Durable and Easily Removable Decals and Stickers for Temporary Advertisement with Free Shipment

Removable stickers or decals may be considered as the most important element for advertising and marketing activities, whether they are considered to be temporary or permanent usage, they can be the best option. These perfectly printed stickers and decals may be applied on car windows, store doors and sign boards for seasonal promotions...


Calgary, AB -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/01/2014 -- Removable Decals and Stickers on Vinyl and Cling Stock

Stickers and decals, maybe the best choice for any type of indoor or outdoor advertisement or promotional activity as they have the ability to remove and replace at anytime, anywhere. Switching of promotional stickers becomes easier because of such a flexible and removable printing stock, printed stickers on cling or vinyl are easily removable. They are durable and specially designed for provisional applications. Removable characteristic makes them ideal for temporary use; they really can work wonderfully on planar and non-porous exteriors like glass, metal or plastic.

Removable car stickers and decals are the printed items for temporary advertisement as they can give the user a greater ability to remove them from cars as soon the promotion is done. Easy on and off with custom printing options make them demanded tremendously for any type of advertisement, they have temporary adhesive stock which allow the users to remove decals, car bumper stickers or window stickers anytime, while RegaloPrint offers same durability and stock quality for standard removable stickers, labels and decals with online pricing and designing facilities.

Multiple types of adhesive and non-adhesive printing stocks are also available in the market for removable and temporary stickers or decals but people are also concerned about weather proof printing. If they are meant to use for outdoor promotions, but for short-term purposes, then we need to consider this factor too, while getting printing services, RegaloPrint offers the same durability, flexibility and resistivity for all of their temporary and permanent stickers that are unbeatable and comfort the users in applying and removing.

Promotions might be temporary or permanent, but the impact of them remain long lasting, I mean active and etched in the viewers’ mind once they have set their eyes on them. That’s the RegaloPrint emphasis on making them stunning and striking enough to cater the attention of viewers and with intention to leave a pleasing memory forever. If your promoter really wishes you to stand out along the road, he has every right to make his/her promotional sticker, banner or even decals in artistic style because it may add the cool factor in advertisement and formulate an arena which will be helping in order to achieve the targets.

Here is the list of places where removable decals or stickers can be applied for temporary advertising purposes:

-Car windows
-Car bumpers
-Store doors
-Glass windows
-Walls or Partitions
-Outdoor sign boards

Removable stickers or decals may be considered as the best solution in many situations as they also come on durable printing stock with UV coating and lamination which can make them perfect for many reasons like events, movements, holidays or special offers, they are easily removable and fixable without any techniques, proficiencies or tools.

Now here is the list of materials that can be the best for removable stickers:

-White Vinyl Removable Adhesive
-Yellow Vinyl Removable Adhesive
-Clear Vinyl Removable (face adhesive)
-Clear Vinyl Removable (back adhesive)
-White Static Cling Material (Back Static Only)
-Clear Static Cling Material (Static on Back)
-Clear Static Cling Material (Static on Front)