Ecole de langue canado-americaine du Mali

Ecole De Langue Canado-Americaine Du Mali Launches New School in Bamako


Bamako, Mali -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/04/2014 -- Ecole de langue canado-americaine du Mali is pleased to announce the launch of their new school and educational program designed to teach Mali residents the English language. The school was created as officials felt the locals would benefit from learning the new language. “Mali has gone through a lot lately from the military coup, the war in the North against terrorist groups, among other things, so this is a breath of fresh air and an excellent opportunity for Malian people,” stated Mahmoudou Sidibe Qadri, a representative of the school.

The school gives local residents the option of learning English in Mali, something that Mahmoudou Sidibe Qadri feels will be an excellent opportunity, “It is very difficult to find qualify teachers to learn English in a French country like Mali, so this school is now offering Malians the opportunity to study English with professional English teachers whose native language is English at a very affordable price. The price is much cheaper than it would cost to travel abroad for immersion classes. Also, with the presence of the UN in the country it has increased the need for the locals to speak and understand the English language.”

The school’s website provides interested parties with full information about the entire curriculum that the Ecole de langue canado-americaine du Mali features. School representative Mahmoudou Sidibe Qadri continued, “Individuals interesting in learning more details about the school and the cost of registration should visit our website. We explain the complete program in great detail, and most of the common questions are addressed directly on the site. We are also available to answer questions via the contact option on the website, and we welcome all inquiries about this excellent program. We are excited to be able to provide this education to the residents of Mali, and expect much success to come from this program.”

The school is already off to a successful start, with several already enrolled in classes, including many NGO's executives, government officials, and private company executives. For more information, please visit the website by clicking on the link below.

About Ecole de langue canado-americaine du Mali
Ecole de langue canado-americaine du Mali is a new language school in Mali that teaches local residents the English language. The school is run by Canadian and American nationals and provides high-quality classes from beginner to advanced levels. The school also helps local Mali students prepare for the TOEFL exam. For more information about the school, please visit