Extra Math Questions

Early Childhood Math Skills Linked to Later Success

Young children's success at math and logic is reported to be important for future intellectual growth. Extra math questions and activity books are helping children build these skills.


Boston, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/11/2014 -- While parents may be more focused on teaching their child to read, a research from the National Mathematics Advisory panel reveal that developing math skills is equally crucial in securing the child's future academic competitiveness. The research emphasized that it is best to develop these skills as early as pre-school years.

Math and other logic-related skills are seen to help in developing the child's reading skills once they reach an appropriate age. Moreover, basic knowledge of numbers and mathematics can be readily acquired by children even before reach kindergarten.

"Just as with reading, the math knowledge children bring to school at an early age is linked with their performance in later grades," U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings once stated.

Children who are equipped with math and reading skills are also believed to have better academic performance until college. The role of parents in developing these skills are likewise underscored by several studies.

With Math perceived as one of the most difficult subjects to teach, even for parents, it is recommended to have extra practice. These are generally activities that will help kids learning math at home become more fun and interesting.

"Our little girl Sasha used to have very short attention span when it comes to numbers. One time, I tried to incorporate basic mathematics while she was helping me bake, and that made the process a whole lot easier," shared Jessa Stevens, mother of a 3-year old kid.

She said that her daughter now enjoys counting scoops of ingredients, or comparing which of them are lighter or heavier.

"Simply hearing her start counting, even it means longer baking process, is already fulfilling enough for me," said Stevens.

Baking is just one of the many extra math activities that can be done by parents to make their children become more interested in learning math. Using shapes and other solid figures is also a good way of building the right foundations for mathematics skills.

Parents are also encouraged to be keener in buying toys for their children. Educational toys like building blocks, puzzles, and cubes are always good tools to help children develop their math skills earlier and faster.

"Even when children start going to school, parents still need to closely monitor and reinforce their child's learning progress," said Harris Bale, a practicing math teacher and a parent himself.

To help his fellow parents, Bale details in his website www.extramathquestions.com some of the best ways to make learning and teaching math easier.

The importance of math skills are certainly not just for future engineers and scientists. As studies reveal, it can also be a good competitive advantage for children even as they start their own careers.