating music online.

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