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Eagle Eye Speed Reading Software Review: Is It Realy Working?

Introducing a technological breakthrough in speed reading! Today's announcement offers great relief to individuals who struggle with reading and comprehending large amounts of information quickly. The creator of Eagle Eye Speed Reading Software has solved that problem!


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/15/2014 -- Millions of people around the globe are extremely "challenged" when it comes to reading and processing large amounts of information quickly. Students, professionals and even active retired people often find themselves in this camp. Often times, because they find it hard to read through the materials quickly enough, they lose interest and give up. And in many instances, they ultimately pay the price!

Imagine the following instances:
- You are a student preparing for a quiz, trying to read through several chapters of a History text book, and you don't have enough time to finish it all. If you skim through the text, chances are you might not read important parts of the text on which the quiz might be based!
- What if you were a busy professional trying to wade through a massive legal document that needs to be signed and handed in within a short time? Unless you carefully read and understand what it is you are signing, you could be signing something you don't want to. But with time running out, you might be forced to do just that!

Through today's Press Release, Stephen Manley the creator of Eagle Eye Speed Reading Software is making it easy for individuals to master the art of Speed Reading so that they never have to face those challenges ever again. Once users grasp the key concepts of this amazing tool, they could literally fly through a book in less than 2 hours, or race through the entire newspaper in minutes. The best promise that today's announcement offers is the fact that people won't just learn to read fast - they'll also absorb, understand and retain everything they've read on the fly!

Research shows that the human brain is capable of scanning and comprehending information at tremendous speeds. However, because many of us are hardwired to read at "normal" speeds, we often don't feel the need to speed up our reading habits - until crises hits us (like an impending exam or a deadline for submitting a legal document!). And even when people try to learn the basics of Speed Reading, they still face huge challenges with Regression, Sub-vocalization, Comprehension, Speed and Memory - all the essential variables for Speed Reading.

With the right tools, like dedicated software that's tailor built for the purpose, individuals are able to control every one of those variables by making the software FORCE them to read in specific ways. And today's Press Release highlights the benefits of Speed Reading using state-of-the-art Eagle Eye Speed Reading Software tool, including:
- the ability to read faster
- the ability to enjoy reading
- the ability to increase comprehension by 20%+
- the ability to enhance productivity 200% or even 300%!

In the words of Manley, since using his Speed Reading technique: "Everything related to reading and learning has become a hundred times more efficient!" And that's the power that Manley shares with the world through today's Press Release.

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About Stephen Manley
Stephen Manley created Eagle Eye Speed Reading Software as a means to address a problem that he faced in his own life. He isn't too shy about admitting that when it came to reading text books, magazines and newspapers, he struggled. It was a situation he was never proud of, and he knew he needed to do something about it - fast! And that's when he started researching everything he could about Speed Reading, Comprehension and Word Recognition.

By creating a tool that actually worked, Stephen was able to double, and in some instances even triple his reading speed - from 245 words per minute to 800 WPM! And what was amazing was that he was actually able to understand everything that he read - even though it was at a speed far faster than normal. Having shared that "secret" with his friends and colleagues who found it extremely helpful, Stephen decided it was time to share it with a broader section of society. And that's the legacy that Stephen is sharing with everyone today through this Press Release.