Duct Dudes Dryer Vent Cleaning in NJ Keeps Families Safe by Reducing Risk of Fire

Duct Dudes lets residents and business owners in New Jersey heave a sigh of relief with vents and ducts made virtually fire-proof through a state-of-the-art Dryer Vent Cleaning service.


Iselin, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/18/2014 -- Many people tend to ignore it, but the fact remains that poorly maintained vent and duct systems in a home or establishment pose health and property hazards. In fact, statistics show that each year, some 15,000 fires are caused by unclean and therefore malfunctioning dryers.

In New Jersey, Duct Dudes offers dependable Dryer Vent Cleaning to give customers the peace of mind they need at home or in their business. Founded in 2004 by Tom Lachowicz and Robert Montouro, the company helps every customer reduce the risk of fire caused by clogged vents and ducts.

As the leading choice of duct cleaning specialists in New Jersey, Duct Dudes offers a cost-effective method to protect the health and safety of residents. The team's highly-trained technicians are well-equipped to perform the specific services of removing lint, birds' nests, small articles of clothing and other particles from dryer vents. Duct Dudes serves homes and commercial establishments.

With emphasis on quality, the Duct Dudes team easily gets the thumbs-up of customers. One of whom is Hersh, who lauds the company's "excellent and very professional" work: "I hired Duct Dudes to come out and clean the vents as well as the dryer vent, and they did a phenomenal job. They were quick and very efficient."

DuctDudes.com makes it a point to give customers great, satisfying results by utilizing no less than high-powered vacuum trucks to clean dryer vents, as well as furnaces, heaters, air ducts and HVAC systems. Unlike most of its competitors, Duct Dudes cleans the full length of the dryer vent run in the residence or the office. The team also performs sanitizer treatments for residential and commercial ductwork using EnviroCon, a mild, safe, unscented and EPA-registered deodorizer that inhibits the reproduction of odor-causing microorganisms such as mold and mildew.

By taking routine dryer vent cleaning from Duct Dudes, customers not only significantly reduce fire hazards; they also enjoy the benefits of lower energy bills, faster drying and increased lifespan of dryers.

To find out more about Duct Dudes' Dryer Vent Cleaning service, please visit http://ductdudes.com/ for information.

About DuctDudes.com
Duct Dudes specializes in the cleaning and sanitization of ductwork for commercial and residential clients throughout New Jersey and New York City. Started in 2004, the company takes pride in the state-of-the-art equipment it uses for all types of projects.