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Durapower Global Offers iPhone 4s Replacement Parts

The Supplier offers a variety of replacement and repair parts for most of today’s smartphones at some of the lowest prices available.


Atlanta, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/27/2012 -- Durapower Global offers Iphone 4s replacement parts for smartphones. In fact, iPhone 4s parts are normally not sold by Apple Incorporated, but Durapower Global understands that a cracked display is easily replaced. Customers can easily visit their website at http://www.durapowerglobal.com/iPhone-4S-Parts_c_464.html and ship a part today.

Along with the commonly cracked LCD display screens, Durapower Global also sells touch screen digitizers for other phone brands; each replacement part is thoroughly labelled for the particular phone it installs within. Customers are welcome to open their own phones to replace the bad part.

Other internal parts, such as circuit board flex cables and speakers, can easily break during an accidental drop of the phone. Durapower Global also offers these parts for inexpensive prices so the expensive smartphone can be rejuvenated. However, customers should be careful when opening the phone; static electricity can damage sensitive electronic components.

However, what if a customer does not have the tiny hand tools that smartphones require for their disassembly? Durapower Global has each consumer covered; they even sell a tool set specifically designed for the small phone screws. Consumers can even purchase a protective case to prevent another repair issue in the future.

Battery will not charge? Replace it with Durapower Global's large inventory of smartphone batteries. The phone will work as if it was brand new again.

Damaging a smartphone is a frustrating experience. Visit Durapower Global's website to see the myriad of different products they offer. Consumers will be pleased that they can finally repair their own devices for a minimal amount of money.

About Durapower Global
Durapower Global provides a large selection of replacement parts and accessories for HTC, Samsung, LG, Blackberry, iPhone, and iPad. They carry a wide range or parts such as Housings, LCD Screens, Touch Screens as well as Accessories such as Batteries, Cases, Skins and Screen Protectors.